California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any person could really attend Cal State Fullerton. It definitely has a variety a students from all cultures. They have multiple fraternity, sororities, and clubs that any student could join.


The type of person who should not attend this school is someone who does not want to put the work in. If you are the type of person looking for an easy A then this is not the campus for you. It is not possible to not try and still get good grades. Also, if the person is hoping to only go to class on the days of the midterm and final, than its not for you. I have found that many teachers require you to attend class. Not many teachers allow you to miss.


I don't really understand this question, but just in general anybody that doesn't like school should not go.


Someone who is looking for a small, liberal arts with a family-like enviroment.


A person who is not driven and serious about getting an education.


Someone who does not want to be at school or is not self- motivated should not attend this school. I believe there is no point going to school if your heart is not in it. You will regret going to school and not be happy to be there. Also, by not wanting to be there, you drag the rest of the students down as well especially if you have to work on group projects. School is not for everyone. I believe in getting a good education, but you have to want to be there and have a willingness to learn.


Anyone could attend this school, I think its known for its diversity in ethnic and culture that's why its interesting and colorful. The more personalities and the different type of people we have in the school, I believe the more we learn more about eachother background and culture.


There aren't many people i would tell to look away from Cal State Fullerton. This school has the potential of bringing even the coldest of hearts to a bright and warm california temperature of nothing but smiles. New college students need to realize that every school will have something that stands out, good or bad. The main topics to keep your sights on are 1. do they have the major I want to go into? 2. can I afford it? 3. does the school's environment mesh with my personality and finally 4. can i see myself anywhere else?


There is usally no admitting requierment to how a person is in their own time but I will say a person that lacks focus, integrity, and will should really reconsider attending a university. A college to a teens mind is party, drinking and sex but I must say that is a false statement. Everyone I have met on campuse is a well focused and well rounded individula they know what they want to accomplish. Anyone wanting to attened CSUFullerton must have a get to it mind set instead of parting or being lazy everyday.


If you prefer a small campus with small size classrooms then Cal State Fullerton is probably not the school for you.


I believe that California State University Fullerton is open to everyone. We offer majors, clubs, and advisement for all ethnicities, religions, political preferences, and sexual orientations. One of the goals of this campus is to expose people to new cultures and ways of thinking so by the time they finish their studies they will feel more enlightened then when they started. We encourage diversity in all aspects of life and believe it is a necessity in having a well balanced and encouraging environment.


Someone who doesn't like large schools. There are more than 35,000 students at CSUF and some students would find that very intimidating and they might get worried about being lost in the crowd. We also have extremely limited dorm spaace, so students that want the full college affect of living in a dorm probably shouldn't attend here either.


Not great for those going into prestigous careers such as professors at presigous colleges or the presidency.


Everyone should attend


Simply people who aren't motivated to learn and take their schooling seriously.


If you are not willing to be dedicated to your work and education then you are wasting your time. College is a lot more laid back, but it is not easy. You must stay focused, stay organized and responsible. Make sure you keep your priorities straight and don't lose sight of what it is you want to achieve. Anyone who doesn't obtain stick to these assets then you should not be attending this school.


People who believe that school spirit is based on support of a football team, and also those who want to be associated with a "party school." This is because CSUF can rightly pride itself for its academic programs for the various majors as well as being one of the top schools to successfully acquire internships for its students. Therefore, in order to achieve a decent future after college, the faculty instills in the students minds the value of hard work.


I often see students who are focused on the stereotypical college life style. Although it is important to take a break from work and relax sometimes, I do see many students who are too hungover or tired to focus in class, or even show up to class sometimes. I myself miss an occasional class and have fun with friends, but the students who do not know how to balance education and fun should not be attending this school.


A person who should not attend this school is someone who stronly desires a "college" experience. This is a commuter school, so most people come here with friends from high schools and live in different towns still with their parents. Also anyone who does not have a friend coming with them who they can share rent with because the area is extremely expensive.


An example of someone who shouldn't attend CSUF is someone who is lazy or unmotivated. The curriculum here is challenging but it is also very managable if you puy attention and stay on top of your studies. Also if you are the type of student who college sports (other then baseball) is very important to you and going to large filled stadiums to see your school play then this might not be the school for you. There is sororites and fraternaties as well a school spirit groups but it is smaller then some other schools.


I honestly feel that people not from the Midwest shouldn't attend this school. As an out-of-state student myself, I more than often feel very uncomfortable with people making fun of me being from the Midwest.


Students who attend Cal State University, Fullerton must be prepared to do a lot of group work and presentations. I don't recommend anyone who is fearful of them considers going to CSUF. On the other hand the continuous practice helps gets a person over stage fright. I don't recommend people going to CSUF or any college if they are not serious about furthering their education and always willing to give it their 110% effort. College is different from grade school. It's important that each student takes personal responsibility always and has a positive perception about learning.


If a student is impatient Cal State Fullerton might not be the best option for the next year or so because of construction. This makes parking a bit of a hassel. Along with paking problems, state wide budget cuts have taken its toll on Cal State Fullerton as well as all other Cal State schools. These budget cuts have made class sizes bigger and harder to get in. They have also caused many cancelled days of school, which isn't as great as one would think because students are still resonsible to know the material lost becasue of cancelled classes.


If you are looking for a very intimate class size than Colorado State University may not be fore you. As a freshman taking core classes such as Biology the lecture hall can be close to 300 students. If you are dedicated to getting help and getting your questions answered there are plenty of venues available to help you indivivually, but you won't get that personal attention in class. The class sizes do thin out and get smaller as they become more major specific, but that may take a year or so.


Individuals who are social, who like group work, talking in classes, giving presentations. The school is very hands on.


the people who should not attend this school are those who just want to have fun and get away with the easy classes, its not a difficult school but it does require dedication.


Someone who is looking for a huge sense of school pride or community, someone who wants to party all the time, someone who wants to be small minded about other religions or ethnisities (there is a lot of diversity on and off campus), and or someone who wants to be academically competeing all the time should not attend this school.


The kind of person that feels that they can cheat there way or have their parents pay there way through college. If you are not willing to be open minded and to learn new and diverse things you should not attend this college.


At this point, I do not see a reason for anyone not to attend CSUF. LIke I said it is a commuter college, which is great for people who live down here and there are a variety of majors which allow the campus to be very diverse.


CSUF offers a variety of learning oppurtunities in a wide range of disciplines. The needs of every student can be met at CSUF.


Anyone who doesn't know what they want from their education. Students here need to be proactive about finding internships, jobs and networking opportunities if they want to use their degrees after they graduate.


Any individual who thinks they can cheat through, be lazy, and unproductive. There is a lot of work so you have to be aware of your time.


Anyone can attend this school. It is a commuter based school so if you are looking for a dorm based school then this might not be the school for you, however there are dorms available plus off campus housing as well.


Those who do not like to study should consider going to another school to further their education. A lot of reading is involved in passing a course at Cal State University Fullerton. If one has a lot of other responsibilities, a junior college may be best to start off at since their courses are typically easier (based on professor) and it would be financially cheaper.


A person who wishes to have a social life and make new friends should not come here. It is terribly difficult to get to know people. They all live in places that are far away from the school, so it's hard to hang out or just talk to each other. Also, any student who wants to party on the weekends should not come here, since there is hardly anyone here on the weekends.


A student who wants a party overly spritited school. this is a commuter school.


The students at CSUF run the gammot as far as diversity goes. The thousands of students from so many different backgrounds and cultures produces a wide variety of needs. While the student body is provided with a tightly-knit web of support, it is basically "every man for himself". The type of student that would not survive in this type of educational community is the type who expects others to take care of them, and does not take the initiative to deal with their own situation. There are schools that cater more to individual needs than this one.


I believe that all individuals should have an equal opportunity to attend this school if they please. The "ONLY" people who "shouldn't" attend are those who feel forced or pressured by others. Those individuals will be wasting their time and money.


A person that would rather go to a smaller school with smaller classes should not attend CSUF.