California State University-East Bay Top Questions

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The trees, greenery, and the large nmbers of great weather.


What is unique about my school is that it is a commute school plus it has great transportaion as well.


It is centrally located in the San Francisco Bay area. This allows me to be able to obtain internships in any of the major metropolitan areas. It also concentrates a lot more on the academics side of education rather than on sports. The school currently does not have a football team. This, I feel, attracts students that are genuinely interested in obtaining an education, which creates a great learning environment.


CSU East Bay was perfectly located for all students and professionals.


This school is pretty accepting. And it's very diverse. There's African Americans, Asians, Mexicans, Caucasians, every race you can imagine. We have free tutoring. Great dorms. It's one suite with 8 people, 2 toilets, two showers, in different rooms, kitchen and lliving area, 4 bedrooms, two to a room.


The most unique thing about CSU East Bay is the student vibes. Its really interesting to meet people from around the country and overseas. Also, the campus is green and quaint with gorgeous views of the bay. Compared to schools in the city East Bay is a better pick to feel more at home.


The concord campus is a small tight knit community that offers great support and encouragment to the students there.


With my school you have a great view of the San Fransico Bay where ever you go eat. Also it is very diverse and has a lot of different clubs and other organizations to offer that some other colleges may not. Not to mention the school does hold alot of educational and experienceable field trips for everyone to enjoy that is low cost.


The campus is really diverse with a lot of different races and nationalies which are all very friendly and nice. The class sizes are pretty small so the instructors can tend more to the students needs and build a one on one relationship.


CSU East Bay is small very diverse university that offers one on one time teachers it is more personal and the teachers seem to care if you pass or fail.


Again, my school begins with "Clusters" for freshmen, who continue in those clusters into their junior years. Clusters help students bond and share information to which they would not otherwise have access. Sharing classes and coursework with the same individuals throughout the college experience helps to foster teamwork and longevity.


CSU: East bay has one of the best nursing programs in the bay area.


Great location, excellent faculty.

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