California State University-Fresno Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I would not know.


There are many groups people can become a part of! We have a variety of clubs, sororities/fraternities, athletic teams, honor societies, and of course- marching band! At Fresno State, marching band is an experience different from anything someone may have experienced in high school. The band consists of 300 members coming from all types of backgrounds, and all types of mentalities. But regardless of initial beliefs about band, the band becomes one and forms into a wonderful thing to be a part of. When I first became a part of the band, I felt a bit of culture shock. I had a background that was very serious, and the environment was very competitive. Here, everything was different! It didn't matter where you were from, it mattered that you were here now. And the band was fun to be around, and the games were a blast! Unlike high school, which often does not appreciate band to the full extent, here, we are welcomed- and appreciated. The athletic directors and sports players often stop by to say hello, and fans at the game are super excited when the band comes marching in :) The band here also hosts its own competition for the high schools, and participates in Band Day. During Band Day, thousands of students from local high schools perform at a Fresno State Football game with the band, and they have an awesome experience. Other than just the "band aspect" of band, there is a wonderful community aspect. In times of pride and joy, the band celebrates together. In times of tragedy, the band comes closer together. Honestly, I can't imagine how my first three years of Fresno State would have been if I hadn't been a part of the BMB. For the none-band members, we also have various dance groups that perform a few times during the semester, we have choral groups that tour around the state, we have department honor societies, a variety of volunteer opportunities, and even a club that plays different types of board games every Friday night.