California State University-Fresno Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Pretty fair - strictly academic wise. Too much classes are being cut.


Academics at Fresno State are what you choose to make of them. Some students sit in the back of the class quietly, while others actively participate and ask questions. Level of participation that is expected really varies from professor to professor. I've had classes that consist of lectures that students are only permitted to ask questions, to lectures in which professors divide the class into groups for discussion. In a Spanish class I once took, our professor made sure that when we got into groups of two, we were with someone new every time- so we all got to know each other and feel more comfortable speaking. I feel that in order to maintain good grades in class, I have spent lots and lots of time studying. I've created more flash cards than I can count, attended study groups that exceeded the length of five hours, and I've pulled a few all-nighters. Many people arrive at Fresno State with the assumption that they can float through class to obtain their degree, but that is usually not the case. But the good news is that if you're a student who wants to succeed but is having trouble, there are plenty of nice people on campus who are excited to help! We have various tutoring centers, many departments have graduate student office hours, professors have office hours, and are also usually available via email. This semester. I'm actually in a class that has its own facebook group, and I have a professor who is willing to host office hours at night with oovoo or skype!


Academics are a major deal at Fresno State. As I had mentioned before, the faculty and staff at Fresno State are always willing to help! After the first few weeks of class, the professors start recognizing faces and even start calling you by their names! Although, this is not necessarily true for the GE classes that are held in larger settings. Study groups are also a big thing at state. Students are provided with spacious study room in the library to hold study sessions with large groups. We also have a lot of different clubs on campus that are made up of students who hold the same interest as others. This is a great way to meet new people and learn about potential grad schools and even Med School!