California State University-East Bay Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any person that wishes to continue their educational endeavors should apply regardless of age, gender or national origin.


Students who like living in a city oriented area should not attend here. Living at the Hayward Pioneer Heights limits freshmans who do not drive from exploring the area down the hill. Students who like festivities and a big campus also should not live here because the campus is not as festive and that the campus is very limited.


Someone who does not like to be around lots of girls and does not like teachers that know everyone's names.


Someone who is shy, and not culturally educated. It is a very diverse school, with a lot going on for the students. Someone who is shy might be scared or off put by all the public activities and rallies on campus.


Someone focused on their education.


I feel that anybody should attend this school. There isn't a reason that comes to mind that would let me suggest not attending.


Anyone who is open minded and really enjoys being with people of different ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.


There is not a kind of person would should not attend this school.


Cal State East Bay is an inviting, welcoming, and diverse environment. It would be virtually impossible to envision anyone not enjoying his or her experience at CSUEB. Only someone who was not seriously considering higher education should perhaps ponder other options other than attending CSUEB; however, even for students who are uncertain or doubtful about attending CSUEB and pursuing higher educational goals I would strongly recommend visiting with faculty and students on campus. I believe there is an opportunity for anyone at CSUEB who is serious about his or her future and wanting to get ahead in life.


Someone who doesn't like to walk up stairs or hills because the campus has a lot of hills.


It is a school for every person.

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