California State University-Fresno Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Just because there is a lot of access to parties and night life when your a freshman, doesn't mean that should be your whole social life. Ge involved with something that has a purpose like a club or a sport. And just because the professor doesn't take attendance, the information isn't important. It will be on the test. So get out of bed and go to class.


It's not as challenging as high school teachers make it seem to be.


Before coming to CSU Fresno, I wish I would have known how approachable professors are. The begining of my first year professors seemed so scary; as time went on, I became more comfortable and began to approach professors with surprising ease. I wish I would have known how willing professors are to help their students; I would have learned so much more.


I wish I would have known how independant I was going to have to become, I was not prepared for it at all. During my first year of college I had moved out of my parents house and with it came a lot of responsibilities, that you often hear but never really understand. Paying bills was the hardest things for me, I had assumed that I had been awarded with sufficient amount of money to sustain a stress free life. That was certainly not the case, I struggled financially and still do to this day.


Before I came to Fresno State Universtiy, I wish I had known how limited the options were for on-campus living. There is only one place you can live if you plan to stay on campus, and the apartments near fresno are either too expensive or of poor quality. Upon first moving in, I quickly discovered that my roommate and I disagreed on matters such as hygiene and cleanliness. The on-campus living would not have been so unpalatable if the roommate selection process was more extensive and primarily focused on similar interests, or at least compatibility.


Where all the buliding and facilities were located at. The first day I came to school as a freshman here, I didn't know where were my classes or where was the library. But, after time I came to explore and discover everything.


There is nothing I wanted to know more about.


I wish I would have had more knowledge on the school and the background of the city.


Before I came to California State Univeristy Fresno I wish I would have known how much the university is lacking in funding. After my first year I came to know that Fresno State is one of the most conservative university's in the CSU system. We greatly lack recycling and enviromental awareness which is ironic becuase it is the second most poluted city in the nation.


I would have like more information about the services available at the school, from the time I came and now there has been changes now the new students recieve more information than I ever did.


I knew everything I had to know about this school.


More about the city where I was going to attend college so that way I would know where everything is located.


I wish I would have known that they were going to cut funding and the number of classes offered.


I wish I would have known that there was no need to be so stressed out. I am the first person in my family to go to college, and I had no idea what to expect. I was so releaved when I realized "hey I can do this." From there on out, I had confedence that i could do whatever I put my mind to. It has truely molded me into the person I am today.


I wish I had known that my financial aid was running out so that I wouldn't have wasted time working on a major I wasn't going to finish. I wish i had known that mmy intended major when transferring wasn't what I waanted, that I am meant to be an artist, from beginning to end.


I wish I had known how to contact the coaches for the varsity sports teams, because I desperatly wanted to run for the Track and Field team. I now know that it is as easy as sending and e-mail.


I wish I had known whether I really needed the course books or if the lecture notes in the class were sufficient enough. I wish I had of known to keep my professors/ instructors information like phone numbers in my phone book so they could be at easier reach. I wish i was aware of all the resources for learning in my school and all the different study areas to go to. I also wish i had of gotten more involved in the extracurricular activities that were offered like going on trips that were basically paid for by the students.


how to set up classes better


How to equaly balance school and friends before I statered living on my own.


I wish I had a better idea of the order in which I should have taken my classes. It becomes difficult when you are down to the last few classes and are cramming in all of the hard ones at the same time, along with working part time and trying to maintain a good GPA while going to school full time. I also wish I knew how much money it was going to cost all together, because living and tuition are not cheap, so I would have worked more in high school if I knew.


When school started I didn't really except too much out of it. I wasn't too school spirit, but it was the very opposite of what I have thought about the school. Fresno State happens to school lots of caring of the newbies too Fresno State and very school spirited. This is school is very diversed and the school also provide us with a class that helps to get involve with the school and it really help us be prepared for the next few years of college and also being involve with the school activities.


That I would also be attending it for my credential program


I wish I had taken the AP tests in order to be exempt from taking college english


The limitations of loan packages, and that I would still have to work while in school.


How unwilling the administration is to help a transfer student. It it unbelievable how non-response they are.


I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life before I went to Fresno State, because going to a different school might've decreased or increased my time spent in college. I changed my major from music performance to nursing, and I did not know that the nursing program was going to be so difficult to get into.


My major and what I wanted to do in life.


That the career services center was close to the center of the campus.


I wish i had known that there would be more online classes than there are. There needs to be more online classes. Also, more schedules available for popular classes.


I wish I could have been warned about how little help there is explained to you rather than how much you have to seek out.


I dont know