California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I found immense pride in the faculty of my major. Kinesiology professors were incredibley encouraging and spent countless hours outside of class interacting with students, helping and guiding them with multiple aspects of life. I found my professors to be extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and selfless. Every professor was up to date in technology and research and was happy to help students learn in any way that they needed.


The dorming experience that I got to behold was one of the things that I would brag about because that was such a great experience that I got to behold and I wouldn't miss it in the world


We have an amazing baseball team. They are like champions every year. It is so cool to have a awesome sport team at my college because my high school sparts teams were horrible.


I tell my friends that the school is very welcoming and that the professors I have so far had are very helpful. The professors will work with you if you try to ask them for help.


When I brag about Drexel I start with how fast we move on a term system compared to a semester system. Following that, I begin to express my excitement of the opportunities of living next to center city Philadelphia. It is full of excitement and things to do on a little budget. If you love the hustle and bustle of a city, then Drexel University is the college for you!


school spirit, and school involvement!! there is always something to do and always a place to feel included


Cal State Fullerton is a wonderful environment for those that are looking for a great future or pursuing their dreams. It provides a great environment for studying and learning. What I love most about Fullerton is its homelike atmosphere and how I can always find help there when I need help with my studies or homework.


I absoultely loved my campus because I got involved on campus in organizations. It is a great place that offers a variety of different points of view. I also would brag about the College of Business and Economics. We received a brand new building that is gorgeous. Also, many of the professors I had were also still professionals in the field so I got a lot of real life examples that made the material more applicable.


At Cal State Fullerton I greatly appreciate the amount of respect between the professors and the students. Such a bond is created between the student sand teachers that it is very probable and likely that I will reach out to them in times of confusion even after graduation passes. They are always willing to assist a student with just about anything but they are also strict and they demand through their charisma and enthusiasm that their students be dedicated and self assured that success is within reach and obtainable. I love the environment that this creates, one filled with respect.


I brag about the amount of ethnic diversity on campus, as well as the intelligent and encouraging teachers in the Human Service Department.


I don't brag about my school. It's a simple school. It as most of the amenities that most other schools possess. Nothing more nothing less.


Good professors that I have (not all though). I enjoy the programs I am in and the degree of independence I have in the more advanced (senior classes) to work in my own direction.


What i brag most about this school is the academic advising. I have been to a few of academic advising and career counseling but most of them seems to not be that helpful when it comes to finding a career path or choosing classes for you. They do not seem to be enthusiastic and knowledgable as you think they would base on their experience when they went through college as a student. But this is how i feel as a student here at CSU Fullerton.


It's in a good location, close to both the beach and LA, and the parties are fun, as long as you ca find them.


When I brag to my friends, I brag about I how I am doing or shocked that I was able to get a good grade. I am mainly a worry wart, so I intend to worry.


My school is known for their prestigious business school .


registering for classes is less of a hassle at my school. majority of the professors care about their students and teach the classes very well, making the class very easy to take.


the kinesiology program and the rec center


There's nothing to brag about being in a Cal State University except the fact that it's filled with people and that the school BANKS on out-of-state tuition.


The fitness center is amazing and free for students. I really love how I can get from one side of school to the other in less than 6 min (other schools it might take up to 15 min to walk to upper campus).


I hate school. It ias extremely unapproachable and no one wants to talk to you unless you already know people there.


We have a good baseball team and a crazy good business program.


A small campus that feels homely and close with a large student body to fund excellent programs and professors. I love that the majority of my professors in the kinesiology department have a doctoral degree. The faculty is understanding of the dual lifestyle many of the students lead where work and school frequently collide. The campus has an easy natural beauty to it. There is a wide range of strengths within the school curriculum.


its friendly, has a good environment, very close to the library, gym, banks, and other schools. Affordable for an average person. Best school to start before you transfer to a university. Professors in the school are very easy to understand and contact.


Great Business School!


The quality of the professors. In my major all of my professors are very accessible and really want their students to do well.


that we have the best professors.


How great the program i'm majoring in is. All they provide, support and help they give. How it is a great track program and no matter what there is always help available and many services. i have many opprotunites to get experience in my field of major.