California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?




Academics are primarily dependent on your major; secondarily dependent on your professor. If you are a STEM major, prepare for hell. We are lucky because they offer resources but the professors are driven to make you expend your brain power. Failure is common and there's nothing wrong with a C+. The GPA is always working against you and you feel it (especially with +/-). Should you major in communications a different fate awaits. Most tests are multiple choice based logic/historical significance. Any major that is supposed to challenge you, will challenge you. My life is brutal, I have white hairs at 22, and my hair is shedding more than every in my life.


Very good, the teachers are very intelligent and I it is very academically challenging which is a good thing.


They are challenging and the professors are genuinely dedicated to delivering their best.


My majors classes (Theatre) are pretty small for a really large department, about 16-30 kids in a class, so my professors know my name. I have done some outside work with my advisor so we go out for lunch every once in a while. Also, students in the Theatre Dept. don't really study, because there''s ALOT of work outside the class, like projects, lighting/stagecraft calls where you have to tear down/ load-in shows. I have to say though that my favorite class I've taken so far is Film Music. It counts as an Art class and you learn facts about the movies and its scores from the very beginning of the film age to present day. Very fun! I actually want to go to that class! You have to take a lot of GE like any other school, but those class, if they don't have anything to do with your major, then it's just all about getting the grade.


From the classes I've had so far, I've enjoyed most of my teachers and the subjects they've taught. While there are times I get frustrated with how much reading is assigned in one week or when three different teachers give the test on the same day, I realize this happens at every school, in every class. The class I could say I enjoyed the most, thus far, is the world religions class I took last semester. The teacher made lecture interesting, he expanded on each section we learned about and provided stories or examples that helped explain certain terms. I enjoyed learning about each culture and being taught by a teacher who had so much passion for what they were teaching.


Cal State Fullerton has a decent academic program, and I personally feel I have learned a lot while attending there. The biggest class size I've ever been in was a hundred students, and the smallest was eight students, but the typical class size has been between thirty and forty students. This provides an ideal learning environment, because the teachers do get the opportunity to know each of their students individually and interact with them on a personal basis. I am a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Accounting and Finance, but I have taken many classes outside of my major as well. The school is geared towards helping students find a job once they graduate, but also promoting learning in general so that students are well-rounded.


The majority of the professors that I took know my name. My favorite class is my biology class where I get to learn more about the world around me and see how things revolve around the world of biology. My least favorite class would have to be my math class because I am not the best at math and I am not as interested in math as I am for biology. The students that I know study every day so that they can review over material and understand it for the upcoming exams. Class participation is very common among all of my classes where the professors encourage students to participate. Students do have intellectual conversations outside of class especially if it is a big concept that we just learned. Some of the students are competitive but the majority of us try to form big study groups to help one another if they are having trouble with a particular problem. The most unique class I have taken is my abnormal psychology class where I learned about many cognitive disorders that could affect a person's life. I am a biology major and as a biology major I have to study quite a bit but I also get to learn about many different types of things that are useful in our daily lives. The biology department is a good, strong department where faculty members are very nice and helpful. I spend some time with my professors outside of class, such as going to their office hours or just seeing them walk by as I go to class. I like the school's academic requirements because they encompass all the things the students need to go where they want to go such as go directly into the work force or go to graduate school. The education at this school is geared more toward learning for its own sake because it allows for students to be aware of other options after college rather than just going straight into the work force.


I can relate to my teachers well and my favorite class so far was 3d design. We always conversate. I'am an art student for GRAPHIC DESIGN which is a difficult field. I will be a graphic designer.


According to a recent CSB news report, CSUF is one of the hardest west coast colleges to get A's at, so keep that in mind if you get your first B freshmen year! Don't freak out like I did! But after you get the hang of it and figure out what professors expect, you can achieve greatness! Office hours are thee most helpful thing! Teachers are always available during them, and they are always happy to see students! Also, they all want you to succeed and almost all are willing to help with internships, which is a great step to your future!


The academics at CSUF are good! All of my professors know my name and I am in classes no bigger than 40 students (there are some classes offered with 100+ students). In each class you find a pretty big handful of students who are willing to participate. This amount is different for each class depending on the subject. Almost everyone participates in my political science class but not very many participate in my history class. In addition, I am a member of the Honors program on campus. Honors classes are a max of 15 students which gives you an amazing opportunity to advance yourself academically. Honors students here can definitely be competitive but I think we prefer to correlate and congregate with each other, which is great. You can always count on having intellectual conversations with honors students in and out of class. I definitely spend time with my professors outside of class. All of my professors have office hours and are glad to help any student. Specifically within my major I am on a first name basis with all of my professors. Education in my department, the theater department, is definitely geared toward getting a job. Their goal is to get you hired as soon as, if not before, you graduate. The academic/GE requirements here at CSUF aren't too bad, but I took AP classes, so I'm actually going to finish my GE's early. A lot of people end up having to take an extra year of school, especially students in my major, because they couldn't fit all of the their GE's and major courses into 4 years.


Academics at CSUF are overall very enlightening. Many of the general education classes are small and intimate, allowing more one on one time with students & professors. There are a few of the popular classes such as Psychology and Biology that are much larger however professors attempt to make sure all their students needs are met. For the most part most professors know every students name and are able to get to know their work ethic. Students help each other out if they do not understand something and usually are more than willing to help a student out if they missed a class. Once a student starts to take courses for the major, that's when you see more passion from professors and students.


CSUF professors definitely encourage participation and team work. Although it was hard for me as a freshman, as I grew older I realized that my shyness only preventing me from reaching my full potential. Not only do participation and teamwork help you to break out of your shell, they increase your learning and critical thinking skills. We have small as well as large class sizes depending on whether the class is lecture or discussion based. Some classes are also offered online which is nice for those who are working or commuting, or both (like me!). Professors all have office hours and are required to be present during them by the university. Many degrees do require an internship of some sort which helps students to be better prepared for their careers. Students can find internships on the CSUF website or through the various job fairs held on campus.


Professor get to know a majority of the students in their classes. With large lecture classes, it becomes hard for teachers to know everyone. This is where students need to take the initiative to get to know there professors. For me it is sometimes intimidating to get to know your professor but this should not deter students from stepping out of their shell. My favorite class is basketball class. after a long day in lecture about the natural sciences, it is a releif to run around andget some exercise. my least favorite class is history. students are constantly studying but it depends on the individual and their learning skills for the amount they spend studying. Class particiaption is common in the same individuals. i find that the same people are asking questions. I hear of some studnets having intellectual conversations and other are having pointless conversations. it all depends on their intentions. The biological department is very competitive. there are many smart students doing the best they can. I need to spend more time outside of class to get to know my professors better. They can also help me with any questions I may have. CSF is primarily geared toward learing the fundamentals then directed towards getting students a job. I know this is so in the NSM department because of the job fairs and research oppurtunities avaialbe.