California State University-East Bay Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Providing postsecondary education to locals.


My school was best known for the diversity. People came from all different kinds of back grounds. Clubs and organizations were very involved in making campus life interactive and fun.


The CSUEB at Hayward school is best known for its location because it is located on a hill that overlooks the Bay area. Academically the school is known for giving freshmans a great new experience with GS classes to support their academis year.


For passersby, our school is best known as the school with the "big building on the hill". I think that the best part of this is school is that it is a place of opportunity- a place to learn, a place to build your future, and a place to build long-lasting relationships.


my school is best known for its diversity and its fun enviroment


My school is best known for its racial diversity and the fact it was voted best in the west for their buisness program


Our school is best known for its music department.


The variety of programs offered and having dedicated professors greatly intereseted in their field and invested in their students' success.


It is a commuter's school....not the best "college experiance" you hear about in movies...however, if you join a fraternity or sorority it gets a bit interesting


The nursing and teacher-credential program are respected. Many students attend this school for the business program as well. It is touted as well developed, but I don't know.


Its diversity.


My school is known for it's excellent Nursing Program and strong business departments.


The school is known best for its business and low cost to attend to get a fairly decent education.


The school on the hill.




My school is best known for its diversity and a building. We are located on a very large hill and the only thing you can see from a distance is this 1970's non-earthquake proof building. I find its a sore to look at it. Also, our school is very diverse, with a huge international population, mostly students from Asia.


Many people have attended this school as their first choice and later transeferred a larger univeristy or have transferred in. Basically everyone knows at least 1 person who has attended this school.

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