California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Form good study habits and do not overestimate your brain. Doing well on exams and tests without finishing much of the homework may be fine for high school but college is completely different. Without studying and doing homework, college is impossible. Throughout high school, I would ace my exams with minimal effort outside of the classroom. That same approach did not work so well for me in college. I learned this the hard way and if there was one thing I can go back and change about myself, it would be just that. I would tell myself to put in as effort outside of school as I do inside. Only then I would I know what it is like to earn my grades and I would be more appreciative for it.


I would tell myself to experience everything. Make plenty of friends from every group. Join as many clubs as you can. Spend a year on campus in dorm life. Make mistakes and learn from them. College life is the time of your life to enjoy and experience as many possibilities as you can.


The best advice I could give myself is to not procrastinate, worry about yourself and apply for scholarships. Now that I'm in college, finances are a major problem that has stopped me from doing so many things that all of my peers and classmates are able to do. I feel as if I'm not reaching my full potential and I'm not fully enjoying the college experience because I can't afford it or I'm too stressed about how I will pay for something that I could afford. Apply for at least 10 scholarships a week, not just one a month! Although winning all 10 you apply for is highly unlikely, even winning one scholarship gives you money that you won't have to worry about later. Also, don't let others stop you from making the choices that truly make you happy, chances are that you won't see anyone from high-school after you graduate; Do what makes you happy, because in the end, that's all you truly have.


I would tell myself do not be afraid of the change. I would tell myself to live on campus and make new friends. It is a time to find yourself, and that includes getting out of your comfort zone. If you want to try something, just do it. Do not be scared. Do not sit there and think of why you shouldn't, think of why you should. Try and get every college experience you can, because once it's over, it's gone forever. Try not to be so overwheled by everything, and just take advantage of everything the college has to offer! I would also tell myself it is ok if you do not do well in every single class. College is challenging, and there will be classes much harder than high school. You will not exceed in all of them, and that is acceptable. As long as you try your hardest, and have an open mind about what you are learning, you will do just fine. Do not let the stress get to you, it is just a class, enjoy it.


Never stop applying to scholarships.


I would advise myself to take more AP courses in high school. I would have been able to take less units each semester at Fullerton, so that I could have enjoyed more of time here, without studying so frequently. I would have also made sure to take 15 units every semester even including the first semester. It was great getting to live on campus my freshman year, but I could have saved a lot of money if I had decided to live in my off campus apartment in the first year and beyond. The financial aid that I was given helped me a lot, so I am very thankful that my mom helped me through that process. I would also advise myself to invest in more of my classmates at college. Meeting my roommate in my biology class freshman year was a memory that I will always cherish. I realize that time is a lot shorter than what it seems, so we really have to salvage those awesome relationships that we can make in college. I love Cal State Fullerton and I am very happy that I chose to attend this fine institution.


High school teachers often say one of two things: One, that college is a non-stop party where you will be the minority if you try to complete your classwork and get good grades; or two, that professors no longer care about you and expect that you'll do everything on your own and fail you without a second thought. It's so much more complicated than that. Yes, there are parties and yes it's hard to balance a social and scholarly life, but it can be done. Teachers DO care about you and often try to get to know you, as long as you're open to them and willing to put your best foot forward in class. They won't hold your hand, but they understand you're going through a difficult time and they want to help. The professors are always available to meet with you outside class and work through a concept you're trying to understand, and all things can be done even if you hang out with your friends on Friday night. College isn't black and white. Make it the time of your life, but also prepare for the rest of it.


If I could go back in time and speak to myself high school senior year, I would tell myself to keep sharp focused on prioritizing and drivened to get through college as quick as possible to transition on to the real world. My mentality during high school transition was more about having college fun as opposed to the true essence behind pursuing a college education. I would have tried much harder and took more units than I did sparing off for leisure time. The reason behind pursuing a calibrated college education is too dig deep and uncover a career field you develop a passion for with hope to turning that passion into a career and opening doors to further opportunities that will help you exceed in life. I would tell myself to save the fun time for later and get on with the serious side to it , because I am paying for this education and it only right to take full advantage of this opportunity. I saw many of my friends drop out and lose out on a future career because they didn't focus on studies,so with that said, I would walk in to college keen minded.


I would advice myself 1) don't compare your successes with others and don't chase anyone else's dream but your own. 2) Intern as much as you can while you're in school 3) Become friends with your professors 4) Build a strong work ethic 5) Don't be afraid to ask for help


I would tell myself to not let little things interfere with my studies. I was not a huge socialite or "partier" however, I still had lapses where I didn't excel to my best potential. I would either procrastinate or make excuses. If I were to go back in time, I would make sure that I did everything to my upmost potential to receive a 4.0 like I know, if I really put some of my priorities straight at times, I would have been capable of easily doing. If you choose me I WILL NOT let you down!


Don't be afraid to take chances. As Stephen Colbert once said, "Don't be afraid to be a fool. Remember you can't be both young and wise." That doesn't mean being dumb and getting yourself in trouble, it means don't let your fear control your life. Fear of being rejected, fear of being hurt, fear of being a failure... That fear is just an illusion. Please, try to take chances, try to make your own outcome instead of being such a defeatist, try to get the girl of your dreams into a reality, like I didn't. Enjoy the present, with the ones around you. You're probably never going to see them again. I know you're stuck in a rut. But ... "When you hit your lowest point, you're open to the greatest change." Please, make me proud.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to not fall victim to the high school popularity pool. In high school I tried so hard to fit into the group of people who were considered "cool". I engaged in a lot of rebellious activities such as sneaking out, drugs, alcohol, parties, cigarettes, sex, and all of the things your parents told you to never do. I wasn't my own person back then and I changed who I was and what I did to be accepted and liked by people who I now longer talk to. In response to my irresponsible actions my grades suffered. I was able to graduate and walk with my graduating class, but I could of done so much better. I left high school with an average GPA and an average opporunity at success in the real world. Now three years later I have realized my mistakes and I have earned honors with a 3.76 GPA, now having a great chance of success. If I could change my mind set of what it was in high school to what it is now, I would of been on the track to success a lot sooner.


As a high school senior I felt very pressured when college was discussed. I was under the impression that if I did not have every detail of college planned, then I was expected to fail. If I could go back and talk to myself during these stages of transition I would explain that not knowing everything is completely acceptable. My life decisions such as major, career, and living arrangements varied each year. I would tell myself that college will allow me to find my identiy throughout the journey and that maturity will phase in stronger each year, guiding me toward making wiser decisions. College not only provides a "book smart" education, but teaches a practical approach to life as well. I was so worried about GPA in high school, that I overlooked the social interaction skills that I would obtain from attending a four year university. I would also tell my high school self that reaching out to guidance counselors for help could only benefit my life in ways unimaginable. Finally, I would remind myself that I should live my life happily and find confidence that I am making an incredible choice by working towards a Bachelor's degree.


I would have told myself that people grow up, and to not be afraid that people would be the same transitioning into college. I would have told myself to be more open minded, to give everyone a chance, and to never let anyone get in my way of reaching my goals. Set goals high! I would have said that no matter what, education is MINE and no one can take that away, that my hard work will never go to waste, and I recieve what I earn. I would have told myself to make friends, bond with professors, and keep in contact with people you meet. There is no going back in time, and whats done is done, but moving forward I can turn everything in my life into a positive, and become the best me. I would have told myself to never get down on myself, theres always room for improvement and success is always an option. Do your best, regardless of what your peers are doing, get involved and be kind to everyone. Gain knowledge beyond the course material, it is unlimited, always more! Take everything as yours and do the best you can, be the best you!


Some of the best advice I would give myself is to do what I am doing right now. Everything I have done up to this point has been great. As for what I am doing right now, I am applying for this scholarship to try to earn more money for college to help pay for my debts. I would go back and tell myself to apply for more scholarships to have a greater chance of winning them to help pay for college expenses. I would also tell myself to not see scholarships as a job and more as something that I could gain a lot from and to do them even if I don't win. There is no harm in trying and you could never have had the chance to win if you have never entered in the first place. Good luck past self and take care of yourself. Have fun but work always comes before play. Don't forget to enjoy your youth as it comes to you because you'll never get it back.


“What if I don't graduate? What if I don't pass my classes? Shoot, I have three AP tests to study for. I hate my life. What is the meaning of life anyway?" Okay, so maybe I didn't ask myself what life meant, but these are the kinds of thoughts that plagued my fragile mind throughout the latter half of my senior year. As graduation day loomed nearer, I spiraled into the darkest depths of a teen-life crisis. It's amazing what two years can do to a melodramatic kid, worrying about nothing but his post-high school career. Knowing what I know now, I would say to myself: Will you lighten up? It’s really not that bad. If you spend the rest of your days worrying about how you’ll do in the future, you will never be able to appreciate what’s in front of you. Everything that you expect to happen in the next four years will come to you. It’s inevitable. So will you do me a favor, and sit back, relax, and just enjoy the ride (or what’s left of it)? I promise you won't regret it.


Knowing what I know now about college life if I had the chance to go back and give myself advice I would tell myself to do three things; be active, study hard and take extra classes. In college I worked two jobs and was not active on campus. After class I went straight to work and vice versa, not knowing that being involved in different groups or volunteering at places of interest would help me look desirable on paper. Graduate Schools or places of employment like to see that you were involved. I also used to think as long as my grades were passing I was ok, but now trying to get into graduate school I wish I would have studied harder, I wasn’t thinking long term were your GPA is a major factor in getting into Master level programs. And the reason I say take extra classes is because you are paying tons of money to go to school, why not maximize your experience and take classes that you’re interested in or that will benefit you in the long run. As long as you get good grades in those classes it’s only going to benefit you.


I would inform my younger self to challenge himself a bit more. Yes, it is true that when it came to academics he excelled, but they were never any really challenging classes. I woould advice him to pursue more AP classes so that he could reek the benefits that you recieve from taking the AP tests. These tests if one performs well in them can save you so much money in college and have you commence in the classes required for you to achive your bachelors in your field of study. This also means that one could reach their graduation status much sooner than expecterd. I would also advice him to join athletic groups and stick with them as they form friendships that last a lifetime as well as provide a finacial boost when applying for colleges. They provide other means by which you can attend a college and be successful there. That would be my little speech to the younger me.


Take the time to really study what you are taking. Especailly in your non-major classes. You never know what will open your eyes or inspire you down the road.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have a plethora of things to say. It would probably sound a lot like this ”You are totally prepared for college. College is not as unbearably hard as everyone says it is. It requires hard work and dedication but you can handle it. In fact, do not worry about anything. Not about what people will think about you, because they won’t. People in college don't have time to judge others. Don't worry about standing out, you won’t. Do not worry about not knowing things and looking stupid. Asking questions and standing up for yourself and your education is commendable. Remember how smart you are. Just because you are surrounded by people extremely intelligent doesn’t mean you do not have a brain. Take this opportunity to learn and experience new things instead of staying in that little bubble I know you love. And you will only have four years as an undergraduate so enjoy it. You are not just paying for an education you are paying for an experience. Also, you can't park in lot J until 6pm.”


In high school I was very shy and self concious. I cared so much about what i looked like and what people thought of me. I was only really myself around a small group of people. After going to college, i realized that life is not about what others think of you. I learned that if i am myself around complete strangers and they judge me, it doesnt matter becuase i am being myself. If i could go back and tell myself that, i think i would have been a lot better off. there were so many times in high school that i wish i had done or said something but i didnt because i was scared of what people might think. In the end, I want to look back on myself and know that i did whatever i wanted with as much confidence as i could. I am not 100% confident with myself yet, but i plan to work on it with the best of my ability so i can grow up to be a confident, successful woman in this world.


I would tell myself that college life is not all about parties. Having fun every once in a while is nice but make sure to study hard. If people are truly your friends then they will always be there, school will not. You fail, that is it. I would tell myself all the gossip, and spare the heartache of loosing friends during summer. Transitioning will not be easy, but if you follow my advice it will be worth it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior with what I know about college and the transition to college now would be that to challenge myself while I am in high school. To go above and beyond what I can already do because after high school things will only get more real, and complicated. I would tell myself that no matter what obstacle comes along my path to just overcome it and never give up. I would also tell myself that if I ever find myself having problems with a subject or with something I do not understand to ask the teachers or someone for help because that is what they are there for. Giving up would not be an option if my goal is to go to college and study to become a doctor. Giving up is not going to get me anywhere and if I really want something to just strive for it because once college comes things will not be as easy but just come faster and harder. There are not many people to ask for help once college comes, so enjoy high school and ask for help.


Nishma, please focus on what makes you happy. You should go into a field that you love and want to work in. The class work is easier but the exams are more comprehensive. You should study daily instead of a week before the test. You should not let your shyness ruin your college experience. Join a club or two!


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior: Don't change anything. You have made a lot of mistakes, and you will make many more, but they will shape who you are. You are resilient and intelligent and what you learn from the things you do wrong will be just as valuable as what you will learn from the things you do right. Mistakes are just discoveries. Just be you, discover who you are, and discover who you are not. Someone once said well behaved women rarely make history, so don't worry about not being able to behave. It takes a lot to discover who you are as a woman in this world apart from a man, and behaving doesn't often fit into that. So go misbehave, make mistakes, discover, and make history. I love you.


Dear Kimmie, Well, look at you. Graduating from school, with nothing but opportunities in front of you. You're probably freaking out right now, but you're excited. The future is unknown, but you know that the next four years will be the time of self-discovery and a time for you to grow. So why are you so scared? This is the time, the time you can do whatever you want. Yes, I know, the future is scary, but you can literally do ANYTHING. You can afford to mess up, you can afford to not know all the answers. And yes, you can even stay at community college for more than two years. No one will judge you. In fact, they're just as scared as you are. Here are more things to remind yourself as you start in this new chapter: Speak up in class. Ask questions. Take up a class you would never consider. Meet new friends (people don't bite!). Study abroad. Take a night class. DON'T wait until the last minute to write that paper! And finally, enjoy EVERY opportunity. College is a once in lifetime opporutnity. Don't waste it.


I would stop myself and say I have to enjoy every second of my time and remember where I'm at. You have to put in the hard work and it will be worth it. Now is the journey and you are creating your memories and a future with every step and breath you take so make it count! When I look back I will see that I did accomplish what I set my mind to and didn't take each moment for granted. My life is the way it is now because of how I was then and my future will be determined by what I do now. My advice to myself is for everyone and if we all take the time to appreciate the moments now then every moment in the future will be appreciated as well. So make that your mantra everyday and you will see a great future if you live for the now!


If I could go back and tell myself something my senior year, it would be that I would be ok in the real world. Now that I have been in college for two years I have realized that I can make it. Everyone used to tell me that after high school its all down hill with responsibilites and bills, but I am throughly enjoying my life now. I have found the love of my life and I am ready to finish my degree so I can start hopefully making a difference in someone's life with my degree of Speech-Language Pathology.


The biggest advice I would go back and give myself as a high school senior is to enjoy every minute of college because it goes by all too quickly. Study hard but don't forget about friends, take every oportunity to meet new people and try new things. You will learn just as much outside of the classroom as you will inside the classroom. Use this time to make life-long friendships and maximize your experience in everyway. Say yes to more and no to less, open your eyes to the possiblities at hand - the world is your oyster.


Do not be afraid to make new friends and to get involved with clubs. Although it may seem new and different, you will not regret it because the more you get involved in school, the better your experience will be. Do not be afraid of what others will think about you, because really, you should be thinking about your priorities and what you want to accomplish during your time at CSUF.


Looking back I would give myself the advice to relax a little. College is a long process full of stress, but you need to stop and enjoy the moments that make it memorable. Take a few more walks to explore what surrounds your campus. Sometimes it can seem that nothing else exists except for the university. It will be refreshing to realize there is life outside your dorm and classrooms. Although there will be times you think you have been beaten, just keep reading and eventually the hard times will pass. Studying in high school is very different than studying in college. READ. READ. READ. These are three words to live by. The more you read and the more often you read, the more you know. Text books can be monotonous to scour through, so reward yourself. Set a page number to read to and reward yourself with a break for ten minutes. Your freshman year will be over before you know it and the years to follow will race by even quicker. Enjoy your time as a student and a young adult. You are not a child, but not yet a full adult. Take advantage of the opportunity!


If I could reach out to my high school self and give her a piece of advice, it probably is not advice one would normally expect from this type of question. I would tell myself to go out and have more fun, go on adventures, and step farther out of my comfort zone. I never was one to go out and party every weekend like most other high school kids. I liked to hangout with my friends and see movies, have sleepovers, and eat junk food, but never party and do dangerous things. Once I got to college, I soon experienced something similar to a culture shock. I had never gone out as much as I did in my first semester of college compared to my entire four years in high school. Though I like to think I branched out more the closer it got to graduation, coming to college was a whole new life for me. I would tell myself to get some crazy memories into my senior year of high school because the more experience I would of had then would have prepared me for the experiences I gained now.


I would tell myself to go for it and stop being lazy and just do it. Go to college. Fill out the forms its not that hard just do it.


A piece of advice I would give my high school self is to get more involved in school programs and become a leader. I have learned in college it is completely up to the student to be succesful, proffessors are not there to walk you through college life. By being a leader in high school I would have more experience in being resposible for myself because as a leader you are not only expected to look after yourself but those you are in charge of as well. This added experience would have aided me in the transition to college life.


I had a teacher in high school that told his class that college was easy and that there was no homework. I took his word for it, and went into college thinking exactly that. Boy was I in for a surprise. Not only did I always have a good amount of homework, the classes were not easy. I did not try very hard my first year in community college and received horrible grades. I even had to retake one class. Now I regret not trying harder my first year in college, because I would have had a higher GPA now. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say, "do not listen to your high school teacher! College is hard, and there will be a good amount of homework. You do have to try your hardest and never slack or you will have a tough time getting the grades you want to get. Try your best and you will succeed."


Whatever you put into something is what you will get out of it. This I believe to be true about anything, but especially college. Going to college is the next part of a person's jounrey before they enter the big world. It is important to soak up as much knowledge as you can before you pursue your career. The teachers are there to help you, but they cannot help you if you do not ask questions. Although teachers can be intimidating sometimes, they are there to help you grow and learn as a person and a as a student. They want you to succeed in whatever your field of study is. They are your most important I can be a shy person and was very shy when I was younger. Looking back I wish I had not been so timid and shy upon entering colllege and really gone for it. I wish I had asked more questions and participated more. It is not like I did not learn anything, but I think I would have learned a lot more if I had taken part more in class. This is the biggest piece of advice I can give someone.


Knowing what I know now about college life to make the transition easier would be to really look into what I want as a career and volunteer more to really figure out my plan. I really had a great college experience and I learned alot about myself as a person that I would not want to change to much. It truly was a going experience that I had to learn on my own.


At California State University Fullerton, I’ve entered a completely different world than the one I knew as a high-school senior. I’ve re-considered my major, made good friends, had fun experiences, and learned a lot in fields I had never even considered. If I could go back in time and give myself any helpful advice, it would be to not be afraid of change. In addition, I would have told myself to not worry that I was smarter than I gave myself credit for and that everything would be alright.


Dear High School Senior Me, First of all: Yes, you did make it!!! On a more important note: Sam, you will be okay. I promise. I know you are scared that people will judge you in college because of your differences. College is not like high school. People in college have a tendency to appreciate and respect diversity. Yes, regardless, you will face discrimination, but you will also learn something very important: the people who judge you are not worth worrying about anways. Through out your college experience, you will meet incredible people who not only will not judge you, but you will learn so much from. College will be humbling and will open your mind to so many new things. You will grow so much as an individual and have such an incredible desire to strive and be better. Not only that, but you will become someone that your little brothers and sister can be proud of. That is what really matters. Hang in there sweetheart. Love, College Junior You.


Stay in school and get it finished. Tutition is higher, classes are fewer, and time is shorter for you to see the results you are going after. With your degree you will never work again for science is your true passion and that passion pays very well these days. Sure it was fun to work and live large with all that money in the 80's but those jobs are not lasting and you are not getting younger. Corperate was a struggle with office politics and power plays, but with the research in your favorite field of science wonderful discoveries are being made. Superconductive tech is growing and we are ever closer to the holy grail of superconductors, the ambiant superconductor! I wish I had my degree now instead of going to class thirty years later to get it. I wish I could work in a lab where I could run my treatment experaments and make that ambiant superconductor. I know I can do it! I was a opperations supervisor for a biomedical company, but it was never as satisfying as working on my physics theories or inventing new metal threatments. It is not worth leaving school to chase money!


It's okay to be alone, and have time to yourself to figure things out! It's okay to take some time to yourself to calm down and de-stress. GO TO THE GYM, because it makes you less stressed. be outgoing and smile! try new things and meet new people. be safe when you go out, trust people, but not too much. and as much as it may suck to work all the time, deal with it, you need the money!! and dont feel annoying because you always want to skype mom...she needs it too :)


I would tell myself to experience everything I possibly can. This is a time to learn, experiment, and embrase others around you. I feel I came into college not as open as I could have been to meeting people and trying new things.


College is a definate eye opener towards what real life is. It is not like high school, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to meet the expectations. Despite the difficulties of college life you will find self discovery; like who you are really and what are the fields you are interested in learning more about. Make the most out this experience get involved and I'm sure you will not only enjoy college, but you will be getting an education while doing it.


Hello, self. There's a lot of things you're going to do, and some you might regret down the road but you won't regret going to college. Remember that financial aid stuff you didn't think you'd need to do in the beginning? Do it. Make sure you get your financial aid and take out your loans when you need to. Going to work is important, but just remember that your education needs to come first. Save your loan money, and take time off work so you can actually enjoy school. Be sure to interract with people. Don't wait four years to make friends. Make them as soon as you can. Enjoy it while you can, so you're not pressed for time and pushing your way through it. It all goes by so fast. Make sure you talk to your advisers BEFORE you're a senior. They actually do want to help you. Oh, and if Danny Vo ever tries to ask you out, do not go out with him. That'll save you a semester's worth of drama right there. Also, keep those Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. They'll come in handy someday.


If I would be able to back in time and talk to myself back in High School. I will definitely tell to myself that college is not so difficult after all because I remember that in my senior year I was really worry about how I was going to do in College. Also, I will say to myself to study days before a test and do all my homework on time. The experience in College is completely different because I get to plan my own schedule, so I will tell to myself to go to a consoler before starting every semester so I can pick the classes that I need, and I do not lose my time. Also, making sure about your major before starting College is very important. I have seen a lot of my friends struggling because they do not know what to study. Making long term plans will be definitely a keep factor to be successful in College. Also, I will tell to myself to be very careful about asking friends for advice because sometimes they do not know what they are talking about. The best choice is to talk to a professional.


If i had to give myself advice as a graduating high school senior, it would be to stay focused and never give up. Education is key. Stay determined and strive for your goal.


If I could go back in time and give myself additional advice of what I know now, I wouldn't. I believe the idea of experiences becomes our knowlegde is quite impacting. I rather learn through my mistakes therefore gaining my own very unique experience, than having advice and guidance that will avoid my mistakes. I believe that my experiences and mistakes becomes my greatest knowledge and strength. If I were to have any advice or help from myself today, I wouldn't be as strong as myself today. Due to the fact, that I had no advice or help from myself , I believe that I went through every mistakes on my own and learning and establishing knowledge that no one but myself has encounter.


My advice to a high school senior is to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities given to you. If you need help paying for classes or school supplies you should look in to financial aid and scholarships. When you start your semester you should make an appointment with a counselor and see which classes are required for your major. Once you start your classes turn in all of the work required and make time to study. Take advantage of the time you have available and try taking 12 units every semester. You can also take summer and winter session classes to finish earlier. Keep in mind all of the deadlines for additional tests and documents needed for your school. Most importantly try your best and make friends in class. Having atleast two phone numbers from students in your class is highly recommended.


Hello Lucy, one thing you need to know for sure is that the administration of your time and money are very imortant in college. You have to make sure and have enough time for studying and homework, which will help you be very succesful in your classes. Get books soon and not that expensive because if you sell them bakc, the school will give you about 20% back of what you originally paid. Make sure to get most of the classes that go towards your major, so you can mix your harder uper division classes with GE classes. If you want to advance faster by taking more classes in one semester, register for the maximum amout of classes, which is about 5, then wait until the limit of units goes up so you can register for one more. Of course you need to make sure you can handle the workload. Keep your goal in mind, and that the reward is grand! May God help you through this journey.


I would tell myself to not be afraid to ask questions. When I started college, I though everyone expected me to grow up and do things on my own. When I was lost and confused on what classes to take and what direction to go with my studies, I tried to figure it out myself because I was too embarassed to ask for help. This made me lose a lot of time for going off track. I soon realized that everyone in college is lost and needs help. I finally set up appointments with my counselors and professors and they held my hand through every process without getting irritated or impatient with me. I wish I would have done that sooner so that I could have graduated earlier!