California State University-East Bay Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People of all financial, cultural, religious and race background. It is a very tight community and people are friendly. Our school attracts a lot of international students and this means it has a good reputation. Our president, is very nice and he walks around campus saying hello to students. People who love sports can shine on our school because we have a great recreational center and other resources. Older students like myself are truly welcome and feel at home.


Academically focused people should attend this school since there are not very many social events. People who want to go to football games and fraternity parties will be very disappointed with this school.


The kind of person who should attend this school will be someone who embraces different personalities and is willing to be surrounding by different ethnic backgfrounds. People who are seeking for many opportunties in order for them to be successful should attend this school because of the many programs and opportunties they offer at cal state east bay.


People who should attend this school should be students who are determined, as well as discipline to achieve absolute success by receiving their bachelors degree.


Anyone who enters our school enters for various reasons from financial push due to the university's value, or perspective that rates the school as a second-tier choice, whatever the reason, the individual is present to grow and take advantage of the school's resources and mostly intimate class sizes. If one aspires to experience a diverse people with stories and information to share, or even just enjoy the landscape that offers fresh inhales, this campus is for them.


Those who wish to attend a smaller school. It's still a public university, but it's almost like it's a college for the locals. Someone who is not afraid of diversity.


I got to know all of my professors (in my department) on a first name basis so anyone who doesn't want to be just a "number" or just another student, should consider going to CSU East Bay.


Everyone because it's a commute school and offers many opportunites.


To attend CSU East Bay, i believe you have to be a hard worker and be able to do everything the best of your ability. To be able to handle the stuggles, drama, hardships, and fun times all at once. To be willing to learn at any cost and to not give up when times are rough either with school work, friends, or any other financial aid problems there may be. Overall just be a well-rounded person looking for a bright education ahead.


Anyone who is willing to work hard on their major and wont mind being around people becuse there are always different people visiting our dorms. If the person is willing to go the extra mile to get all the help the school offers, then this school is for you. Also pretty much anyone who is looking for a special college experience.


Known as a ?commuter school?, CSU East Bay caters to students who are focused on finishing their degrees with the least distractions possible. Due to the fast-paced quarter system, students can finish classes and make fast progress towards attaining their degree. This school is also ideal for those who work and study.


The type of person that should attend this school is the type of person that is not wanting to go to a community college but is not ready for a university just yet either.You should not expect much going to this school because you will not learn very much.This school is not vor everybody.


Cal State East Bay is designed for every type of student who exists in our communities. Whether you are a freshman wanting to dive into the university atmosphere, or a junior college transfer, or a re-entering student, single parent, working student--there is a place for all types of students at CSUEB. The diversity at CSUEB is very rich and inspiring that anyone who sets foot on campus can instantly feel the positive energy among faculty and students alike. Attending CSUEB is a worthwhile investment: Earn a valuable education while meeting diverse groups of people. The experience is incomparable.


The ideal student for this school is someone who is very diverse, and willing to accept many different cultures and people. The school is traditional yet very hip and "on the up and up" about alot of things. This school has the perfect mixture of modern and old buildings, and is very artsy. There is alot going on all throughout the year going from concerts to cultural events to various speakers. A student who wants to be involved and experience many different things would be perfect for this school.


My advice would be to know about this school and also come and visit it before hand. If you want to get away from family, friends, and want a college that is multi-cultural diserve this may be the school for you. Not being from the area, I'm from Southern Ca, and I came here to meet new friends aswell as getting an college education and none of those things seem to happen as far as getting involved in clubs/organizations. I really regret coming here and I wish I had chose a school closer to home. I wiss


Students who like to be at a school with great views and wonderful landscape, nothing like a school in the city or middle of a town. It's up on a hill and has much privacy, although it is very accessible. Students who also wont mind rainy and windy weather, as well as cold nights. It's great for a first-year freshmen if you're living in the dorms, a lot of great, variety of activities made for freshmens living on-campus. Great school for students who like to socialize.


Anyone who can afford school, who doesn't need many questions answered, and anyone who wants to get a good degree and graduate.


any one will do well at this school. stay focused and study hard and you will do well.


Anybody willing to learn, but i've seen people there that just hang out and don't seem to be interested in getting a good grade or wanting to learn but to stand in fron of the cafeteria and chill. So people that want to excel in higher education should come here.


Anyone that wants a liberal environment a solid education and is open to ethnic diversity.


The kind of person who wants to get in and out for the least cost

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