California State University-Dominguez Hills Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Take community college classes during your last year. This is going to help you so much. This will help you save money and time at the university level.


I would go back and tell myself to be prepared for harder achievements going into college and get ready to carry a huge work load in the process. I would tell myself to take some college courses, to get the feel of the college work that I should be expecting.


If I could go back I would tell my younger self to never give up no matter how hard the challenge is. The road ahead doesn't get easier and wider, it gets more difficult and narrow. Perserverance is the greatest tool you have while your in high school and dont let anyone take that away from you. Always remember that you can entertain a thought without accepting it. When you leave high school there is no one holding your hand, you must be independent if you wish to succeed in both college and life. You must stay focused and centered, college is a time for having fun but you must never forget why you are there. You aren't there for failure, you are there to become a man of value, a man of intellect, a man of humility. But you will only achieve what you want by staying as determined as you are now. By giving your all to every assignment, giving your all to any extracurricular activities you venture to. Your determination will set you apart from the rest of your generation. The potential that is contained inside of your mind is amazing, use it wisely please.


Definately get to know your professors right away, introduce yourself within the first week of classes so that they can remember you. Professors tend to be on your side and rooting for you when they know you personally.


I will admit that in high school, I didn't take college as serious as I should have. I did not apply for scholarships or do any real research about how to adapt and be successful. While I have been fortunate enough to find success in my educational and career paths, taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity to experience college and furthering my education is something that I have regretted and done my best to make up for. Dear High School Senior Nychol...take full advantage of this opportunity. Something that so many are unfortunately unable to experience. Prepare for you exams (i.e. SAT/ACT) and have someone you trust review your college applications. Apply for scholarships. Join campus clubs and organizations. Live completely, but remember to always be safe and responsible. Establish long-lasting relationships with your colleagues and mentors (i.e. professors). And lastly, always remain humble and grateful that you have been blessed to be accepted into an educational organization that will assist you in obtaining long-term success pertaining to your career of choice. You already have the drive instilled in you. Now it is time to get serious and organized. Si se puede!


I would say to high school self would be more out going and not to think people are going come up to you. I would also say that I should of joined more activties and going to the career center a lot more


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would have many things to say. First, I would tell myself that high school pressures you into going to “the best” colleges. But, those colleges may not be the best for you. It’s ok to go to community college first and then move onto a 4 year school. It actually is better because you save a lot of money. Another thing I would tell myself is that it is normal to not know what you want to do in life. A lot of people don’t know yet, so do not feel pressured to go into a field if you aren’t sure about it. Lastly, I would make sure that my high school self knew that whatever she does it will be OK. Nowhere does it say that anyone has to be perfect; a person just has to do what is best for them.


I would give myself the advice to stay focus on my goals and to speak with as many different adults in different occupations as possible. I would advise myself to take an internship and to remember to take breaks for the sake of maintaing sanity.


I need to get my grades up. College is going to be 10x and im going to be assign more homework.


Apply for scholarships, look around, find the websites. No one is going to provide you with free money if you just wait around and see what happens. Not everyone qualifies for financial aid, so it is up to you to help your parents' out. Don't leave your expenses to them. Take that load off their shoulders, think about your brothers and how they need stuff as well. College is very important as well as expensive; you have to go in order to achieve what you want to become in the near future.


Knowing what I know now about college life I would advice myself not to have any self doubt about myself. I imagine only the genious who can go to college.


If I could go back in time and tell my high school self about college I would say enjoy high school while you have the time. You should take the time to fill out a lot of scholarship forms. I would say that scholarships should be taken seriously because going to school for early childhood education and also elementary education is expensive and I don’t have the money to pay for it on my own. That way I can focus more on schooling then dealing with the stress of loans. You need to have a schedule so that you make time to do homework because you won't have teachers forcing you to do the work. I would say that the future is bright as long as you stay on track and don't lose sight of your goals. I would assure myself that college was the right decision and I get to help be a positive influence for my little sister. To end the conversation with myself I would say don't worry one day you will be doing what you love and that your children will be proud.


The advice that I would give myself as a high school senior is to prepare mentally to attend college with the understanding that it will involve use of time management and adjusting to the demands. College requirements and demands will need to fit in with my personal, family, and social life, but be prepared to make college studies priority in order to become the best learner that I can and to graduate in good standing. I would also advise myself to come to college with an open mind , open to meeting new people of diverse and cultural backgrounds,learn from others as I learn from the courses; be teachable. Be able to build from the entire learning experience. I should go to college to allow the learning experience to shape me into a productive, knowledgeable, well-balanced individual, and be able to apply what I learn to my life : personal, social, and professional. The last advice to myself would be to make college life enjoyable and know how to balance course loads in order to still enjoy the experience. Take the total college experience, whether good or bad, and use to reflect and motivate others to attend college.


I would say carpe diem seize the day, meaning seize this opportunity. When I was a high school senior I didn't realize how important a degree is. Now that I want a better career I see that a college career is very important to have a successful position in a company. Atleast the kind of position where you can have more financial freedom to do the things your family has need of and the things you enjoy doing. I would say complete all your homework and study for the SATS. Definitely look into all the scholarships that are available and by all means complete your college degree. Lastly since I am tall and atheletic I would tell myself to look into a basketball scholarship and play basketball for my school.


i would tell my self that the first thing to do is get my degree everything else will fall in line. don't make decisions based on someone else and always keep my strong will. never dim my light to help someone else shine brighter and always perservere.


I would tell myself to be prepared to work hard. I would continuously mention the amounts of work needed to be completed in order to graduate from college. I would also stress having fun. I think having fun will make college go by fast for me. The transition from high school to college was a big jump, but I was prepared for it. Everyone in my family told me how hard college was. I didn't buy into that I just pursued my dreams.


To take as much college units as I can while still in high school. I was only able to take a total 9 credits. I wish I could have taken more when I had the chance.


That people should always do their work and never procrastinate because you could get behind on many things and always do homework even though proffessors dont collect them. Always try to do your best and have a good GPA


What have I gotten out of my college experience? I have gotten me! As a wife of nearly seventeen years and a mother of two, you tend to lose yourself in the lives of those around you. You lose a sense of yourself and of your purpose. Going back to school has renewed "me." I am Michelle, wife, mother, substitute teacher and now student. Instead of following to the next ball game or practice or school event I now have direction for myself. I am doing something for no one other than me. Is that selfish? I don't think so . I believe that finding me inside that wife and mother is more valuable than anything and has made me better in every hat I wear. Why has it been valuable to attend college? I have found me!


What I have experienced from this school is that there is a lot more diversity and different kinds of people outside of my hometown. Also, I value intesity that staff and students put in their effort in the classroom , because it makes you put pressure on yourself to do better than what you expect.


I got a summer job at a ware house because I need money for college, and that was the only place available for work. My whole work experience in that job made me realize that the only way to rise and progress in life was through college and not stay in that job. When I attended CSU Dominguez Hills I realize that I should value my education and protect it. If I want to have a great future and provide for my family, staying in that job is not the answer; the only way out is COLLEGE. Working in that job has changed my mind about the negative thoughts for attending school and being grateful for having the chance to attend a college. Everybody should value their college experience and be grateful that they have one.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I have made friends that have the same aspirations as me. Being a college student gets tough sometimes, but I learned how to keep my mind focused on what I want to accomplish. My college experience has made me more independent, organized, and finiancially aware. It has made me open-minded to different cultures and beliefs that every person has. It has been valuable to attend college because of the opportunity that has been given to me, and use it to help others. Education is very valuable and it is what keeps me going. Some students don't take their education seriously and makes me unhappy that they have a great opportunity to change their life for the better and they don't take advantage of it. Going to college has changed my life by opening doors for me, and graduating from college would be the greatest accomplishment.


I attend college part time, online. I work full time at the local hospital and at a particularly hard time in my life decided to return to school to complete my degree after almost ten years. Returning after such a long absence has been a great grounding influence in my life. I am able to find a balance in my life that I was previously lacking and the most valuable thing I've been able to recognize is that I am my greatest cheerleader. I have never before been able to acheive a 4.0 in all my years of schooling, but I've pushed myself to prove that I am just as capable as the teenagers I am in classes with to work and play and still turn in a well written paper.


I earned a Bachelors of Science in Public Administration in 2007. Immediately after graduation, I had a change of heart and career and decided that social work is the destined profession for me. I will apply for my Masters of Social Work at the University of Southern California in July 2011 and I am currently taking classes at Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas to prepare myself for the gradute studies. My ultimate career goal is to become a high school social worker and guidance counselor. My current college experience has been GREAT. I LOVE learning about the many social work roles and how each role is applied in various settings. Because I have the desire to learn about and work in the social field, I enjoy the readings and the work assignments. The value of this college experience is priceless as it is preparing me for both graduate school and becoming the best licensed social worker I can be.


My first degree taught me so much about communication, the importance of good communication and how to use those skills in everyday life. My college experience has helped me in my personal and professional life. I established long lasting relationships with people during my time in college that have helped me after I graduated. I was able to network in college which has help me professionally. My college education has helped me communication with my friends, family and co-workers more effectively. My first college experience will be very helpfully when I go back to school next fall to earn a certificate in radiology. I already have the communication skills to make it in the professional world. All I need now is a certificate in radiology to start a life long career. A degree in radiology will allow me to find a job anywhere, as well as have some job security.


I value the education I've received from college. It has helped me to become one step closer to the career I want to be in. I've learned to work hard for something I want.


I have gotten to know what it feels like to not have people telling me what to do. In other words, I have learned to be more independent. Now that I am in college, I can not rely on nobody but myself to remind me to do things such as add classes or apply for financial aid. In addition, I have gotten the chance to form my own small networks with a new group of people.


My viewpoint concerning learning in Christian college has grown to acknowledge much more significance in the last few years. God is not just there on Sundays. I have always believed that He wants to be an integral part of every aspect of our lives : business, school, and family. In the last years it seems even more urgent that we acknowledge God in everything we do as the government and others try to extricate God from our schools, our public facilities, and our lives. Christian education not only helps students develop an understanding of theories and the basic premises but integrates values and morals into their application. Understanding what has worked in the past can help further their chances of success in the future. Some theories are applicable to current situations today and understanding those theories puts them one step ahead of accessing the problem. Open classroom discussion can further enhance our Christian education of those problems and look for possible solutions.


Since this is my very first semester in college, i have not completely experienced everything tht dominguez has to offer. But from what i have experienced, I absolutely love dominguez. I like how close knit the campus is and how it does not take much to reach the other side of the campus. I have met some really amazing teachers and friends who I can talk to and not be afraid to express myself.


Out of my college experience I've gotten independence and discipline. The indenpence comes from my parent not being there with you all the time to make sure you do this and don"t do that and making my own decisions. The discipline comes from myself and the idea of being treated like an adult. Now it's up to me to make sure I arrive to class on time, complete taks without procrastination, and being able to ask for help. Being Treated as adult just reinsures that you will no longer have teachers breathing down your back about compeleting assignments and turning in homework, its all up to me. Its been valuable to attend college, becasue now just having a high school diploma or a bachelors degree just does not cut it anymore. A higher education will help me accomplish all the goals I set for myself now and in the future.


My college experience so far has made me realize I am a worthwhile person. I came out of high school with a lot of self-esteem issues, but college has increased my confidence and made me like myself for who I am overall. It's given me a feeling of empowerment, the knowledge that I can do anything I set my mind to, and that if I fail, at least I tried my best, and that's all anyone can ask for. Because of this, this last month I've been doing a thirty-day workout program, rehearsing for a play, and participating in National Novel Writing Month, all while juggling school, homework, and a part-time job. I definitely couldn't have done all that before college.


I have learned responsibility, perserverance and committment during my college experience and this continues to drive me to achieve more academically.


Through my first year at college I gained new friendships with people who in high school I may not have talked to. I also gained more knowledge of the different cultures and people that live around me everyday. I feel it has been valuable for me to attend college because I gained more knowledge in my life and also some more common sense that I didn't already possess. I learned even better that the color of ones skin doesn't necessarily label them right off the bat and that it's better to get to know the people outside of their skin color.


The reality of life.


My college experience really taught me the most about myself, more than anything. I am so grateful for the teachers that I have had the benefit of working with because they have allowed me step outside myself and see the world on a greater scale. I was planning not to attend graduate school until one of my professors that I volunteered with encouraged me to do so. He advised me not to sell myself short and to maximize my potential. So yes, maybe the classes were overcrowded and some of the teachers were less dedicated than others, but the support from those teachers that did care has been life-changing. After a year-long break from school, I will be starting a doctorate program Fall 2010. I never even thought I would be accepted into such an advanced program, but my professors had faith in me, and now I have faith in myself as well.


Through my college experience, I have learned that everything I do can affect what happens to me in the future. It has been a challenge and it has been fun to actually go from high school, and to a university. It?s a lot more responsibility since no one is there to stop me from not doing my work, but in the end it will reflect in my grade. I could have done things half way and given up, or gone all the way. It?s all about myself motivation to continue and get myself to school, and find my own path to graduation. This is the path I am taking to my future and it?s important that I be present for that. No one else is going to attend classes for me, or learn for me. I cannot say in a few or any words how much I felt that I had to grow up in just one year of university, and now I am preparing to approach the next year. It is a challenge, but I will make it one way or the other, all I need to do is keep the hope alive.


If I had the opportunity to go back into time and tell myself what I know about college I would say to talk to a counselor before signing up for any classes so that I know I would be taking the right ones for general education and to transfer to a four year. I would tell myself to know what I to major in to help find the right four year colleges that offer outstanding programs and that have the highest recruiting rates after graduation. If I am not sure what I want to major in to sign up for a college studies class to help know what I want to major in. If experiencing any trouble with any of the subjects I am studying to seek help from a teacher or get a tutor. If you are very close to failing a class talk to a counselor about your options about withdrawing or dropping the class and retake the class at another time.


stay focused and take your future seriously because if you dont nobody else will


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior ,the advice I would give myself is to listen to my parents! I was at that age where my parents advice pertaining to my friends and then boyfriend, was the type of advice that I did not want to listen to. They were able to see what type of people they were and did not want me around them. I was very defiant and thought I knew who my friends were and of course in the end I learned the hard way. The people I once called my best friends I hardly keep in contact , and my ex boyfriend turned into a loser who is currently going nowhere in life. To this day, my parents still insist that it is important to surround myself with successful people, because I then will have the drive and perserverance to become a successful person. By going through this ordeal, it was easier to get out of the small town that I grew up in and become accepted into a school outside my comfort zone. By doing this, hopefully I will walk away with a life long friend!


I would have to stress the importance of mainting my grades and reasearching schools. You dont have to settle for the closest school near you just because of the cost oe because you dont think your good enough, it may not be easy but when there is a will there is a way. It is also not as scary as you would think it is and there are many clubs to join that help you in your study feild and are fun at the same time. It is a not like any experience you have had before, there are option for every aspect of intrest you have. Take advantage of any programs offered to you, thats what they are there for. Dont be afraid to aim high because dreams do come true if you are willing to make way for them. Finally, it is where you will truly find yourself and who you are.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself not to be afraid. Embrace the challenge. It is much harder to go back to school when you have a family and job that you have to juggle, as well as school. Explore, travel, see new things. It is alright to make mistakes. College is when you are supposed to find yourself, and grow as a person. If you don't attempt this you will never know what you are missing. Now that I am older I realize that I cheated myself out of a wonderful experience. Stay focused. It is a time to grow, but if you don't stay disciplined, you will still miss out. Take advantage of all life has to offer. Even though I cannot go back in time I can now share all of this knowledge with my own children. Hopefully this advice will help them when they begin their college life.


If I could go back and talk to the high school senior version of me, I would tell myself to work hard. I would warn that at times things get hard, but it will be worth it. I would especially tell the younger me to make better friends, and ignore the people who discourage me from studying or make fun of my drive. At the end of it all my success has exceded my wildest dreams, and the hard work is worth it.


Be a well-rounded person. College life is very diverse. Dominque Hills is the most diverse University in California. Many people come from areas where they only see their own race. College life is different in the way that everyone is not going to look like you. Students and teachers come from various backrounds and religions. Being able to get along with everyone and understand most will definately help you in your college experience. You will be able to participate in more such as fraternities and soroities and clubs.


If i could go back to High School, and talk to myself i would. I would tell myself not to worry to much, to just be confident in myself. I would have research more schools, and applied to more. I would tell myself that a higher education is the right, and the Best thing there is out there. Also i would tell myself you only live once, take chances, in things you believe in. And to be confident within yourself.


The most important advice that I would give to myself is to take my education seriously. In high school, there are so many activities you can be involved in and it is easy to stray away of your purpose in school. I was on the Varsity Basketball team for all four years, and I let it take over my life. I put basketball first and school second. I became lazy and only made good enough grades so that I could play basketball. I was selfish, and if I could go back I would have focused more on my school work. Also, I would have told myself to apply for scholarships. My parents would ask me everyday, "Have you applied for scholarships?" And my answer would always be, "I will get to them later." I always had an excuse and I never filled out any scholarships. I say all this to say that if I would have known the cost of attending these universities, I would have made it my duty to fill out as many scholarships as possible. I do not regret some of the decisions i have made because ultimately they have made me a stronger and wiser person.


I would tell myself is to apply for every scholarship that I qualified for because college is expensive. I ended up having to transfer from my first choice school to the college I attend now because my parents couldn?t afford the 37,000 yearly tuition cost. Secondly I would tell myself how important it is to know who you are as a person and know where you stand ethically and morally. People will try to change you as a person and it?s important to not be swayed negatively throughout your college matriculation. I would also remind myself to not settle for less in life and that applies to everything and even relationships. I decided to go to college all the way on the other side of the US and continue my relationship with someone who hadn?t been giving me what I needed even before I left for school. I ended up wasting my time on something I knew that wasn?t fulfilling while I could have been enjoying the whole college experience and meeting new people. Freshmen year of college is one of the most important times of your life, so lately take a lot of pictures.


One thing that i would tell my self is to not procrastinate. Another thing that would be important for me to know would be to find information as to what classes i should/could take that could count for both my major and the GE's. Aside from that i would say use all the things that you learned from AVID, because all that will help alot with things.


The advice I would give myself as a high school student would be retire the blackbook, hang up the stilettos, and open the text books. As an average high school student I worried about the latest parties and the cutest boys. College was a taboo word for me. I used the word "can't" a lot. Although I tried attending community college I was never focused on the books but on the boys. Fourteen years later I am a poor, single mother with three children attending college. If I can go back in time I will tell myself that " I CAN" do anything I want in life. Boys will come and go but education will be forever!


My advice to myself would be composing a time management with a to-do list. Another advice would be take home made lunch to school instead of purchasing items from the school, it saves alot of money, since I travel from home to school and back each day. Also, do reasearch on courses that I will be able to perform successfully, instead of choosing a course that would be to difficult to accomplish in a semester. One last advice, put 2 hours of study for each unit, it is really helpful.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college, the advice I would give would be, to stay focused and on the right track. Personally, so far, my college experience has been more than I could have hoped for. It has given me a chance to be on my own and live for myself. I would tell myself that partying is not why I came to college and an education will be the cause of my future success. Dont let anybody hold you back and dream big. College is a time for prospective students to find who they are and you cant do that with other people shouting in your ear telling you who to be. You have to know what you want and go for it dont let the little distractions hold you back and have fun. Study hard and experience things you never imagined you could or would do.

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