California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that is interested in student involvement and perhaps pursue a career in business, because our school has one of the best business programs any college has to offer.


Someone, who is persevered, dedicated and does not allow a challenge to get in their way. This school is rigorous, but with the best intent and best foot forward. Successful students will be the one that are willing to go the extra step, work hard in their studies and enjoy their environment. The campus is large, but not intimidating. It has a very cohort vibe, and every staff member I encountered were very professional and educated. If a student is looking to attend a school like this GO TITANS!!


Someone who enjoys a big campus with a lot of people and a lot of activities going on should attend this school. People wanting to come here should like the variety of students this campus provides and should like the location because it is around. There is a vast amount of things to do on and off campus because of the busy city of Fullerton.


The kind of person that should attend this school is an independent and hard worker. There are many resources at this school to help you in tutoring and student services but it is up to the student to utilize them.


Someone who should attend this school is someone who can balance social activities with workload. While the school does have a large number of social activities available (i.e. sports, games, frats, school dances, theatre, clubs), classes especially at the higher level can be demanding of students. Thus, someone who should attend this school is someone who wants a good balance between a quality education and a social life.


Anyone who seeks to be a part of a diverse, friendly, and open-minded campus. Cal State University Fullerton is welcoming to all walks of life and being here is like being part of a family.


Honestly, any kind.


The person that should attend this school is the type of person that is dedicated, self-motivated, and determined. The courses require a lot of time reading, writing , and study time.


A person who likes school and wants to earn a quality education in an area they love without being pressured to pursue a career that is more money-oriented.


A person who not only has a desire to grow in thier education but to continue to grow as an individual. Students on campus at Cal State University Fullerton thrive because of the environment provided by their peers. This is a perfect school for someone who has a freindly dispostion and who cares for those around them, even when they don't know the other person's face . Go to CSUF to become who you want to be.


Honestly, someone who doesn't mind not getting the "college experience" of football games and tailgates. Classroom sizes are generally large because of the size of the school. For the price you get a good education, however it can be tough to get classes!


The nice thing about CSUF is it is all inclusive. This means that anybody can apply and attend. If you are a foreign student who needs a degree but your English is less than stellar, this is the school for you. If you are a returning student, there are agencies on campus to help you succeed. If you are a transfer student from another college in California you are guaranteed a place at this school. The curriculum is well respected and will transfer to a doctoral program. All is possible and all are welcome at CSUF.


Unless you intend to live on campus, do not count on having the full college experience. The University is so huge population-wise that it is hard to make close friends when you commute to school. If you are looking for a school where you can come and get your degree and nothing else, this is the place for you.


This school has a lot to offer for many different types of individuals. It is ideal for people who live in the area. They have a great psychology program. They have a nice free gym available to students.


A person that is determined to do something with their life. A person that wants a higher education more thatn anything in the world. A person that is capable of holding on to the goal no matter how hard their personal life or school may get. A person that is aware of how much they are capable of doing as long as they set their mind to it.


A lot of people think would say that it is a commuter school and while I agree I also would recommend it to anyone who likes a small community, but likes to be close to big cities also. There is so much to do in Fullerton and of course we have the beaches! If you want to have fun, but not be overwhelmed with to much school spirit this is perfect.


CSUF is a social atmosphere. While is a commuter campus, students at this school are very social and outgoing. Also, this campus is located in a higly populated area and close to many Southern California attractions. Students who are looking to attend this college should be well adapted to the fast pace of Southern Caliornia or adapt easily to this type of lifestyle.


The kind of person that should attend my school is someone that is very driven and eager to seek out and take advantage of all of the opportunities our campus offers students. In all honesty, if they are undergraduate students they should be thinking of the future and extend themselves into programs and research that would greatly aid their application to graduate school. They should be very open-minded as well because the population and studies are very diverse. It would also be to their advantage to have a sense of adventure to get to understand this diversity better.


A person looking for a managerial job at a hotel franchise or someone in the public works systems.


It's an average school. Not too big not too small. I attend this school because I wasn't sure what I wanted to study and they seems to have class for all fields. It's a school for someone who isn't sure what they want to study but that want to find out.


Someone who is willing to take advantage of all that CSUF has to offer. There are so many different programs and clubs for eveyone. I think CSUF is a great school for anyone.


The type of person that should attend to this school is someone who already knows their major and know what career path they want to go towards. Plus, they better have done a good amount of research to want to be at this school with the types of department that this school is known for. This school has big program in the bussiness and science department that I have seen most students here at California State University Fullerton major in along with the Communication Department.


Middle-class, laid back suburban type people who are looking for smaller campuses. Also who want hands-on experiences in their courses.


Someone who is a determined and motivated individual. There is a great Business Department and a Kinesiology Department that is quickly gaining rank amongst the rest.


A person who should attend California State University, Fullerton is intelligent, hard-working, disciplined and in pursuit of greater knowledge of many things, not only their major.


Anyone! Go for it! I highly reccommend joining clubs and meeting people! it will help your self-esteem!


This is a campus where you'll learn a lot without too much pressure. The majority of the professors are very effective and friendly. Students are open and friendly, as well. If you like Southern California, you'll enjoy the school's location. There is always a lot to do and the weather is warm.


A person who works part of full time, and is very determined to finish school and get there degree would be an ideal student to go to this school. There are a plethora of night classes offered which helps people who have to work their way through school. The school understands that many people also work and does its best to cater to this.


Any person can attend this school really. It is well suited for someone who has no idea as to what path their life will take. Sororities and fraternities along with a myriad of clubs offer social opportunities on campus. Many of the students work and go to school full time, and with the help of faculty get the help they need. A person looking for a modern, adaptive program on a beautiful campus would fit perfectly at CSUF.


I think this school is a very good environment for someone who doesnt exactly know what they want to do in life. There are so many workshops, programs, classes and clubs that will make you reconsider your future and what will be fun and interesting to you as a career choice. There are many things goin on oncampus and usually at many different times so it would not interfere with class. I think this school is for someone who likes challanges and to meet new people.