California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Cal State Fullerton is a good school with a beautiful campus that caters to athletic, artistic, and career-minded students.


I was able to really discover myself


CSU Fullerton isat beautiful, diverse campus with lots to offer to anyone who is willing to learn in its amazing, friendly enviroment.


Great faculty and class selection but bad parking and some old buildings.


CSUF has high standards with their students, campus, and the surrounding community.


Drexel University is a whirlwind of fast passed education and an bustling urban campus full of opportunities.


My school is a culturely diverse campus.


California State University, Fullerton is a culturally diverse school that values and respects each individual without any sense of prejudism.


The School is very diverse with many types of people both ethnically and personality wise.


My school is very big. I will say that a lot of the students are business major. The library at this school is very big and I really enjoy being able to have a place to study and do homework. The new Business building is beutiful. The technology in this room is very up-to-date.


My school has a friendly and safe atmosphere where one can achieve their goal.


Cal State Fullerton is a very laid back and friendly environment where people are there to help you when you need it. The campus is not so big that it is overwhelming, but at the same time it is not small and there are thousands of students. People like to hang out and have fun, but alos keep their grades up.


I feel I choose the right school for my educational needs.


Everyone in CSU Fullerton I have personally met are very attentive and focused individuals.


It is a condensed school with a lot to offer on a relatively small campus.


California State University, Fullerton is a well-rounded school and has a fantastic program for future educators.


Being onboard and on this campus I knew my journey lied ahead, where I had the resources and supporters to guide me through my success, knowing that this university had grabbed my attention from the start now it was just up to me to take advantage of everything they had to offer to make my dream careers into a reality.


California State University, Fullerton has a competitive atmosphere, which creates everyone to work and study at a high level.


Great for commuters, scholars, mothers, wives, athletes and those who are trying get an education to improve their quality of life.


California State University Fullerton is a regional university with an international outlook due to its location in a technologically and culturally rich area of metropolitan Los Angeles.


A place you go that is refreshing and encouraging because of the beautiful weather and delightful campus.


My school is an academically and culturally diverse institution focusing on the students success on their preparation for the "real world."


CSUF is a diverse school concerning religion, social background, and culture, just to name a few, that meet a student's educational expectations with a faculty who is interested in the individual student due to smaller learning environments, as well as meeting social needs of a student by providing on-site activities and entertainment.


Cal State University-Fullerton continues to be a commuter college., although activities for college students are more inclusive now, with the completion of the student/ alumni athletic center.


Cal State Fullerton is a people populated school, which also means that there are quite a lot of teachers and classes available for different types of students.


Cal State Fullerton is an excelent school that offers great support and guidance towards a future career.


Extremely diverse.


commuter school


there are a lot of amazing oppurtunities not just educational wise but also with the greek system and getting involved in your school and the outside community.


My school has a little of everything: racial/cultural diversity, artistic appeal, intelligent aspect, somewhat small and big, beautiful structures, nearly every biome in one area in the school.


A primarily middle class state institution with a broad offering in multiple majors.


A large school going through tough budget issues but doing the best they can with professors who are also taking cuts but are still there for the students despite those cuts.


Cal State Fullerton is a dynamic learning center that nurtures student's university experience.


CSUF is a good academic school with awesome teachers, but administration and ridiculous administrative fees make CSUF a inferior school compared to other possible alternatives.


CSUF is an excellent higher learning institution which allows candidates to develop as professional adults.


Cal state fullerton is a mainly a commuter school with lots of transfer students. The faculty and administration care about seeing their students succeed, opportunities for getting involved are everywhere.


Don't let the words "big public university" scare you. From the staff to the students, everyone is friendly and welcoming, and visitors know it. We're happy to help you, and we're genuine about it. It also helps that the campus buildings are in one generally large circle.


California State University, Fullerton is an up-beat campus, with many commuters who attempt to get involved on campus


Cal State University Fullerton is a well rounded school that offers a lot of extra curricular activities for students to become involved in as well as being academically challenging.


The School of Business and Economics will prepare students for the real word.


The size is just right and the school environment are mostly people commutting to school and going to work after.


Well, CSUF is small-ish, not much food choice or comfy couches BUT if you ask around and explore you will have a better, more fuller experience. The Student Rec Center ROX!


My school is fun, caring, and supportive of all the students attending this school.


a very good school fro education and film majors.


Cal State University, Fullerton is the biggest CSU in California, is a commuter school with horrible parking, has low school spirit. Everyone just comes to class and goes home; most students are not involved in on-campus extra-curricular activities.


The campus is a mix of commuters (high) and on-campus students (medium). People feel there is little school spirit but I see plenty of it around campus with the amount of fun activities that are offered around the quad and student union.


Take full advantage of your professors amd class projects.


CSU Fullerton gives every student the opportunity to succeed.


A good school but has the potential to be much better than it currently is.


A commuter school that focuses highly on academics and the school of Business.