California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

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They have awesome teachers in the kinesiology department that are fit and know what they are talking about. They are very helpful in their office hours and I have been learning a lot from them.


Out sports team are toptier and number one.


No matter the field you plan to go into, there are opportunities to gain the proper experience. Professors are very open and intereested in helping you reach your goals, as well as to become a well-rounded person. The campus is very encouraging and does not limit each student's potential.


Variety of clubs that are a bit more specific than othe schools.


A unique aspect about the school is the variety of people and interest. Cal State Fullerton is considered a large commuter school and daily draws a wide range of majors from all over the Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernadino counties. Internationally it is also well recieved as a prestigious university. The variety of majors offered are well suited to a vast array of people's interest. Interconnectivity to opportunity is key for the school's variety due to it being near the heart of the Los Angeles metropolitan area and that ensures alumni with many employment opportunities upon graduation.


There are tons of organizations on campus to get involved with!


What is most unique is that the classrooms are smaller than the other schools I considered. There is also alot of open communication between the students and professors.


Honestly, the accepting evironment is what really drew me in to Cal State Fullerton. Being a lesbian, I was really concerned with choosing a school that provided a safe space for not just the GLBT* community, but everyone regardless of their race, sexuality, disability or other factors.


What makes California State University, Fullerton unique is the students. The love, pride, and passion the students have to educate themselves is one that does not compare to other schools that I have seen.


CSUF is a commuter school so you have to be more proactive to make the connections that other students would at other universities. My best advice would be to join clubs and organizations to help your chances of networking and building relationships for a long time. And as most students come to class and leave, check out what the school has to offer in terms of extracurricular activities. There's more to CSUF than just coming to class.


We have the Fullerton Arboritum on campus which is super relaxing and a great place to get away while still being on campus


The professors here are experts in their fields, and are well known. The environment is friendly and in my major everyone is willing to help eachother and interact with one another. The school is not too big nor is it too small. Though it is a commuter college, the social environment is welcoming.


Compared to other schools I considered, Cal State Fullerton is close enough to home so that I can commute. It also has a good repuation as a University and the professors are so helpful and friendly. The campus is beautiful and located in sunny Southern California, a place that I feel so fortunate to live in.


This student body puts a big emphasis on getting involved on campus whether it is in a club, student government, or on campus job. My lack of involvement in high school led me to want to change my ways in college and start making a difference. Since starting colege I have now become a campus tour guide and am treasurer of the Student Alumni Association. It has led me to become a stronger student leader and get other students the same excitement I have about going to California State University Fullerton.


CSU Fullerton has a well respected Geology Field Camp and the program itself emphasises practical use and job entry.


My school does a work study with disney which is really cool. Also most of the disney animators come from my school.


The unique thing about my school that i compared to other schools is my I.D. card. I say my I.D. card because i can put money in it and use it to pay things, and one of the things i really liked about my I.D. card is that we can get free bus rides in Orange County. Which helped me alot because i always have to take the bus everywhere since i dont drive, I have to take the bus to school and back home. So I would consider my I.D. unique.


California State University Fullerton stands out above other Southern California Universities because of its commitment to provide an affordable and outstanding education to students across a wide spectrum of cultural backgrounds in order to strengthen their communities and productivity in society.


CSUF has a great teaching program and with my major being human services i would really like to be a special education teacher. The campus also has alot of ways for the students to be involved and not just go to school and then go home.


California State University of Fullerton is one of the many populated schools where students set their goals to achieve the best of themselves. Not to mention the all time famous Performing Arts Department, which is ranked top ten in the nation. California State University of Fullerton contains a huge diversity of all types of ethnicity. The students of Fullerton wants to be educated, yet knows how to have fun.


I chose my school specifically for its teacher training program. I intend to become a high school history teacher, and upon completing my research of several schools around where I live, I discovered that CSUF has the best accredidation program of them all. Also, it is close to home and close to many surrounding attractions (i.e. Disnayland, Knott's Berry Farm, etc.) that make for wonderful weekend getaways.


Cal State University Fullerton is unique because of the variety of programs provided. They offer so much for a persons interest. It is unique because of the buildings that were created for the certain departments. Any person, or prospective student, can tell the school has put so much effort into the programs. Not only are there a variety of different programs, but also there are so many clubs that are directed towards the major of your choice. This university is unique also because of the involvement of the staff in the respect of helping a students intrests for their field.


All the buildings on campus are all very well organized and it very easy to find every classroom.


the uniqueness of my school compard to other schools i have considered is how caring and helpful they are about their students and facutly.


The most unique thing about my school compared to other schools is the diversity. I really enjoyed the diversity that was at the school. I also like the location it was very convient for me to get there. Finally i felt really safe at my school. There was an excellent source of security. There are emergencies poles all aorund campus and a full police station right on campus. This is a very safe and secure place.


CSUF has a wide variety of classes , but what sparked my interest is the athletic training program. I plan to do all I can and then some to get into this program. Their athletic training program is probaly the best in the state.


I decided to attend Cal State Fullerton because it is one of the best business schools in Southern California with accreditation in both business and more specifically accounting; which is exactly what I am majoring in. Although it is a commuter school, it is close to home and family. They recently build a new business building, which is amazing, and offers more rooms for additional courses. Being able to enroll in the classes I need was an important factor in deciding a school.


A unique feature of CSUF is its proximity to many sources of research and employment within the greater southern California region.


Cal State Fullerton offers a broad range of Majors and classes . It also just about any club under the sun you can imagine, so that you can broaden your college experience, make friends, and create long lasting memories.


i considered many schools but i did like this school because of the surrounding neighborhood. what is also great is that the classes have a small student to teacher ratio therefore it makes it easier for your professor to learn who you are and to make new friends.


The school has a great technical theatre program which allows much room for growth. While most other schools concentrate on acting, CSUF focuses on all aspects of theatre production.


The school is a great mix of different cultural and ethnic students and it's also a great institution for my major in education. It gives me a great opportunity to expand my academic and social experiences in a great environment.


Many of the students that go to this school are very talented. In all aspects as well wheather it be artistic, musically inclined, vocally, and visual performance. Also, the atmospher of the school is very driven and focused on making something of yourself.


It is close to home


They accepted me.


Compared to other schools I have considered, this university is more ethnically diverse and financially affordable. It offers enough activities but not so many that it will be a distracting factor that pulls you away from school.


I think it is quite culturally diverse. There are different people in many more ways than just ethnically.


Commuter school.


It has a good art program.


the campus is small and it feels personal. everyone is freiendly and approachable; students and professors alike. CSUF provides students with the best services and makes you feel comfortable. it has a great athletic training program which was the main reason i decided to come to CSUF.


It is huge and has many different programs to be a part of. If people are able to find their niche it is a great experience. I love my program and have found people who now know who I am and will help me succeed. There are many opportunities for that to be found, in many different subject areas, if sought out my the student.


It has a strong sense of community. The other students are always willing to help you out and I've met a lot of people in classes from past semesters that I still talk to and see regularly. The professors are all willing to help if you are having trouble grasping a subject and make themselves readily available.


its primary focus is on the student to get a good education and to suceed in life. its environment is really easy to enjoy and get around.


Extremely intelligent teachers.


I haven't heard anything bad about any department at Cal State Fullerton, I only hear about how good they are.


I think the music program here is great, and all of the professors get along really well. There have been schools with professors I've seen that have hatred between one another for having differing opinions and tell students one thing, and both professors will say their opinion is right and the other's isn't correct.


there is a large student body that is very diverse


It had the best art program.


it is diverse., energetic, and liberal. very liberal. professors always ask you to speak your mind & share your opinions.