California State University-East Bay Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I wish someone would've told me how much dorm life sucks


How slow administration gets back to students. It takes to long and can get very stressful trying to reach them.


Other than the lack of having a football team I would just say the parking is not great. Living at the dorms did not grant one a parking spot!


the food is horible at this campus.


The worst thing about my school is the dining commons that is on campus. The food is not well cook plus it seems like the chiefs be rushing the food which makes the food taste disgusting. In addition to live off campus is very expensive which makes it difficult to afford a exceptional lifestyle. The school wifi is poor as well which the campus should really do something about that because it affects students ability to receive a quality education that requires research or homework on the internet.


The worst thing about my school is that it does not have activities during the day in which makes it boring to live on campus but other than that I like attending this university.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the food served in the Dinning Commons. Sometimes the food is good, but most of the time it is flavorless and bland. I am used to having my food well seasoned- not to salty and not to bland- so it was a big change for me eating in the Dinning Commons. Also, there is not many healthy foods served at my school. If I am not eating in the Dinning Commons, I am eating at either Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Panda, or Subway.


The worst attribute of CSU East Bay on a social perspective would be student participation. The students ask and complain they dont get programs and activites to attend outside of class yet they dont go to them. Academically, East Bay has a very diverse staff of profs. so sometimes the accents make it difficult to understand a lecture.


recent budget cuts led to many class canellation


The worst part about this school that it is suffering due to the economic crisis, causing fees to go up and awkward class schedules can potentially delay academic plans.


The worst thing about CSU East Bay is that no matter how hard I try, this school is slowly eating away at my being. I want to leave the school so bad, but it doesn't even offer the classes I need to transfer. The GE classes are all filled up by freshman and the deadlines are way to short...there really is no ONE specific thing wrong with this school, The things that's wrong with the school is the school itself. It's racially biased and barely affordable...


Overall, I like my school very much, but the one thing I do not like is that some of the bathrooms and buildings need a bit of remodeling.


The worst thing about the school is getting there. It's on top of an extremely large hill, and attempting to walk there is not recommended. Even driving is an issue, because the drive up and down the hill abolishes at least a quarter of the gas tank everyday. Therefore, money is highly wasted in continual gas at least three days each week. Public transportation seems to be the best way to get there, but the amount of money being charged for bus passes are outrageous. A student who is not financially stable will have major trouble attending this school.


Its gets really boring really fast. I hate the fact that there's no football team because that was one of the highlights of my high school experiences. There's a basketball team, but people don't really take it as serious.


The worst thing about my school is that it lacks strong financial support. This year as a full time Freshmen student I have not recieved any financial aid disbursements but still I maintained to complete assigned homework by copying pages out of the class book. Financial support has been the main downfall of the university since budget cuts, and as budget cuts progress funding is decrease for a students education such as mine.


Theworst thing about my school is sometimes they make mistakes with my financial aid, so at times lminature oans are needed.


When I was trying to get admitted into a graduate program, no one could give me the answers I needed or the correct ones, and they were sending me all over the place until I figured out, I couldn't get in because of the budget cuts, but also because the programs were canceled until a later term. They took forever to post my degree and send it to me. I got tired of all of this messing around by them, so I am going to go to Chapman University.


that the school does not have a lot of fun activities for the students


Not enough class opportunities. It's hard to build a schedule when many classes aren't offered each quarter. Of course, this is due to the budget crisis that our state is in.


It is a commuter school so it is hard to meet students since most students are returning students and older than your typical college student.


We need more various dining place on this campus.


It's a commuter school. There's not much pride in anything unless you live on campus, which I don't. I don't feel like there's much of a reason to be there except for class.


The worst would have to be the financial aid system. They do things at such a slow pace that sometimes, I won't to walk over there and process my information myself. But when things do get done, they get done well.


The fact that the school is located on a very high hill and the only way to get to school is via: bus, shuttle, or a motor vehicle.

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