California State University-Dominguez Hills Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It is a great school. What I like about my school the most is the diversity is has. Students are able to meet students from all over the world that come to my school. My school is just right, it is not large or small. The school provides students with information regarding other schools in case they want to transfer or continue with graduate school. There is a lot of school pride, there are always people wearing something that represents our school. One thing that really like about my school is Welcome week, because it allows new students to feel welcome, not alone. They get to know some of the things that goes on in school. Most importantly, they get to meet new people.


What I think is the best thing about this school is the fact that it is at a perfect location from my house. One thing I'd like to change about this school is maybe make it a little bit bigger. This campus is small but appropriate. When i tell people were I go to school they seem amused and say good comments. Most of the time I spend my time in the Loker Union because they have comfortable seats and most of all the lunch area. I believe that the school administration is very organized. I don't think there is a controversy on campus because everything that I have heard is good. One thing that I noticed is that school pride is there but is not that high. One experience that I will remember about this school is when I went to a university concert and it was so much fun. Some student complaints that I heard are that the parking lots are always full.


CSUDH is the most diverse school. The campus is a good size. The classes are reachable within the 15 min. between classes. There is a lot of parking lots throughout campus.

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