California State University-Fresno Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I would have to say available engineering professors. We had some really good professors that left due too tenure issues.


The most frustrating thing about California State University, Fresno is that it can be extremely difficult at times to find the classes that you need in order to graduate. Classes are given on a first come, first serve basis according to units completed, but tend to fill too fast to be able to complete needed courses.


Teachers are extremely unorganized and there is a lot of favoritism, especially with athletes.


Teacher playing favoritism to different race of student.


Trying to get all the right materials for the classes that we need because they usually tends to run out and then we have to wait for next shipping.


Probably the parking, especially if you have an early morning class, be prepared to park either far or wait awhile for a spot.


The thing that has been the most frustrating about my school is the seeming lack of accessibility of the administrative services and offices. It almost always takes a prolonged amount of time to talk to someone about financial aid, admissions office, and other such services. It also feels like they do not always have the student's best interest in mind, especially the financial aid office.


The most fustrating thing about my school, is that a lot of people underestimated it. Many people wonder why attended Fresno State, because they believe that it is not a great school. On the contrarty it has one of the best agriculture programs, making Fresno State the only school to produce and sell its own wine in California. It has a great nursing program which is why I am here, and that people underestimate all of its great qualities is extremly fustrating. Since im a tour guide here, I know all of its great qualities, and I will teach others!


Some of the staff can be rude and unhelpful. Financial aid to be specific, and other student workers as well are not as helpful as they should and give bad service or no help at all. I'm sure their superiors don't know they are not good employees.


Honesty, I can't think of anything that frustrates me--its not too crowded; its not loud; people are friendly and helpful for the most part.


The most aggravating thing about California State University, Fresno is the limited enrollment space in classes when it comes time to register for classes. They give all students a scheduled time for when they can start signing up for their classes that semester, and often, by the time your appointment comes up, almost all of the classes are filled and you have no choice but to just squeeze in where you can.


The most frustrating thing about Fresno State is the amount of trash on campus. When I walk outside my residence hall, I always seem to find a wrapper of some kind or and ice cream cone on the ground. After a couple of hours, I return and still find the ice cream cone and the wrapper still sitting there. I pick up the wrapper, in hopes of someone coming to clean up the spilled ice cream cone. Eventually, it was cleaned up. As a student, I expect better management of the area around me to be better taken care of.


The most frustrating part about school is bareley being able to afford it. I try to fit in as many classes as possible so that i am getting my money's worth, but the cost of living and going to college is so unreal. My dorms are expensive as well as parking and tuition. My family is struggling very much right now to get me through and it is barely my first year.


The Farm Units on campus are in complete shambles. The agriculture kids try to keep them running as best as they can, but the facility is over 50 years old. It is so frustrating to raise animals in an unsafe and embarassing environment. We take so much pride in our animals, and it is saddening that it is not reflected through our farm facility. I don't understand why the addministration doesn't try to do anything. It's very frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the food that they serve for students living on campus. I think it would benefit the students more if we are served healthy food choices instead of unhealthy food items.


The tuition for school just increased while the classes decrease. Many students lost their classes without notification or knowledge thereof. For example, the business department is increasing tuition specifically for business students in order to satisfy the overcrowded classrooms.


Their is violence around the school. The parking is far away from class.


Connecting with other students have been the hardest part of Fresno State. This college has a high percentage of people that commute to this school making very hard to get to know new people with out getting part of some sort of Greek life


There is not all that much that is frustrating. One of the most frustrating things about our school though is that students are not informed enough about the economy and blame the wrong people. They do not realize the value of the education they are receiving at such a cheap rate, but still complain. Too many people on the campus think that they deserve too much, when in reality a college education is a privilege not a right.


The most frustrating thing about Fresno State University is that there are so many things to do and so many activities to get involved in that you don't know where to choose from. Personally, I've had some trouble deciding on what organizations I want to get involved with. I would join all that there is to join but as a college student there are many more things to do.


The most frustrating thing is that it usually takes a long time to get anything done in the administration building (financial aid, cashier, graduate admissions)/


The most frustrating thing about CSU, Fresno is the lack of available courses. Class sizes are limited and very few classes are offered. Additionally there are very few online or evening classes available. With the new budget cuts, these issues are bound to intensify.


Due to budget cuts and coasts, there have been some classes that are being offered less.


Not a lot of classes are available.


That we have dirty air and its hot


The most frustrating thing about CSUF is that sometimes it is too "open". For example, CSUF has a "Free Speech Area" where anyone can stand and talk about whatever they want. However, this seems to get abused by some members of the community who stand there and yell at students passing by. For example ministers who yell insults at every student that does not stop to listen to them "damning them to hell" or calling them inappropriate names because they won't listen to the words of God. Also frustrating is how construction around campus tends to impede traffic.


People don't tell other people how to get help, and finding what you need can be difficult.


the most frustrating thing about my school is that one part of campus has no shade too stay under during the summer because its a newer part of the school.