California State University-Fresno Top Questions

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The area


It's closer to home and has a really good program in the major that I am looking at.


CSU Fresno was always my first choice because of its diversity. Here at CSU Fresno I feel at home; I feel accepted. My campus has fufilled its promise of inclusion, and holds true to its motto: Discovery. Diversisty. Distinction.


The library. I knew I wanted to work part-time on campus at the library, and Fresno State has the best library in the CSU system. It's a beautiful library with an excellent academic and work environment.


What is unique about CSU Fresno is that everyone wants you to succeed. Almost all of the faculty wants a student to try out the resources. They are helpful with the students who are interested in being successful and those that need to be helped. Unlike others schools that I had applied for it stood out like a sore thumb because they care more about academics. Also they had amazing programs for future careers such as Nursing, Agriculture, and Communicative and Deaf Disorders.


Fresno State has a phenominal agricultural program, as well as animal science program. Provided on campus are units for every farm animal species, which allows students, especially Pre-Veterinary majors like myself, to have more hands-on experiences and practices under thier belt. In addition, every one of the farm units on campus are run by students and students only. Therefore, the professors only supervise activities at the units, allowing great volunteer, training, and even management, oppurtunities. Such experiences create the skills, as well as the confidence, students will require later on in their careers and life practices.


The reason that I picked Fresno State is the hands on approach that they use. Other colleges take such a theoretical approach that sometimes it is hard for the students to actually apply what they have learned to a work field. With Fresno State there are many opportunities to volunteer and get hands on experience with what you actually want to do in the work field.


Our school is a great community of people where you can find awesome educational opportunities for an affordable price. Also our football team is one of the best in the nation for the amount of money that it costs the students who go to school here.


My school has the number one College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) which provides help, adivising, and resources for migrant students so that they graduate from college. California State University-Fresno also has the largest library in the CSU system with advanced technology. My school also has a division one football team which competes with the best colleges and universities in the nation. The Student Recreation Center at Fresno State, which is the gym is very nice because it provides athletes everything they need: weights, track, basketball courts, volleyball, racketball, locker-rooms, ping-pong, and much more.


Fresno State is like a small community. You don't get the big college feel, but at the same time you don't feel like it's a small school either. People are really nice and friendly and it's just a great learning atmosphere.


My school has an outstanding marching band program. This is one of my main interests that other colleges i considered did not fufill.


its close to home, have friends that already go there and have met many more great friends


I think my school has a lot of school spirit and the campus seems open to me, as in it is bright and inviting. I like the scenery while walking around campus.


We have one of the best agricultural and business schools (jenny Craig) on the West Coast. We also have an outstanding Nursing program and have a cultural and ethnic diversity in our community that makes it very easily 'adaptable' to any and all prospective students. In addition, we have a wonderful climate that is easy to live in and are centrally located here in California, making travel to exciting and desirbale destinations for leisure and exploration wonderfully easy. Coming to CSU-Fresno is a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to any all prospective students across country!


Fresno State appeared to be a more culturally diverse school, when compared to my other options. They were much quicker and more efficient when it came to paperwork, and I enjoyed the ?valley? feel. There also was/is more classes in my major available, since there are so many related majors filled with students. It has older architecture as well as the new Madden Library, so it just felt like a modern touch on an old campus.


Fresno is a great central location. We are an hour and a half away from the mountains for winter summer sports. We are two hours away from the ocean. We have one of the best libraries in California, new as of 2009


The campus is gorgeous and spacious, definitely reflecting the world-class agriculture programs that are available to students. From the roses along the Main stretch, to the trees in front of the Satellite Union, to the acres of farm land, if one loves nature, then Fresno State is the place to be. One of my favorite past times is to head over the ag centers and pet the horses, cows, sheeps and piglets.


What's unique is that its so new. I think that has a lot to do with the way my teachers approach students. I thought college would be harder than high school, but it isn't. It is fun and the teachers are very approachable. I don't even really feel like I am in school. I work hard, but still really enjoy my time in school. The environment is so modern it doesnt have that traditional school feel to it.


The new gym and savemart center on campus as well as the new campus pointe development being built on the east end of campus.


its a wonderfull school has a lot of programs teachers cooroporate with students very well the campus is great and there are no problems finding certain locations on campus.


My school has the largest library in the entire CSU system, that is something very unique. Another unique thing about my school is that you will find no rude individual. Everywhere you go there will be someone willing to help you. The professors are also very unique because they are very patient and understandable. Usually you don't see professors like these anymore. My school is the best there can be.


our facilities


We have the best fresh food available from the farm market, we have a huge, brand new library.


This school is unique due to its diverse culture and the envirnment that surrounds it. On campus no one will feel left out or segragated. The diversity of the people there and the things that are showcased on campus are things that everyone at school can relate to. Students will feel welcome here no matter where they are on campus or off campus.


I chose Fresno State because of the proximity to my family. As a returning student, I needed something close to home. I have actually felt very welcomed by the students and staff, even though I am older than most.


We have horses on campus, most people are down to earth


We have a solar panels that generate electricity for our school and we have the largest library being built in the CSU system.


bad parking? horrible library access? a bad football coach? I can't think of anything positive right now.


It was close to home and had a farm land feel to it. There are a lot of horses and cows.


Diversity. Fresno State is well-known for not having majority of whites. This particular school has whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, international students every color of the rainbow and it is very apparent while walking around campus. Not only does Fresno State have a diverse cultural scene, but the young adults that attend also take pride in their heritage and culture. There are many clubs and organizations that are specifically for learning about a specific culture or ethnicity. The best part is, is that you do not have belong to a certain race to belong to the club. Everyone is welcome.


The campus is more natural, comfortable, and relaxing to be in. The staff are very friendly and enjoy helping the students and they pay particular attention to new students to help guide and support them.


Very diverse.


It offered me a full ride scholarship.


The fact that this school is medium sized is extremely wonderful. Due to this, whenever I need to seek for help i find many that are willing to help and that have the time to. They don't make me wait and that is something that I like.