California State University-Fresno Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The parking is the worst, there are times when its hard to find parking. Some students park outside of the school.


I honestly do not consider anything to be bad at Fresno State. I love it!


The worst thing about my university is the parking situation. The parking lots are tight and there is not much shade. Since there are a lot of students with cars on campus, finding a parking spot can be difficut sometimes.


There is a lot of crime near by. You don't feel really secure.


The lack of actual assistance when going through problems, with me was Financial Aid office. I wasn't qualified for a CalGrant this semester which made me wonder why, I tried petitioning for it but everytime I would go into the office they would tell me I needed a paper when I really didn't, or wouldn't inform me of the actual papers that I really did need. I felt like they were doing it on purpose, like they did not want to help me to try to fight against it. I just didn't receieve any help.


Probably that the only honors classes are available only to Smittcamp students. I'd like to have some higher-level classes despite not being a Smittcamp member.


There are not many bad things to say about Fresno State, except for the science lab instructors. I have had a lab instructor who was writting his essay thesis and studying for an exam during the semester. In return the instructor would give back work really late and most of the time the class needed the work back to study for quizes. Luckily he would cancel some of the quizes, but this did not help the students and I on the final for the science class the lab was connected to.


Parking, due to high enrollment recently there is no where to park anymore. Fresno State is becoming a popular college to attend to.


Worst thing about my school is the classes they lack in my major of fashion merchandising or even the major or minor of fashion design. I find this to be the worst thing as it has left me with no choice but to change schools my junior year.


A class getting cut is the worst possible thing Fresno State can have. Las semester being a freshmen was difficult for me to get at least 15 units that semester. I do not like the idea of teachers having to leave their jobs and also having furlough days where student can?t go to school and teachers are not allowed to work.


I believe the worst thing about our school is the ability they have to change the tuition a couple of weeks before school starts.


Poor economy in the State because of class cuts, tuition increase, decrease in enrollment, and a high school on a college campus where the campus would be a little more crowded.


The worst thing about my school is all the budget cuts that have to be made. Classes and teachers are being cut and that linits the classes avaiable to the students. Also they are not accepting as many students as they have in the previous years because they do not have room for al of them.


The worst thing is the faculty. They seem extremely unorganized and the different offices seem to have no desire to communicate with each other


About how they can improve on how to give students scholarships because I tried ttwo years and I wasn't awarded anything.


Sometimes the professors do not make the class interesting. This usually occurs in the large lecture classes. Without intriguing the students (especially if it is not one's chosen field), one tends to doze or to doodle and lose concentration of the topic of the lecture.


I believe that the worst thing about Fresno State is the library is not open 24 hours, not even during finals.


The worst thing by far is the struggle each semester trying to get classes. Classes are either full or dont seem to work for your schedule unless you are in sports.


Outdated equipment for labs, many devices are no longer accurate or break easily which makes it more difficult to finish labs on time because of the necessity of sharing tools.


I am extremely comfortable at my school. However, the parking is horrible and makes it very difficult to get to classes on time. For the first two months you must get to school over an hour early to get parking. The first day of school I showed up two hours early to get parking and was still 15 minutes late to class. Before that I had never been late to a class.




That everything cost money the reason for that is because i dont have the money to use the internet or to print out papers all the time




I honestly cannot think of the worst thing about my school. As of now, the only thing I can think of is the amount of difficulty it takes to get into highly popular classes .


To tell the truth as of right now, I'm not sure what is really the worst thing about for Fresno State because for the past year in a half I was able to be involved with the school. One thing I can say is the worst part, is actually myself because I don't take advantage of the time they give us to do class assignment, but other than that the school has been great for myself.


class sizes are too big and classes have been cut this year


Fresno State was crowded with students during all hours of the day. It was hard to find parking.


The location of the school and the housing environment. I wish the campus was more neat and the dorms were remodeled because we are having problems with them all the time. Water leakage and the bathrooms are always broken. It needs to be remodeled.


The location (city)


There isnt much community.




I attend an extension campus that is many miles from the main campus and it can be difficult to connect with my professors.


Some advisors give students miss information. You really have to check your program out.


Parking, we have a lot of people commuting to school everyday


It's more of a problem related to the city of Fresno rather than the university, but it seems like people have somewhat limited aspirations. People are content with just going to college in order to get "a job" rather than "a dream job" (for lack of a better term). There's an attitude of "playing catch-up" to LA and San Francisco that can sometimes be a buzzkill.