California State University-Fresno Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are pretty nice, from young to mid aged - all nice people.


Many of the students in my classrooms are ready to learn and willing to form study groups.


My classmates at Fresno State were very friendly. Everyone was willing to work together on things and it was easy to create study groups. Not everyone was academically driven, but there was a fairly good chunk who were. There were a lot of clubs and a wide variety of activities to be apart of.


My classmates are friendly and helpful


My classmates are helpful, easy-going, and respectful.


My classmates were a variety of good people of all ages and walks of life.


My classmates keep me wanting to come to class!


Many students on my campus are multi-cultured. Some are vegetarians because of their religion, some do not drink or smoke, some dress differently and some practice different religion. I like diversity and getting to know other cultures because it is an eye opener. An example would be my friend who is muslim. He would fast for a whole day because of his religion. I support that. I do not think anyone would feel out of place. Everyone is friendly to one another. Most students in class wear comfortable clothes like sweats and sweatshirts. Yes, different types of students interact whether it is different majors or ethnicity. In the dining hall there is a table of honor scholars (very studious), athletes (very active and outgoing), musicians (who play their instruments) and miscellaneous table where people tend to sit wherever. Most of the students are families. Majority of the students are active. I believe right. Yes, more males than females discuss about money they will earn one day.


It's quite hard to categorize all the students. There are a variety of political opinions, a variety of backgrounds, and many different majors/activities that people are involved in. Many of the students are from California, especially from towns around the central valley.


My classmates were pretty friendly and willing to exchange contact information allowing us to support one another for tests and papers.


My classmates are a group of individuals that are studious and have placed an importance on their academic career and for the well-being of others around them.


Their are many kinds of classmates, but the most common that you will encounter is the procrastinator. Although some maybe jocks, other nerds, or the average joe like myself we all sufer from procrastination. The common mistake is that we think that we have more time to spare when we truly do not.


Fresno State students are, as a whole, more diverse and culturally accepting of the variances of their peers, and, as such, are more open and friendly towards new faces.


My college classmates consisted of eight amazing, motivated, hard-working, dedicated, and competitive girls who knew how to encourage each other, support each other, guide each other, and help each other through one of the biggest rollercoaster rides of our lives.


My classmates are very friendly, welcoming, and interactive; since Fresno State is a commuter school, the most typical place for students to meet friends is in the classroom, so my classmates take advantage of that.


They are the best bunch of determined and motivated people I know.


My classmates are a combination of people who have clear direction and ambition and people who are just trying to pass though with no motivation.


Generally, the students here have a good balance of fun/partying and studying. Surprisingly, people in my honors classes are more prone to procrastination than those in my general classes. Most people are accepting and do not seem judgmental.


My classmates are very diverse , coming from a variety of backgrounds, making everything we experience together much more interesting and exciting.


My classmates are great students that have worked hard throughout high school to become part of the student body at Fresno State and they also help me to have the perserverence I need to succeed in my college career.


We are all at Fresno State because we want to be there, so we are all focused, and with a positive attitude, we are all willing to help each other out to do well.


Many of them are fun and interested in networking for future references and affiliation.


My classmates are very helpful to everyone around them. Whenever someone needs help there are always our classmates which we can turn to.


My classmates are very diverse and intellectual people. It's fun meeting new people with different stories everyday.


Diverse and mainly women.


Fun and out going. Everyone seems to enjoy classes and everyone is respectful of everyone. Everyone wants to succeed so everyone works together to make sure that everything gets efficiently and properly.


Classmates are very friendly and can easily become friends with. Easy going easy to talk with. Very open to help and give advices.


extremely boring


Very friendly, but some were unmotiviated


Bright, friendly, and supportive.


My classmates are very proactive .


Friendly, inclusive, they have been pleasent and interesting.


They are from all over California. Mostly all are intelligent and very nice people. I enjoy working with then!


Friendly for the most part; helpful when needed


Almost everyone is very nice and you meet at ton of people.


Very Friendly.


Classmates can be supportive when you need strenght, friendly when you need someone near, and helpful when you are falling behind


fun, interesting, great people to get to know .