California State University-Dominguez Hills Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


That it's very diverse and you meet different kinds of personalities you wouldn't find no where else. Professors are very helpful and they care about students reaching that next level in their life and see the sacrifices we make to get to college.


The best thing about Cal State Dominguez has to be the size, the school is relatively small but that allows for a much better learning enviroment. Because of the size, events on campus are big. The closeness of the campus allows clubs to become families. Dominguez is a commuter school but those who indulge in the action will be taking a productive risk.


CSUDH is extremely diverse. There are students of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, including students studying abroad in the U.S. The campus exudes diversity with so many different opportunities and organizations/clubs to participate in. CSUDH gives you all the support you need whether it be a library and computer lab. Not to mention the staff and instructors who are kind and supportive and eager to assist students wherever they can. I would further my education at CSUDH again as it was a wonderful learning experience and I have gained some long-lasting friendships with colleagues and instructors.


The thing that i consider best in my school that some classes are no full and teacher take their time for people to get the material. Proffssors have their own office hours that help student to do better in school and if people are doing pretty good they could grt in the honors program.


The best thing about my school is the staff, because they are very helpful and supportive with any problem you have with.


The work study program, becasue it's like a real job and it also supplies students with another way of making money for school related needs.


Cal State Dominguez Hills has a lot of diversity among its students. They also have a very active campus life, hosting events such as welcome week and homecoming where they provide games, booths with information, airbrush tattoos, and other fun activities. They have a very good selection of on campus food places, good selection of classes, and also a good amount of computer labs on campus.


It's small, convinient, and no traffic between classes.


I think the best thing about my university is that there is always someone there to assist you with your needs. The university staff has people in place that may have experienced the same situation you have and can lead you in the right direction in order to reach your goals.


The school that I attend has a lot of positive characteristics about it. The one I consider to be the best would have to be the class sizes. The small class size becomes an advantage at times because it allows you to gain a closer reationship with you professors. This always you to get more one on one time with you proffesor so you can get all the help you need. It also allows you to ask questions during the class period. Then you can also get to know you fellow classmates and get help and study with them.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. people of all races,backgrounds, and religions attend this school. There isnt a dominance of one race over another. People here are friendly, nice, supportive, and all around cool people. Everyone is very friendly and outgoing, i think this is really important when choosing a school, because you need to feeel comfortable in order to study well and do good. Good friends, can really make a difference in your college experience.


The best thing I consider the best at my school that it is culturally diverse and very accepting. No matter who you are you are welcomed with open arms and will find someone who is similar to you.


The best thing about my school is that instructors care about the learning process. Even though there were alot of furloughs the instructors seem to understand and really tried to be helpful.


The staff working in the offices are very friendly and direct you to the right place whenever you need help. Most of the people have the same goal in mind, to study hard and get their degree as soon as possible. Its a good environment and located close to the beach, one of my favorite places to get away.


The best thing about my school is that Cal State Dominguez Hills is the only cal state that is diverse of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Most people put Dominguez Hills down and don't believe it is a good university because it is so diverse but that what makes it stand out and known for because of its diversity. I am proud that I attend Dominguez Hills this school cares about its students and does everything to put the students first whether it be with health fairs, job fairs, and financial/scholarship fairs.


The types of programs they have. There are so many of them.


The diversity is amazing.


That classes are small and access to professors and counselors and departments is easy!


Small class sizes.

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