California State University-East Bay Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


One of the most frustrating aspects of California State East Bay is the lack of classes offered at various times of the day. As a working professional, I have a limited schedule of availablity and therefore enjoy taking night classes or those geared toward working adults. Unfortunately, my experience has been that various courses, especially general education courses, can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule since these will only be offered at a certain time with no more than one course option per quarter. This forces me to change my work schedule around my school schedule.


There are not enough course sections provided to get the classes you need to fulfill requirements for graduation, the cost of living is so expensive, and the financial aid office does not get financial aid checks out in time for students to purchase course materials.


The most frustrating thing in my school is not having enough councelors and having to wait weeks inorder to see your councelor.


The student life is kinda low because it's commuter school, which brings the spirit down for studying.


Getting your financial aid to process through it took like 3 months for my school to process my financial aid


The fact that it is so small keeps it from having many different kinds of sports.


all the wild cats that live on campus


How overcommited the students are to everyday life; it limits the social scene.


School is pretty cool, just wish books weren't so high in price, need better on-campus food, other than that its going ok


The lack of activities and community outreach. As well as the lack of a strong academic atmosphere and academic respect.


The incoming students are mostly doing poor academically. Thus, professors lower their standards to accomodate these students. I feel that the curriculum is too easy. Also, many students complain about their scores even though their low grades are due to them not studying or putting in the effort. Also, there isn't much to do on campus. Students are not interested in organizations, so I feel it is very hard to form social groups or promote causes.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the growing cost of tuition.


A few things actually, the price of food is way to expensive for students. Also, I've had to deal with waking up everyday except Sundays at 7am because of contruction of new dorms. After 5pm the campus is pretty much dead, and totally dead on the weekends. Another frustrating thing is the constant fees they are charging their students. They are having students pay for brand new buildings and facilities they will never use.



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