California State University-Fresno Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


California State University, Fresno is best known for many things but the number one is that Fresno State is very commitment to our community, Fresno State students are not just involved in their studies but also in otheir community. The clubs which are in the university work with the community to make new things happen, they have community service with other schools to be tutors and so on. And the second one that I think is very important and also why they are known is because they emphasis on academics. They promote the education at all times everywhere.


Fresno State University is best known for their amazing athletics and outstanding college for engineering. Their nursing program is also one of the best in California!


Fresno State is well known for its Geomatics Engineering department and courses. This is why I chose the major, and it seems really great! It is also known for being a great place to spend your time, since they made the campus as student friendly as possible.


I believe that California State University, Fresno is well known for its volunteer activities. There are many different groups, organizations, and departments on the campus that encourage and push students to find a variety of volunteer activities that they would enjoy.


Providing the best opportunites they can for their student in order for them to achieve in greatness.


CSU Fresno is best know for its agricultural department. We have a lot of farming and food production on campus.


California State University, Fresno is best known for its agriculture, and its nursing and engineering programs as well.


Educationally, Fresno State is best known for its Agriculture program with a full working farm right next to the campus. It has every type of farm unit including horses, beef cattle, dairy, sheep, swine, animal harvesting, orchards, vineyards, winery, and etc. The best part is that these units are run by Fresno State students under the guidence of the Professors. One of the best features of Fresno State is the huge library located here. This library is stocked with research journals and magazines for every major, individual and group study rooms, and several computer stations for all students to use.


Its agriculture and animal science facilities, as well as it's football team.


Our awesome agriculture, teaching, crimonology and bussiness programs. Our school is nationally ranked in all four of those programs and offers them at an affordable price. If you want an affordable college experience with a great program and great teachers you should check out CSU Fresno.


My school is best known for their Business Program and Agriculture Program as well as their baseball team. People travel from all over the world to attend Fresno State for both of those programs.


The Bulldogs Football and the Bulldogs Baseball men's won the championships and got to go to the white house and meet the president George W. Bush that was alot for us Fresnans.


Fresno State is known for their sports. The community support is displayed all year round with Bulldog pride. All of our sports are strongly supported by students, whether they show up at a game or have a "Bulldog Pride'" T-shirt. In 2008, our baseball team won the college championship series sending bulldog pride around the country. The dedicated student athletes that we have on campus radiate positive energy, a good attitude, and motivation.


We are known as a good school with a good education at a low cost. We have a good football team, the Fresno State Bulldogs, who went to the Fiesta Bowl two years in a row.


Fresno State has the best agricultural program in California. We have a large variety of agricultural programs, ranging from enology to pre-veternarian. Due to being located in the Central Valley, agriculture plays a prominent part to citizens, especially those in the outlying cities. Fresno State has acres of vineyards and orchards, which are all tended by students. Much of the produce grown at Fresno State is sold in a popular on-campus market, where locals are able to buy fresh, local grown produce.


My school is best known for its academics and sports. Academics are very important because our college wants everyone one of us to succeed and be better, educated people. Sports are also important because it gives us more school spirit and our students have so much fun in our sporting events.


when it comes to departments that we are known for; one is enology, wine- making and viticulture which is grape growing. We are 1 of 4 universitys in the nation that offer this degree; we have are own winery on campus and we have our own grape vineyards on campus. We have an amzing nursing program, and a very good bussiness program.


Fresno State's Craigs School of Business is raked amongst the top ten programs in the nation. Also the school has a good football team.


At the moment Fresno State is well known for their mens baseball team winning the championship the year before last. Academically I believe we are very well known for our Ag department.


The school is best for agriculture, but it has a thriving Music Industry Program.


they just won the world champing ship for baseball and they also have a great Criminology program


Our school is definitely known for its athletics. We love our football, baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball teams especially. We are an active campus for those who chose to get involved. Our faculty and staff is absolutely magnificent, they know their stuff and are always willing to take the time to talk to students and answer their questions.


I am not sure what my school is best known for. The only thing I can think of is that it is one of the few schools in the area which offer a RN program.


My school is known for it's football team. The Fresno St. Bulldogs have had an okay career the past few years. Fresno St. is also known for it nursing and business programs. They are among some of the best in the nation.


Ag Business department


The school has a great sports program our football team is competitive and our baseball team won college world series last year. We have an excellent women's softball team and compete well in both men and women's sports


This is school is wonderful for the tremendous spirit that it has for the school. There is tremendouse pride for the school and I believe this makes us work harder in order to represent it better.


Fresno State is best known for our agricultural department and in recent years the football team.


We won the college world series in baseball this year. Go TEAM!


It's football program, the programs offered, the Library, The Student Rec Center and the Save Mart center