California State University-Fresno Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Fresno state has a small, friendly, community-oriented feel. Everyone is friendly and supportive and you are pushed to think from new perspectives and challenge yourself academically. I loved it and miss it greatly.


Small and to the point.


Fresno State is a beautiful place, with friendly people who are dedicated to their studies, their school, and Bulldog pride.


I couldn't have picked a better college!


Fresno State is a smaller campus, with a lot of greenery (which is nice), a beautiful new library and is easy to navigate.


This school has many different programs, but need more health science programs.


CSU Fresno is a great experience for becoming a great student, along with being involved with clubs and social organizations.


California State University, Fresno is a beautiful school that has a small campus community, where students feel comfortable with one another.


My school is like a city where people goes to class as if they are going to their job, only said hi to people or just wave at them and continue on.


Fresno State is a large, diverse, friendly campus with great faculty and facilities.


Fresno State is a diverse school that offers a wide variety clubs, organizations, sport teams, bacholors and graduate degrees and minors.


Get to know the campus and use all that is avalible to you, it is your school and your tuition, so use it for all it is worth!


California State University Fresno is a very diverse school with a great environment to further one's education.


Agricultural, engineering, and business oriented. Great college, fun professional learning atmosphere. If you are into nursing this is the school you want to go, their program is very strict and forthcoming.


My school is fun and not what you expect when you think about the location. Great environment for learning and a very up to date campus.


Fresno State University campus is a great place to study and to have a successful education. It provides students with quiet places where we can study. Not only that but also many clubs and organizations where us students can be involved, that gives us the opportunity to also enjoy college and most likely graduate. The tutoring Fresno State is helpful; it helps students with any course they might have difficulties in. Math is my worst subject and with the tutoring Fresno State offers I was able to pass the class.


My school is the epitome of a perfect start for a persons' college career.


Fresno State is a unique blend of students from all different backgrounds who come together for the college experience--challenging academics, engaging campus life, and the chance to make memories for a lifetime.


Fresno State is more than simply a university, it truly is a community, for it contains students from all different walks of life, and its courses instill within us the idea of accepting one another and appreciating everyone's differences.


It is a great learning environment and has everything I need to get a good education.


CSU Fresno is focused on great academics and quality education.


I am a hardworking, honest, outgoing, strong willed, Christian, african american female , that is single, and loves to travel and try new things, while attending a four year college.


my school is what you put into it.


It's where you would want to attend if you prefer a diverse and generally upbeat environment.


A good place to get a degree before getting serious about school.


My school is filled with friendly people, and the campus is the perfect size for the transition from high school to college, it's not too big and it's not too small.


A school that is spirited with only a good criminolgy and nursing department, and so-so departments otherwise


Friendly and encouraging environment.


My school is calm, peaceful, and friendly with activities always available for people to participate in, but there is also alot of leisure time and space to just enjoy.


Its a commuter school, people come to class then everyone leaves, studies hard to party hard.


Fresno State does not have a lot of class options if you want to major in political science.


California State University Fresno is a great campus with great peers and staff that will honestly help you out if you just ask!


Fresno State is resonably priced and provides a good education with knowledgable teachers, though getting involved in the school is dificult outside of sports events.


Well equipped


Fresno State provides academic freedom and catered learning in a non-stressful environment.