California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Cal State Fullerton is the increasing tuition and parking fees. These increasing have made it very difficult for me to attend since I do not get financial aid anymore.


The only thing I would say the worst thing about this school is, would be that the only sport that it is good for is baseball. It does not have a strong football team, and for me, coming from Texas, football was an important sport for me to follow. As far as everything else, the school has generally expanded. Its a great school to be at.


Parking. There are over 35,000 students who attend this school and many commute so parking seems pretty impossible for a lot of them.


The worst thing about my school is that it being a commuter school makes it so the Student Body and school spirit are not as strong as they'd be on a campus where people primarily dorm or is centrally located. Although there are some activities planned throughout the day and in the Titan Walk, the majority of activities are left up for the students to plan on their own, outside of school. I feel that this makes the school less of an experience, and more of a place where we simply go to class.


One of the negative aspects about Cal State University of Fullerton is that the price for book and tuition is outrageous. Compared to other schools it is probably considered cheaper, but buying books is impossible to save a couple of bucks. You are not allowed to resell your books once you are done with your class, you can only sell them back to the bookstore. If you get caught trying to resell them you could get kicked out of the school. All the books are only available through the school's bookstore.


I would not say that this is the worst thing about my school, but at times I have felt that for me personally I've encountered professors that are not very motivated to teach their subject. It is as if they seem uniterested in the fact that they get to pass on their knowledge to students who are interested in this field of study and wish to be successful in it.


Our wi-fi. I would love to be able to do work any where on campus. I really perfer working outside unfortuanly our wi-fi doesn't work that well outside.


I didn't really look at the worst things and looking back to see if I have a particular criticism it would be the impaction of the classes. I know there are large number of students enrolled in the school and a limited number of classes available to meet the requirements within a particular time frame. Because of impaction I was forced to take just one class in the summer that was relatively expensive compared to the same class offered in the spring or fall semester. In order to graduate I also had to pack in more in one semester.


I would say the fact that we have so many students at this school would be the biggest problem. It makes it very hard to get the classes one needs to complete the right credentials. It also makes class sizes very large as well as hard to actually get to school due to all the incoming students every day at the same time.


The worst thing about Cal State Fullerton is parking. Although, there are three parking garages there still is not enough spaces for all the students. During prominent hours you have to get to school very early in order to get a spot.


The worst thing about our school is that there are so many smokers on campus in areas where there are children and people who dont smoke. Its the worst because I have asthma and it hurts my lungs to walk on campus and breath.


Counseling was difficult at this school, and it was difficult to get in to see counselers. Be proactive about your program and make sure that you are doing everything right. There's enough information available to you to make this simple.


Getting financial aid on time, health center getting appointment when you need one like never happens, some people have a hard time getting all of the classes they want


Parking. It is hard to find parking sometimes.


The worst part about Cal State Fullerton is definately the commute. The freeways around the scool are constantly congested, forcing you to spend hours a week, besides class, sitting on your rump.


Finding parking at CSUF is quite a terrible adventure and is almost impossible. If commuting, one should plan on arriving at least an hour before their class begins in order to find parking and still have time to walk to class.


Parking and dorm costs for the semester are outrageous. Parking for a semester is over $200 and still hard to find a spot. Dorms often shut down during breaks, such as spring break, leaving students no choice but to find housing elsewhere for the time.


The worst thing about my school is parking because it sometimes takes a while to find parking due to the fact that there are so many students. I try to go to school early to get parking, and sometimes it takes me more than 20 minutes just to find parking. No matter how early I go, it takes me awhile to find parking.


I would say the worst thing about my school is the cost of winter and summer intersession classes. I would like to not take a break of school, but it is difficult to attend the winter and summer intersession classes because of how much my school charges. The fee is $780 for one class. I enrolled in a class for this winter, trying to finish college on time, and not have to deal with paying for another semester. I work really hard to keep my grades at a proficient level and I hope it truly pays off.


The worst thing would probably be that there isn't a lot of school spirit. Baseball is really big at Cal State Fullerton but that's about it. I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that it is mostly a commuter campus.


At the time it was finding parking and some of the classes were hard to get into.


The worst thing about California State University Fullerton is the lack of food places on campus, most of which close early. Because it is a commuter campus, people are on campus most hours of the day, and these hours vary from early in the morning to late at night. During these odd hours, most food places and carts are not open, which makes it hard to grab a quick snack early or late in the day. Even in the middle of the day, the few food places are quickly crowded.


Commuter campus, hard to get to things/events at certain times because of traffic and/or parking (which is getting too pricy).


The worst thing about CSUF is the fact that it is a "commuter" school, meaning that students tend to come to campus, attend their classes, and leave. There isn't much sense of a "college community", more like people come to school solely to get their work done, which is exactly what I was looking for. However, CSUF does an excellent job at offering it's students multiple opportunities to get involved in campus activites and organizations. In recent years, CSUF has made huge efforts to get students to participate in extra-curriculars. The effort shows.


The on campus parking is not very good. There are too many students and far too few parking lots/structures. This is a problem many schools have.


Although I chose CSU Fullerton because of it's outstanding art department there are certian aspects about my school that I wish could be improved. Many of the buildings are older and have a dirty feel to them. This, I believe, alters the way I feel when I attend my classes. I feel I would perform better in a clean and well-lit room. A cleaner and nicer looking school creates a better vibe for the the students who attend and study there.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. It is extremely hard to find parking and extremely expensive just to get a pass so that you can park after driving around for possibly an hour before you find a spot.


The worst thing about my school is that due to the budget cuts, professors were forced to choose furlough days. This not only is a waste of money but also a waste of time in which you could be learning.


The traffic and parking are the worst part about this school. It has always been a problem in the 4 years I've been attending. However they are making new parking structures and offer various programs to help you get to class on time.


The worst thing about CSUF is the budget cuts and class cuts that are currently going on in the CSU system. There are not enough classes for everyone to get into and those who do have to take classes at odd times. This can hold back graduation plans and other work related oppertunities. Also because of the condition of the CSU system tuition has been raised greatly which put even more pressure on struggling college students.


Class availability. With the budget cuts and more students entering, it makes hard to get classes that I need to continue.


The worst thing about my school is the parking . If you are not on campus by 8:30 AM then parking is impossible until about 4 in the afternoon. parking is a big issue for many stundents. Also parking permits are kinda costly being aout 175 a semester. In a report in the school paper it said that 20000 parking permits were sold, but there are only 10,000 parking spaces for students. That screams shadey!


The only issue I have with Cal State Fullerton is the fact that it is a commuter school. In my pre-college dreams I had imagined I'd go off to college and live in a dorm, but financial reasons kept that from happening. There is not the same sense of unity or campus life that I have felt when visiting USC or San Diego State, for example. Those schools have much higher populations of live-in students.


The worst thing about my school is that it doesn't do enough to promote healthy habits. Smoking is allowed on campus, and many students smoke between breaks and at lunch. The habit is terrible for the body and the environment. CSUF has an amazing Recreational Fitness Center, however I feel that not enough students care about their personal fitness. The restaurants that we have on campus serve portions that are too large with low nutritional value. Many of my friends are overweight and at risk for developing diet related diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.


The worst thing about my school has to be that the primary administrative staff makes an unbelievable amount of money while students faced class cuts, tuition hikes, and program closures. Faculty members faced being let go, a 10 percent paycut, and larger class sizes. While this is unfortunately a state wide calamity, I still take issue that the primary administrative staff would not find it in their best interests to better make themselves a part of and a representation of our school by taking some of the financial blow as well. It is a financial fight to be a student.


The worst part of my school is how much of a commuter school it really is. I constantly remember that I'm on a commuter campus, and have always lacked that "college life" that I was striving to have. I joined a sorority my first year but it wasnt the right fit and other than that there is no way to get involved on campus so that you really feel a part of the whole. I wish we had more school spirit and community.


Parking, there are many students and not enough parking for everyone. Also the housing units, again, not enough housing for most of it's students.


The worst thing about my school is the increasing tuition; however, CSUF's tuition is still cheaper compared to UC system and private shcools.


Currently, the worst thing about CSUF is that it's been hit hard by California's budget crisis. I am getting less class time/teacher time, even though tuition costs have risen in the last year. Classes are being cut, and with the added furlough days (forced days off without pay), the quality of the education I am receiving has declined. Other than this, CSUF is a great campus to attend while earning a degree.


The worst thing about my school right now is the parking situation. There is currently a parking structure being built in our east parking lot that is taking over 2,000 parking spots. Finding parking is a drag. There are also three other colleges around us and two high schools so traffic can be a little hectic in the morning.


The worst thing about Colorado State University is probably the fact that they are not always on top of shoveling and getting rid of ice on the side walks. With Colorado having such a long cold winter, and so many students riding their bikes or walking to class the lack of preperation for the weather is hazardous. Eventually the maintenance team does get all of the side walks cleared, but in the mean time you have to be very careful because everything turns to ice quickly with so many people walking on it.


The worst thing about CSUF is the administration. There are school fees and charges for everything from minor/major changes to printing charges. Administration failed to notify me that I needed 2 more general education courses before they allowed me to walk at graduation last semester. The grad check fee was supposed to take care of that, make sure I graduated on time. The grad check cost me $115 and it did not do what it was intended to do. I had to wait another year so I can officially graduate. Parking fees are ridiculous and parking impossible.


I dont believe there is a bad thing about school. The school is building a new parking structure to accomodate the number of commuters that go in and out of school so naturally the price of a parking permit went up. But I really like it, people are so focused and very kind. Faculty is very helpfull.


THe parking! Parking at CSUF is really awful. It is not uncommon to have to arrive two hours prior to the start of class to find a parking spot.


My school is more of a commuter campus so there isn't as much school spirit as I would like. With being a commuter school it is hard to get involved with as many school activities.


I don't like how everyone seems to be in their own little bubble, to themselves. People come here for classes, and when their classes are finished, they go home. It's a commuter school, and I really don't like the fact that I can't really make friends here.


Parking is the worst in my school Too many cars but not enough parking space


I think the worst thing about my school is how big it is. I think it is over populated. There is not enough parking for all the students and faculty and on top of not enough parking they keep increasing the semester parking permit.


The school is considered a comuter school. This can be attributed to limited student housing and the fact that many student live a fair distance from campus. This results in a lack of students spending extra time on campus and causes a decrease in social events.


The worst thing about California State University, Fullerton involves the compacted major programs. Due to large numbers, students are unable to take classes required and therefore, have to unwillingly extend the length of time spent at this university. CSUF does a decent job with handling the priority registers but for those who just enrolled, be prepared to take a lot of unnecessary classes.