California State University-East Bay Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The new gym.


How good the weather is, and how different it is than So Cal. In addition. how fresher the air is in the Bay area. Not only that, the peole are more laid back than they ae in So Cal.


When I talk to my friends about my school, I brag most about the location. My school is located on the Hayward Hills with a beautiful view of the Bay Area. On a beautiful sunny day behind the residence buildings, there is a mini hill and I love to climb up it to see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and the San Mateo Bridge. Also, since my school is in the Bay Area, transportation is easy. I take the BART (Bay Area Regional Transit) everywhere, whether to shop in San Francsico or watch a Warriors game.


CSU East Bay was easily accessible, the teachers were phenomenal, and it was overall a great place to study.


I love the fact that CSUEB is on quarter system. Most of my friends from other schools are on the semester system, with two semesters in a year. The quarter system allows more flexibility and packs in more units in a smaller time frame. While other students flunk because of lost interest or distraction, quarter system keeps you focused.


I tell my friends that my school has a great view, wonderful teachers and students, and that it is an adventure to be so far fom home.


I feel I got a well rounded education at CSU East Bay. I made some great friends and some great professional contacts. What I really liked about the school was that it was one of the smaller CSUs and yet had all of the benefits of the CSU system.


I tell them about the child care. I am a single mom who may doubted when I got pregnant and with childcare i have no excuse for failure.


Capoeira group on campus is an awsome experience for exercising.


Well, I don't brag about anything; but if I were to mention my dislikes concerning the school, then the transportation issue would be first on my list. Another dislike and disappointment is the financial aid situation, because many students are being let go from school due to the deficiency in financial opportunities. Perhaps the third on my list would have to be the professor's opinions and viewpoints regarding current issues in the country. I encourage statements and opinions, but it's probably not adequate and ethical for professors to encourage their students to believe what the professor believes.


It is a diverse and intelligent school. While it may not be a coveted UC school , it ranks up there with them academically.


Sports, especially women's volleyball and boy's basketball and the Greek Life


The diversity of the students, teachers and staff. Everyone is very understanding and accepting of diversity including race, gender, sexual preference, disability, age, socioeconomic class, and physical ability.


How I can work full-time, while attending school full-time and maintain an above average GPA.


My school begins with "Clusters" for freshmen, who continue in those clusters into their junior years. Clusters help students bond and share information to which they would not otherwise have access. Our computer databases equal or surpass any others that I have seen at the college level, and I have seen most in the San Fancisco/Oakland Bay Area.


the diversity and new buildings being built. Theres always something going on. and the great business school.


The are a few things that I brag about to my friends about my school is that fact that professors and staff are really friendly and they are all willing to help you, all we have to do is ask. Also, our academic counselor go that extra step in making sure that we are taking the right classes and even give us insight to classes that will be most interesting to us.


I don't often brag about my school. I'm not very fond of it, but my favorite part of my school is going to see music, theatre, and dance performances. We have so many talented students. Not enough people attend these performances.


Probably the view you get of the Bay Area from being on top of a hill. It's so amazing, day and night.

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