California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.




The campus is dynamic in the type of people that choose to study here. There are international students, a wide range in student ages, and individuals from all walks of life. I believe there is a LGBT club on campus, there is also christian clubs, and many other on campus clubs that are usually free to join. In my own experience I have felt left out of some opportunities, scholarships and programs due my race, which is beyond frustrating. The style of clothing varies by major, for instance kinesiology majors are more likely to wear workout clothes (due to the required PE classes), Biology majors are more likely to wear close toed shoes (a requirement in all labs), and engineering majors are more likely to wear pocket protectors (only kidding). I would venture to say that sandals are the most common type of footwear as we are in southern California. At first I couldn't imagine what a student that felt out of place at CSUF would be like, then I remembered how out of place I felt my first few weeks. So a student that would feel out of place here would be a freshman, thats the only kind of student I can imagine that would feel out of place. I have had classes with pregnant women, blind individuals, severely disabled individuals, and even seen a very attractive male amputee. The political science majors are very aware and quite active, three of my sorority sisters had job offers out of college and two moved to Washington D.C. The non-polisci majors, now I am not sure how aware or active they all are, not because it's a muted topic but because I do not pay much attention. So clearly I am not politically active. Also I am not very aware, because I couldn't tell where on the political line most of the student body stands, left, right or center. A lot of students work and go to class full time. It is incredible and inspiring to see a person so whole heartedly go after their dreams. I have had multiple classes with women who are mothers of young children, work, and go to school, they are unbelievable and I wish I could emulate their drive and balance in my own life.


This campus has a wide variety of personalities compressed into one city block. There's a bounty of foreign students studying here from the Middle East and Europe (Sweden/Germany Yes, VERY ATTRACTIVE) so I absolutely love the students. If you're lonely you can strike up a conversation with anyone waiting for a class. The people here are amazing goodhearted Orange county folk (lots of Asians too). I love the people that make up this school.


We are very diverse, we have almost all students from every ethnic background and the students are very nice and want to become successful.


My classmates are very encouraging, uplifting, and always pushing me to be the best student I can be.


My classmates are very social.


Most of the classmates I had usually kept on top of their work adn wanted to get a higher education.


Focused on school and want to help people


There is a diverse student population at Cal State Fullerton, and I think every type of student would fit in and find their niche. Student clothing differs drastically, and students wear anything from pajamas to business suits to class. Whatever you are comfortable in works for us! The majority of students are from the Southern California region, but there is an increasing population of students coming from afar to attend Cal State Fullerton.


A lot keep to themselves if they don't know you, however it depends on your major.


The dress is very casual :) Dining hall? We have Carls Jr.


CSUF has such a mix of students it's incredible! There really is every color of the rainbow represented here! No one judges on what you look like or anything, classes are always a welcoming environment. Also, most people are very casual to class! Professor don't expect you to dress professional or anything like that, you can always be comfortable so you can lear better. There is political activism on campus, especially involving tuition fees and such, but nothing has ever gotten out of hand.


The students here are extremely diverse and accepting of each other. I have never run into issues with race or sexual orientation. I have seen a couple issues arise with religion, but nothing major since this is a public school. Most people I know, however are either some for of Christian, Catholic, or don't practice religion at all. No student would feel out of place here. Financial backgrounds tend to be lower middle class/middle class. I haven't noticed a dominant political affiliation on campus, but I know that there are plenty of students who are politically active, which is always good.


Cal State Fullerton takes pride in the diversity of its students. Students at CSUF come from various economic backgrounds, ethnicity, religions, etc. Many are very accepting to those who do come from different cultures or have a difference in their sexual orientation.


CSUF encourages a diverse student body. We have all kinds of races, religions, beliefs, and enthusiasts. We have people who dress up for class, and people who wear sweats to class. We have people who live on-campus, people who live off-campus (but in a near-by complex), people who live in fraternity or sorority houses, and people who commute anywhere from 15-90 minutes. Many students are local and the racial backgrounds are listed as majority to minority: caucasian, asian, indian, other. As freshman, many students are quiet in class, but as we mature, we have much more interaction with one another.


What to finish school and get on with their lives.


My classmates provided diverse points of views from many different backgrounds and experiences.


Beginning my first semester here at Cal State Fullerton and searching for my first time classes in this institution, I felt a sense of warmth and comfort with the students surrounding me in my courses, feeling not afraid to ask them for help, I knew it was the entry of a home I was about to embark my prosperous life and career within.


Classmates were friendly, but some were not as focused or as ambitious as myself. I am extremely ambitious and it would be wrong to form a comparison.


Most of the students are not very self-motivated, but they get the job done.


Classmates are helpful , friendly and you can always get out and have a good time with them.


My classmates are friendly, caring, sharing, and helpful.


My classmates are friendly, you just have to break the ice... Once you get talking there is no awkwardness whatsoever!


Everyone of my classmates comes from a different place, there is plenty of diversity.


My classmates are motivated and hardworking but also know how to have a really good time when it is appropriate.


My classmates are funny, hard working, very smart, and they are all very nice .


My classmates are energetic, intelligent, hard-workers and respectful.


My classmates are helpful and friendly. I have recive good advice from some of them.


My classmates have all been very diverse, but I have never had a problem with any of them.


My classmates at CSUF come from extremely diverse cultural backgrounds, their ages range between 18-55, and thankfully, they tend to be more open-minded and accepting of the differences among our campus population.


They are very helpful, caring and passionate about their field of study. They are open-minded to new cultures and involved with campus activates and fundraisers. Most importantly, they are always there to cheer me up regardless off the situation. In short terms, they are family outside my real family.


My classmates are very friendly, and funny; we do take our classes seriously, but we always find something to laugh at.


enthusiastic to learn


committed to school, and usually have helpful and nice.


Students here are more open-minded in regards to race, gender, sexual orientation and background.


My classmates in college are interested and opinionated, at times they tend to be bias.




My California State University Fullerton classmates are inquisitive, diligent, intelligent, curious, responsible, and well-rounded individuals.


The campus is very populated but there's not really one way to describe students on campus besides diverse. Students here are very diverse as far as lifestyles, interests, backgrounds, etc. but it's hard to get to know people because most students are also commuters.


My classmates are really helpful when it comes to doing homework and studying for tests and final exams. There are usually several study groups that are formed a few days before the final exam or the test. We found that this is extremely helpful to us. I would also say that they are all pretty open about things anything from school to their family. It is nice to be able to come to class knowing that there is someone to talk to. I like walking into class and being greeted by people especially since it is such a big school.


The all live in their own little world.


The students I go to school with seem to be concerned a lot with their body image and of others' body images (which includes fashion trends, hair, most expensive purses..etc. ).


All of my classmates are diverse and friendly.


Classmates are primarily diverse; they differ in such things as: socio-economic backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, political views, religion, age, and even purpose for attending college.


Quiet at first, but extremely friendly when you get to know them.


The people that I go to classes also have similar goals so although meeting new people is intimidating, it is really easy to start a conversation because they are usually in your same situation, not knowing anyone but wanting to meet new people. There are many different people here, but most students look laid back and like pretty cool people.


My classmates seem to always be friendly, open, supportive, and helpful.


I try not to limit myself with the people interact with. It is true that i am drawn to people with similarities though. I think there is such a great variety of studnets that no one would feel out of place. Most students wear comfortable clothes such as jeans and a t-shirt (usually CSUF titans) i find alot of people wearing Fullerton sweaters. Most student are from Orange County. I also find a significant proportion form nothern california. there are also alot of foreign studetns from the asian continent. the students i interact with do not talk about financial backgrounds.