California State University-Fresno Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone should attend this school.


Anyone who is ready to invest 4 years or more of their life into an adequete education.


This school is strictly for students who are seekers of knowledge, in addition relaxing and cutting class results in failing and possibly could end in rejection. A student that attempts to take only lower level courses is likely to fail also. Lectures are very detailed and fast paced the instructors are about business and the ones I have met require the same in return. It could be concluded that California State University, Fresno is a great but challenging University. I would definately recommend that serious students apply.




Someone who wants to major in a major that is big here. A few big majors are Speech Pathology, Kinesiology, and Ag.


Anyone who is looking for quality education in a central location, should consider attending Fresno State.


People who are committed to learning but want to save some money should go to this school. Specifically, people who want to be teachers should go to this school because the cost is cheaper than a major university, yet you get a good education for the teaching field. Also, people who live in the area who do not want to move should go to Fresno State as well.


People should attend this school who are willing to be academically challenged, who are moderately self-sufficient, who are willing to put at least a moderate amount of effort and independent study into their education. Students who are willing and eager to take advantage of various extra-curricular opportunities and who have some school spirit also tend to do the best at this school. Most students seem to be friendly and open/engaging with others with various backgrounds. There is also an emphasis on volunteerism and activities beyond the classroom, which help make college a more meaningful experience.


Anyone who is serious about their education and wants the best out of school. Those students who seek to attend a very diverse university filled with cultural differences. This school is also very well known for Athletics so any athletes out there who want to attend a division one university should really conseider fresno state. Fresno State also had the largest library in the CSU system and has the largest number of books so it is a great choice for those students who enjoy reading.


Fresno State, like Fresno, is amazingly dieverse; Fresno State is for anyone that enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new things.


You must be willing to walk a lot or ride a bike. You must also be ready to study. Someone who loves to be on a huge campus.


I believe that anyone who is willing to earn an education should attend this school. Not eveyone is able to afford going to college or even have the will power to go to school and I personally believe that someone who wants a higher education is the perfect person to attend this school.


This school has many specialized majors such as crime scene investigation that are not available at many other locations. There is a diverse student body that anyone will fit into.


I think the kind of person that should apply should be someone open to experiencing new cultures, ethnicities, and varied academic majors. Since I've been to campus I been plunged into diversity which has been an awesome experience.


A person who wants to experience cultural diversity, should definitely visit my school. Located in the central valley of California, my university consists of practically every culture there is out there. This university allows students to experience a rewarding college-life at the same time a rewarding education.


A person with a big heart and determination. College is not easy, people do not hold your hand as they did in high school. Strong willed people with persevirance and organization are right for this school!


A person who wants to learn and get the most out of their college education. A person who want's a better life for themselves, and the people they support. Times are difficult with the current stature of our country and we need strong people to attend to school and pave the path to success.


Anyone who will truly work hard and be willing to challenge themselves. If you don't mind spending most of your time studying rather than going out and partying than this school is for you. This school is for those who value the importance of an education.


Anybody can.


A student interested in the social and natural sciences. The school is well suited for athletes and business majors.


I would recomend any type of student. Their programs are very good as well as have a wide variety of Majors as well as Minors. The campus is so beautiful and well lit up at night. They have so many extra activites and provide stuff over the weekend such as movies so students dont get bored. Overall this school is an A+ in my books.


Anyone who values good education over pretty surroundings. CSU Fresno has excelent programs and facilities, and will offer students a great education. I've only attended for one semester, so I can not speak to the extra-curricular activities too much. College is what you make it, so If you get out there and get involved, you will have a good experience while at this school, despite the negative reputation Fresno sometimes gets.


I think that people of any color, race, age, religion, of all levels of integrity should apply. Fresno University is a great place to start classes towards an individual's lifetime career. The campus is always full of activities, wonderful food, clean, and full of excellent resources for all students and even visitors. Fresno has a wide variety of classes that are offered through the campus, off campus, and even online. I had an awesome nursing advisor, and was able to accomodate all my needs, even though I was working full time and was a part time nursing student.


A person who is strongly inclined towards hands-on learning and being taught real life applications and situations instead of a person who tends to lean more towards relying purely on theory.


Someone that wants to gain their independence, get new friends, someone who has big views on life and like to interact with new people from different backgrounds from different states and countrys.


Agriculture and Education are strong here.


People who want a good education for the price they pay.


Anyone interested in nursing, special events, business, education or any other subject.


The school has a great athletics department so if you're looking to play a college sport it's a great school for that. If you're looking for top notch education, this school lacks a bit. Also pre-nursing students, and pre- physical therapists, and pre-business students schould attend because the school has wonderful accredited programs.


Someone who is willing to work hard to get what they want, be able to handle pressure, and looking for a lifetime ecperience


Anyone who is laid back and wants to learn