California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Cal State Fullerton fulfills the school goal of "reaching higher". Academics are designed to challenge the student, something that I have definitely felt that in my college career. My Junior year has been marked with taking upper division classes. Along with increased academic rigor, character scupling has taken place over the course of the semester. My growth at this school, in all of the strentgh and serivices it provides, has been immense.


The College of Education. I received my bachelor's degree in child development and this department of the university is incredible. The students, staff and counselors are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go over and beyond to make sure you succeed.


The area, the vibe you receive from the area, the faculty, the teachers, the students. It's a great place and a wonderful community.


The resources. The school does not want you to fail. If the school thought you could not handle college you would not have gotten accepted. There are a lot of resources, so use them.


The best thing about my school were the professors, classes, and the students attending. The professors always had a great deal of knowledge about the subject they were teaching. Most of the classes I attended were interesting and I learned a great deal of information from them. The students in my classes were always very nice and helpful as well.


I think the best thing about my school is the great academic environemnt with self-motivated students who are eager to learn and teachers willing to help. Everyone at the school that I have ever encountered have a love for whatever maor they are pursuing. They are excited to learn and the professors take the time to help students out. Most of the professors want the students to succeed and grow and will help them in any way that they can.


I consider the best thing about my school the availability of on-campus fitness centers. These centers are free to use for students, are well maintained, and encourage a more active/healthy student body; In addition, they have the potential for making new friends as well as an improved social life.


I think the best thing about my school is the recreation center because the gym is very big and all the machine are clean and working all the time. Also, there are a variaty of activities that students can do in this center.


The best part about the school was that the department that I was in was very supportive.


I love Cal State Fullerton. It has a beautiful campus, helpful academic advisement, and a diverse student body. I've met some great students, and the faculty and professors are great too. It is surrounded by great places to eat, there is plenty of housing around the campus (like apartments and such) as well as on-campus dorms, and the area of Fullerton is fun and lively. It wasn't my first choice school, but I'm glad I chose to attend CSUF.


I love all of the ethic diversity. I think it is awesome to attend such a diverse campus because you get to learn about the cultures from other countries (we have a pretty well established exchange program). I love going to one class where there are students from China and then I'll go to another class and meet some students from Germany, I even got to meet a couple students from Nigeria.


Diversity of faculty and students.


The class scheduled worked with my work schedule. I could attend night classes and I could attend part-time.


The administrative staff treats you like a person instead of a number.


I consider the different kind of ethnicity around the school being the best thing about my school. I consider this to be the best thing because you get to meet people from different race and get to get along. You get to learn more about them and about their culture and know that you can get along with people that are different in many ways as yourself. Its nice to see the different races getting along and going into the same school and attending the same classes.


Cal State Fullerton has some of the best educators I've ever known in my years as a students. In high school they tell you that professors are not concerned with your well-being and that they take no excuses from you. While it is true that late work is not accepted, the claim that professors don't care about your education is completely false. Cal State Fullerton professors do their best to make sure you get the best out of college, they make a joke here and there and are very approachable.


The school provides a well-rounded educational experience. I have had experiences in the math, science, and business departments, and they are very good. My area was music and music education, and that school continues to be highly regarded in this area. Finally, the school has well respected departments of education and nursing.


The best thing about my school is the Student Union where students go hang out, study, or have meetings. The Student Union goes underground which is pretty cool; there is a bowling alley, on Wednesdays they have movie night in the mini movie theater. They have a pizzeria; students love it. It is a place where different types of people meet each other.


The best thing about Fullerton are events put on by our student government. It helps raise school spirit and raises awareness about upcoming events and shows. This is a great opportunity for students to mingle and plus they give away a lot of free stuff!


The best thing about my school would have to be the free accessbility to express your freedom of speech. This school has allowed so many worldy organizations to actively work on campus. So many organizations are welcome to recruit as many people as they want for their companies. Also in this tough time the economy is having, the Dean of the school allowed us as student to proceed in a rally against Furlough Days. Through that freedom of expression, this school gives a student a feeling of comfortability and responsibility. This school makes their students feel welcomed to speak out.


the best thing about my school is the encouragement of success for students and the relationships between students.


Everything about the school is amazing, but I believe the Music department of CSUF is the best. You have top of the line professors who give you hands on training. It is a great experience.


The diversity in the student population. It is impossible to find someone who is not similiar to you. It is also impossible not to meet someone who is an international student, or comes from a different cultural or religious backround. This makes the campus exciting and different everyday. Also, the resources provided to help you adapt to the University. These resources also help students with their classes, study, or allow them to escape the stresses of school.


I The best thing about my school would be the whole campus, I love it.


I would say the best thing about my school was the security offered at the school. I reallyl think that in going to school one should feel safe and not have any worries about people coming onto campus. With my school i definately feel safe and i love that sense of security!


Cal State Fullerton has proved itself to be a supportive environment in which to develop and expand myself as a student and a human being. Although my first few years were spent somewhat lost in my own world of social escapades, it took my growing maturity to be able to appreciate the extensively available resources such as tutoring, counseling, and beautiful library filled with knowledge and tools. Fullerton is a beautiful campus with many helpful educators ready to teach.


The Career Center is a very helpful and resourceful tool in helping students find jobs on and off campus and to plan financially as well as academically. The staff is friendly and there are plenty of opportunities to be involved in. Workshops, seminars and resume help is offered at students' convenience and I've definitely improved my credibility by taking advatage of what the Career Center has to offer. Also, there are lots of clubs to join and many events that take place during college hour that are fun to watch or participate in.


I think the best thing about Cal State Fullerton is their Freshmen Programs they offer to incoming freshman. Being apart of Freshmen Programs was extremely helpful and I was able to learn about all the campus resources available to me. Not only is it a program, but it is also a semester long class that you recieve credits for. It's an easy class with no test. There are multiple guest speakers through out the semester. By the end of my first semester in college i was more knowledgable about the campus. It is definitely a helpful program.


The best thing about my school was that it was fairly easy to adjust from being in highschool transitioning into college.


The location of the school


Everyone is very helpful, and there are a lot of opprtunities to succeed in whatever major that you want to be in.


GO Titans! The best part of CSUF is the diversity! There's different people from all over the world, students and staff are so helpful with any questions and concerns. The classrooms are a great environment with great professors and a challenging agenda. The campus is located in a great area and the dorms are very cute! There are always freebies all around the school, free food, prizes and even money!


I believe that the best thing about my school is knowing that if you're not sure about something or you need help there is always someone there to answer your questions. People are also very willing to help you out themselves when you need it. It is just a friendly atmosphere and you know that you're getting something out of attending this school.


Campus isn't massive - easy to get from class to class.


I love that I am required to see my advisor for my department every semester before I sign up for classes because it keeps me very on track for graduation and gives me the individual attention that I need.


I think that the best thing about my school is that they care about our education and they want us to do well in school. I love they way they try to help you find a major that fits you well.


The best thing about my school is probably the affordability especially if you are able to live at home with your parents. However, that's slowly decreasing because rent is getting so expensive in the area, so if you do have to live on your own, it's not very affordable plus they keep raising tuition.


This school was my 5th school in 5 years, so all I wanted to do was find a school where the most of my credits transferred, and get finished quickly. I didn't expect to get very involved since I knew there were 37,000 students enrolled at CSUF, and figured I would be "just another student". I was pleasantly surprised when I began feeling like part of a community in the first semester. The accepting students, helpful faculty, and supportive staff proved me wrong by quickly absorbing me into the school, and providing me opportunities for an amazing experience!


There is a lot of diversity among the students and staff.


The availability of clubs and activities is the best thing about the school I attend, because they allow any and everyone to participate in something.