California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?




Not the largest Cal State campus in size it does boast one of the largest student bodies. However, even with 40,000+ students the most frequent student complaint would have to be that, "it is so hard to meet people because it is a commuter school". Having had this problem myself I quickly submerged myself into clubs, Greek life and other organizations, so those that complain are likely not doing anything to change their perception. I would have to say the faculty is hands down one of the greatest aspects of this campus. With the exception of a few bad apples that make your life feel like you are in hell, the faculty here have been the best guides to help me navigate my time during and after college. When I tell people I go to CSUF if they like sports they usually talk to me about our baseball team. Our baseball team is pretty impressive, and the men that played on the team during my undergrad were funny, warm hearted, and some surprisingly smart.


I absolutely LOVE this school! I came in afraid that I had forfeited a great college experience by choosing to go to CSUF instead of UC's (like UCLA) or Cal Tech. BOY WAS I WRONG! (As were those who consider CSU's to be inferior to other state schools). The campus is extremely diverse. Although the student body is huge, the campus size is really great (not too big or too small). The major building are clustered together while some of the other buildings (like Kinesiology and Health Science) are located a little farther away. Some of the buildings on campus are absolutely beautiful because of the money invested in them. The newest Steve Mihaylo College of Business is extremely modern. The Kinesiology and Health Science building, Titan Student Union, and Student Recreation Center are all relatively newer and look great. Some of the first, older buildings like McCarthy Hall and University Hall are not as renovated but nearly all the classrooms have been outfitted with projectors and white boards (a few of the physics rooms on the 6th floor still have chalk boards but it's actually really fun to write on them and have lectures in those classes). You learn very quickly that classroom appearance doesn't matter much. It's the professors and their teaching styles that do. I honestly could not have asked asked for anything better.


I love Cal State Fullerton. Coming from a private high school, I'm pleased with how open minded and accepting the students and faculty are on the campus. I appreciate being able to see the diversity and peace among students. This is one of the main reasons I chose the school. There is also tons of school pride, everyday there is something new going on around campus and tons of fliers, supporters and signs letting us know about the certain activities. All the clubs encourage us to join and I feel wanted on campus. I love being able to feel like an important member of the community, even with so many students attending.


I really enjoy going to CSUF, I rarely come across professors that I dislike. And, when such a thing happens, I end up changing my mind within the first quarter of the semester. I love the overall friendliness of the staff and students. There are so many organizations that you can be a part of. There really is something for everyone. The only thing that I have to complain about would probably be parking. It is a pretty big hassle sometimes. But, you could definitely plan your classes around it or just arrive on campus a bit earlier to ensure you make it to class on time. Parking far just means some built in exercise to your day!


The best thing about this school is the professional teachers. The food is also great. The campus is big and one might get lost. When I told someone that I go to CSU it was very humorous. The pretty girl smiled as if I distracted her from a very important "text message." As you can see I spend most of my time typing. I' am from Anaheim, therefore I' am a local. THe administration is well organized and helpful. The recent controversy was a The Sitter movie poster and SNOW for sleding on Campus. CSUF has pride from their very mascot, the TITAN. Everyday is a new experience at my school.


The school has too many students, so it may feel like you're lost at sea on campus. But if you get involved and try and meet people in your classed it won't feel like that for long. Professors all vary depending on your major and depending on class, some are horrible and some are amazing! But using ratemyprofessor always helps when registering for classes. Also a big deal on campus is parking. It is such a hassle! We all feel like there is not enough spaces, so I recommend living close enough to be able to walk or ride a bike!


I love it here at CSUF! I'm a theater major, and theater department here is incredible! As for my GE classes, I have had really good experiences as well. The teachers (at least the ones I've had) truly want their students to succeed. Although we are trying to make the switch to a college town, CSUF is more of a commuter school. Despite that, I live on campus and have had great experiences in the housing community as well. We just got all new freshman dorms and a brand new cafeteria. I, being a sophomore, live in the apartment suites which are bigger and in my opinion better than the new freshman dorms (they're also less expensive). One thing I do wish was different is the architecture. I wish the buildings were prettier because it would make for a much nicer overall atmosphere. Most of the buildings are old and little boring looking. My favorite building on the entire campus is the library. It is huge and so full of amazing resources! Plus it is a nice quiet place to study, and on top of that, it is one of the nicest buildings on campus because the northern half is fairly new. Another awesome building on campus is the Student Recreation Center. All students have a free membership and can go exercise, lift weights, take dance and other exercise classes, go swimming, rock climb, play basketball, run the track, and so much more. Its great! Our campus also has a health center which provides cheap services, most of them being free to students. The academic nature here is pretty good too. I have definitely found my GE classes challenging. Specific majors that the school is known for include Business (the newest and nicest building on campus), Theater and Musical Theater, Animation, Communications, Education, Kinesiology, and more. I love CSUF!


There are a many number of reasons why I LOVE Cal State Fullerton. First in foremost there is an overall warmth on campus. Some may say this is a "commuter" school however this is a sense of Titan pride throughout the campus. From students to faculty everyone here is welcoming and proud to be apart of this campus. I personally wouldn't change anything about this school because everyone and everything seems to be well represented. Student organizations are very diverse and heard throughout campus in addition to student facilities. Currently I know there are battles going on between students and the Cal State Administration over tuition hikes but Cal State Fullerton students are showing the state that we are a strong unit. Even with these circumstances, the people of CSUF are coming together and making sure our education is still being met.


I chose Cal State Fullerton for two reasons: 1. It is much smaller than Cal State Long Beach and other big campuses and 2. It's Business and Communication Colleges are ranked top in the nation. My three and a half years here thus far have only reassured me that I made a good decision. As a Communication major and Business minor, I have experienced the best of both colleges. Although both have been challenging programs, I feel as if I have a ton of hands-on experience and am very prepared to go into the work field. There seems to be quite a bit of Titan Pride on campus, especially since we have one of the best baseball teams in the US. Sadly, we do not have a football team. Besides sports, we have a tons of clubs, fraternities, and sororities that give students the chance to be involved on campus and in the community. Our student body is very vocal and gets to voice opinion about issues like budget cuts, campus regulations and more. This is done through protests, the campus newspapers and sometimes open forums. Currently, we are developing plans for "college town" due to our growing student body. So although we may be a small campus, we've quite a bit going for us!


The best thing about CSUF is the people. They make it the school that it is. There are many students on campus, but there is always room for more. I feel that the more people explore CSF there more they will find reasons to get involved and make the campus even more enjoyable. I spend most of my time in the dorms. There are many oppurtunties to meet people there. If there was more housing on campus CSF will become less of a commuter school and become more a a tightly knit community. This will dramatically affect attitudes. School pride is always apparent in a select few individuals. When others hear that CSF made it to march madness tournament or the baseball team is doing well, people jump on the fan wagon and become spirited. School spirit is something that should be with students throughout their college career. There was a recent controversy on campus with the hanging of nooses. This was very offensive to African american students because of the symbolism invovled. There was a large gathering of students to reflect on the incident and messages were shared. I feel that this type of action will last longer in some but has been forgiven in others. It is unfortunate to experience such negative behvior in the 21st century. The relationships that I formed throughout college will last a life time.