California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My class mates are helpful and usually friendly.


Students and classmates in California State University, Long beach are very friendly. Many of us always try to help eachother out and come up with ways to study the best way possible. In many of my classes, my classmates and I have created study groups, reached out to eachother if anybody ever had trouble on an assignment, or just contacted eachother just to meet up and relax.


I'm pretty sure I mentioned that this school was diverse. You're going to meet people of all races from older teens to adults going back to college and of many different majors as well. You want to hear different opinions from different views? This is your place.


CSULB students are a pretty cool crowd, much friendlier and more mature than I expected.... proof: there are blackboards in the USU bathroom stalls, and I didn't see a single penis drawn.


My classmates are people who do not try to make friends with other people, they're not really the most friendly people but what can I expect, I attend a commuter school.


My classmates are very ethnically diverse and come from a variety of different backgrounds.




They are all very friendly and easy to get along with.


Classes at CSULB are filled with dverse students who are rarely just like you even if they are the same major; unless you are in an honor course, in which they type A, smart kids tend to gather and nerd out.


My classmates are generally very interesting and open-minded people.


Classmates at California State Universtiy-Long Beach are very motivated and dedicated as well as very welcoming and amazing people to network with no matter what age, gender, or race.


Some are very hard workers that will succeed in our field, while others will not make it past a few years.


My classmates are helpeful and generous.


Either really quiet taking everything in or really involved letting everything out.


My classmates are fun, helpful, and welcoming.


my classmates are college students just like me, we all have out own little corks.


My classmates are mostly well educated individuals that provide good conversation and input in class discussions. I can relate to my classmates at Cal State Long Beach on numerous levels. Majority of my classmates share the same goals I do. They strive to do well in school, desire to continue their education post bachelor degree, and most importantly have a deep interest in the study of sociology.


My classmates are very diverse; most are natives of California but there is also a good mixture of out-of-state and international students as well.


the students in my classes are nice and helpfull, and most of them are bilingual.


I believe that my classmates are all well-driven in their indiviual studies while also allowing time for a social life and personal responsibilities that don't pertain to school.


My classmates are smart, attentive, and well organized.


All of the classmates i met in my first sememster at Cal State Long Beach were very helpful and supportive.


My classmates are my friends on the road to knowledge.


Students of CSU Long Beach a dedicated and driven along with being honest, caring and friendly.


My classmates are very ethnically diverse, display a variety of interests and lifestyles, and I would estimate that about 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of them are academically driven with a strong drive toward success in the classroom, while the other 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} are less motivated.


Smart slackers, who can study the night before and ace an exam.


Classmates are determined and striving for the same things as you are one way or another, while discovering new things along the way.


CSULB is a highly populated school so it is usually hard for freshmen to transition here. I joined a sorority to make the campus seem smaller, and it has made my time here a lot more enjoyable. My advice is to get involved in a club or activity that you enjoy so that you can have a good time and meet friends. Good luck!


I find that many of my classmates know what they want to do already and are very determined and dedicated to their school work, but a select few that are maybe undecided or aren't quite sure of the direction that they want to go in tend to be more laid back about their education.


Cal State Long Beach has a very diverse campus, where the students strive to reach their goals and pursue academic excellence.


one word: DIVERSITY. so diverse, you get groups of people who bitch about a lack of it. no joke.


Caring and good students.


At CSULB, students are able to form a close network of friends with similar interests.


My classmates include those who are actively involved in all types of activities on campus and range between different types of races, ethnicities, and political views, and are from all different types of majors.


My classmates and I are dedicated to make something of our lives so our generation can run this country one day successfully.


At CSU Long Beach, there's a great deal of diversity among the students. Considering my past experience, students at CSU Long Beach are very welcoming, friendly, and kind. For example, I'm taking math 122 this semester and on the first day of class, I sat down in a seat and the student next to me began introducing himself and by the end of class, we became friends. My friend then suggested that I join his organization called AAFC. I agreed and at the meeting, the students were very welcoming and made me feel like I belonged.


My classmates are eager to learn but struggling with the increase of tuition.




Various- from every ethnicity, religion, political background and age group. I've had 50+ year olds in some classes, giving interesting insight into their perspective on things. For the most part, people are friendly. Some are quiet and don't speak up much, and others are active and love to share their thoughts. Thoughts that I might not have otherwise have thought of. So it's a boiling pot of not only new things to learn in class, but new things to learn from your fellow students.


My classmates were a mix of overachievers and people that just scraped by. The students at Mayfair High School were of diverse racial backgrounds and had different levels of academic achievements. Being around a variety of students allowed me to have a better understanding the diverse society that we live in. There weren't many "cliques" which granted me the ability to get along with all sorts of groups of people that weren't from the same racial background that I am.


Generally, they seem to be in a similar situation to myself, meaning they are in the process of finding a direction that will guarantee financial stability and happiness; thought: 100 words is quite long for one sentence.


Mostly attentive, the people who want to be there put in the effort and participate in class.


My classmates are part of a diverse population of scholars who are determined to expand their intellectual and personal growth.


My classmates are friendly, optmistic, laid back, helpful, supportive, diligent, focused and reassuring.


My classmates are outspoken like the thriving political actions of the United Farm Workers, ambitious to learn their own goals as much as Martin Luther King Jr. had wanted to integrate both blacks and whites into the same schools, and scientific enough to use an Einstein-thought process to think and analyze an issue to obtain an answer.


My classmates range in a broad amount of personalities.


My classmates differ from class to class, but they are all generally serious about being in college. Students in my Calculus II class were all smart, which surprised me since I've always been one of the smartest in my Calculus class from high school. One thing that's different about being in college is that there is a lot less interaction between classmates, so I do not know very much, but most of my classmates are quite when the professor is lecturing. The friends that I did make from my classes are good and sociable people.


Always friendly and motivated to do well.


They are brilliant people who are full of questions and knowledge.


They are very active, willing to work with people and curious about anything, but sometimes they tend to be isolated, too.