California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I'm in the honors program and I have priority for the classes I want to enroll in. But, if you aren't in the honors program or aren't an athlete it is very difficult to get the classes you need and the system is confusing. Also, I feel as if there are too many students for such a small campus and the parking is ridiculous.




I would say the most frustrating thing about going to school is not have advice about what to do and what not to do. I feel that if I knew what route to take my life would not have ended up this way. It seems like I went through it blindly.


The most frustrasting thing about Fullerton is the parking. Its beyond crazy.


Everyone was attached to their phones. People did not communicate with strangers/random people any more.


Expensive parking permits


It would have to be the parking situation. CSUF is known as a commuter school, so sometimes you might have to wake up a little early to find a good parking spot!


The most frustrating thing about the school is that there are not many career oppurtunity support after you graduate.


The most frustrating thing about our campus is that it is very difficult for incoming transfer students to get in touch with with academic councilers who might be able to help them map out their futures. I feel that my university is understaffed and that by hiring more employees would better be able to help new students.




It was a good experience but the campuse was under construction and there was no communication between the departments and the admissions so graduating was challenging.


The traffic in the surrounding freeways and main streets is awful in the morning, and rush hour in the afternoon is hell. It's advisable to get to school early, even if you don't have a class at that time; parking is terrible, even though they've tried to accomodate for the students with three parking structures.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how they lose my papers at the financial office. It cause me to not be able to enroll for the next semester. and it also cause me to not be able to get my loans. I don't want to waste my time waiting in line to tell the financial aid office that I have things on my to-do list, when I already turned it in.


The students who do not do the readings, so when it comes time for discussions, there are many awkward silences which usually causes class to be cancelled.


The most frusterating thing about California State University, Fullerton is the parking problem. Because it is a commuter school, most of the students and faculty drive to school from other areas of California. Because of this, parking is essential in the school, however, it is lacking of what it needs and is expected to be. The parking lots on campus are usually filled up early in the day, and those with later classes are required to attend school earlier to look for parking spots or to park in nearby neighborhoods.


t he thing really frustrating about my school is that the on campus book store (if the books are ordered online) takes a long time to actually ship the books out to the buyers, meaning that if the book is needed i dont have it. Also, the parking is extremely limited due to construction making it very hard to even find a parking spot starting at 10 a.m.


Parking! Parking! Parking! The majority of one the largest lots has been cleared build more on-campus housing. More on-campus housing is being built in the midst of our school budget crisis, to possibly draw in more out of state students, in order to collect more fees. But what about the rest of us that have been here all of our lives? It doesn't feel very fair. Also, why are the parking permits so expensive?


The most frustrating thing is that it is extremely difficult to make friends because everyone already has a group from high school. Most people come to school and leave right after their classes are done, they do not talk to others or go out to do things. It is a very business like atmosphere.


The most frustrating thing is finding a parking space since it is so limited. At 7:00 AM, most of the parking lot is already filled and it takes almost half an hour to find a spot. Most times, students park so far away, it takes another good twenty minutes just to walk to class. Everyday is like a battle to find that one spot.


Parking at the beginning of the semester is the most frustrating thing about Cypress College. Besides that nothing else seems frustating about the school.


Budget cutbacks have greatly affected my school. Therefore, the amount of classes being offered are limited. This means that there are more students trying to get into the same classes, which makes enrolling into a class difficult. Many students are finding that the classes they need are either full or not being offered.


The most frustrating thing about this campus is trying to get into all the classes you need to graduate; with the budget cuts it has impacted the amount of classes offered. Also, parking can be very frustrating


I would say just tying to find the your class on the first day.


they are currently getting rid of a ton of classes, and it is hard to get the schedule you want


The most frustrating thing about school is when you contact a teacher multiple times about a specific question and they don't get back to you. College requires a lot of independence so for me it is important if I have a question that the teacher responds back to it so I can fufill the requirements.


I find it very frustrating that my school does not have any recycling bins on campus whatsoever. There are also no Waste Management recycling bins in any of the off or on campus housing. I currently do not see any organizations on campus that are focused around preserving the environment or practicing and promoting"green" habits. The bathrooms are messy because the school has not replaced the paper towel dispensers with energy saving dryers.


it needs a paint job. some of the buildings are antiquated its depresssing. People have jumped off of buildings because its seriously needs a different kind of touch . It needs More trees, not enough trees, a row of cherry trees, and blossoms would be nice, A firepit with some fire. Too much concrete not enough trees, the library needs someone to fabreeze the books and clean the floors with some pinesol Maybe some new book shelves. and better lighting. and desks in the book side of the library. maybe some couches, and some symphonic music n the background....


There is currently a lot of construction going on to build larger dorms and a new parking structure. Although it will definitely improve parking/traffic conditions in the future, right now it causes a lot of back-up and tardiness. Some people have to leave much earlier to get to school on time. I park off-campus and walk which I like, but I've heard many complaints about the lack of parking.


I love my school and the only thing I would change is to request they lower the parking fees.


Parking, Registering for classes (getting the schedule you want), recent tuition raise (but thats all cal states).


Thanks to all the budget cuts, classes are being cut so not only are there a significantly smaller amount of classes, but also it is very difficult to try to add the class. Not only that, prices are going up on EVERYTHING. Parking is also ridiculous in the mornings.


Right now there is a fianacial crisis in the Cal State and UC system, so there are cut backs of the amount of classes and faculty available. Also, there is not a lot of affordable housing near by and only a limited amount of oncampus housing. I am married and there is no married housing or any medical coverage or care for my husband- not even if we paid extra for it!


The cost of tuition. While it is a CSU which is cheaper than a UC or private institute, the current budget crisis of the state has caused tuition to increase and now the financial plan that I had will only cover a partial amount of my time here on campus.


Financial aid disbursements are late. Policies override huministic values.


The fees have increased due to the budget and the availability of classes needed to graduate have decreased.


As a commuter the most frustrating thing about my school would have to be parking. I feel that if you do not dorm that you miss out on an experience that you won't get back, plus you will have to deal with the parking issue. If you have the money you should definetely dorm! Other than parking, the school is great!


I wouldn't consider anything about my school frustrating. The only problem is the parking structures which can get extremely busy during school. They are already making a solution, though, by building more areas to park so that this will no longer be such an assue.


That I am afarid I will not have enought time to study.


No school spirit. We advertise like crazy and offer rewards to those students who come, but still no one attends sporting events on a regular basis. There is also a huge discrimination against womens sports. We get larger crowds at mens games, but no one comes to the women's events.


There are many students on this campus, so it sometimes difficult to make friends in your classes - some students only go to classes for the credit or for their job and don't get attached to the school itself. However, you can make friends if you really try at it! People here are definitely friendly and fun.


It is a commuter school so I do not really get a chance to meet many people that I can really get close to.


The most frustrating thing at CSUF is the lack of school spirit. Unless you are involved in athletics, clubs, or a fraternity/sorority, not much is said on a regular day basis around the campus. I believe more can be done to incorporate the entire university with larger events that interest the general public and do a better job at advertising such events.




Parking. Bro's.


It is really easy to just feel like a number, and not a real person. With such a large student population the staff don?t get to know you, while the professors try it is hard with so many students. For people who aren?t very social it is really easy to just go to class and not get involved at all or really be a part of the community, if you can even call it that.


There are too many students being accepted. Classrooms are cluttered and financial aid is a joke.


Finanical aid situation and how they don't provide the right tools in helping students on campus, especially with low-income classes.


Everything overally is pretty good. I believe that the main problem/issue that 90% of students are bothered by is the parking situation. It's always full and it can sometimes take over half an hour to find a descent parking spot. Other than that, everything's fine.