California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the beach! Just kidding. My school is best known for business, art, filmmaking, science, and quite a lot of topics. Because of this, students can make the best of all opportunities inside the school to receive the most comprehensive and enlightening college careers possible.


Ny school is known for the excellent Admissions, friendly eduucated Proffessors, and most of all for the Help us students may need, in any area of our life, to get the best possible grades we can in classes.


It is best known for the amazing athletic concentration. Everyone seems to be motivated to be active, fit, and healthy. There is a strong and positive drive to educate others on what to do and what to avoid to have a healthy lifestyle.


I am not sure but I do know the have a great interior desgin program which matters most to me.


CSU, Long Beach is best known for its baseball program. Many players have went on to the majors and the team has won many conference championships.


CSULB is known for being the second largest and one of the highest ranked schools out of the California State University system.


liberal arts


My school is best known for having a dangerous reputation, not from the school itself but from the city. However, the city is not dangerous, it is misconception. Beyond that our school is known for linguistics program, and it possesses only one of three pyramids in the country, Walter Pyramid. In addition it has a built a very strong baseball program with some of the most current Major Leaguers.


I believe my school is best know for its sport teams and community involvement.


California State University - Long Beach is best known for being one of the few universities that offer the best quality of education at an affordable price, on of the top universities in the US West for pursuing master's degrees. The university is also known for it's blue pyramid that holds many events including the NCAA basketball games and having Stephen Speilberg as one of their alumni.


CSULB is best known as one of "America's Best Value Colleges" by princinton review. It's ranked highly for its academics, low cost tution, and financial aid assistance. Principally, Cal State Long Beach is appreciated for its diversity which has allowed the acceptance and mergence of all ethnicities and backgrounds


Let's go, 49ers! CSULB is best known for our campus landmarks. The Walter Pyramid is a state-of-the-art sporting complex that stands out the most for it's unique blue color. CSULB's mascot, Prospector Pete, can be seen at many campus basketball or volleyball games. CSULB is also known for its Japanese Garden for it's tranquility and beauty with a large koi pond. Life is good at Long Beach. Go Beach!


We are very focused on a lot of different disciplines. From Film, music, art, to nursing and business. We represent the interests of the students well, I believe. It ranges from so many different types of majors and career goals that it would be hard not to find something that you really enjoy doing. i heard recently that we are one of the safest campuses in California, possibly America, so that shows what kind of environment we are studying in.


CSULB is best known for its College of Nursing. Our nursing program is one of the top ranked programs in California. It is extremely impacted, but graduating in our program distinguishes you from other nursing graduates.


CSU Long Beach is known for its educational opportunity, excellence, diversity, integrity, and service. It is a student-centered, globally-engaged public university committed to providing highly-valued educational opportunities through superior teaching, research, creative activity and service. There is also a giant blue pyramid on campus.


The school has a very well organized and efficient security system and team of security officers to escort you to your car at night. The school also has one of the most college departments of schools in California.


My school is best known for being right next to the beach. You can literally walk to the beach once you are done with classes. It is extremely relaxing!


The school is probably best known for its location in Southern California close to the beach, the cultural scene of Los Angeles, the great shopping and entertainment opportunites in Orange County. Certain campuses are known for specific majors, and while this school has impacted majors such as engineering, business, and nursing, I can't say that it is known for any specific major. Every subejct under the sun is taught at this college. It is probably also known for its large campus spread out on a hill. There's a lot of walking uphill and down at this school.


The school is best known for its Business, Nursing, and Find Arts programs.


I would have to say that my school is most known for being culturally diverse. My campus has a whole bunch of different culture and CSULB is proud to embrace each one. Each and every one of the student have the opportunity to learn others culture or embrace their own. At least once every semester there is a day where the quad is filled with different tables that present the different cultures along with unique performances and food. Fliers are often seen all over campus emphasizing the importance of cultural diversity.


California State University Long Beach is known for being one of the top 3 largest CSU campuses in California. The school is also well known for its nursing program, which students from all over California, as well as out of state, persistently compete for a place in the program. Our school may also be known for the enormous blue pyramid, known as the Walter Pyramid, which is basically a sporting complex for active sports such as basketball and volleyball.


My school is known for being the school Steven Spielberg attended, which has given the Cal State Long Beach film department the credit of being taken seriously among the great southern california university film schools, along with USC and UCLA.


Perhaps Steven Spielberg, or maybe their good programs in Art, Business, Science, Etc.


California State University, Long Beach is best known for providing a rewarding undergraduate learning experience, offering a wide range of academic and extracurricular programs, and promoting student success through graduation and beyond.


Diversity of students.


CSU Long Beach is known for its Blue pyramid that is our gym.


Very good art department and strong sports teams.


California State University of Long Beach, also known as the Beach is the best Cal State University. We have highly educated Professors that are educating and preparing their students for success. Though, our academics are highly valued, our athletics are also impressive. We do not have a football team; however, our baseball team (dirtbags) and our basketball teams are talented.


our school is best known for there academics, and their school pride.


Around other schools, we are known as a party school - however, that is not completely true. We have a well-known, highly acclaimed arts program here at Long Beach. The arts programs (music, theater, dance, art) are excellent, with a great faculty and just an overall good program. The art students are usually quite successful, and learn how to better their craft here.


CSULB is best known for its academic excellence and students that strive to be their best.


nursing and art


I would say that CSULB is best known for its diversity, location, and its specific programs. They have great ceritfication programs as well as engineering and nursing programs. the campus is known for the beautiful pyramid.


Being cool


Women's vollyball team Men's baseball team Dance team Nursing program MBA program Art programs Blue pyramid


My school , I beleive, is best kown for its diversity and friendiness. We have many transfer students from all over the world. they are very nice and we are a very welcoming community. We help each other when we are in class and also when we are in extra curricular activities. Also, students at CSULB learn different cultures that they have not heard of before because students work together in grous for a certain cause. Even though they might know each other they are very optomistic and ready to help This is my opinion of the highlight of the university.


the pyramid


The non-existand football team!


We are probably best known for being close to the beach, we are nicknamed "The Beach."


CSULB is best known for its proximity to the beach and its music department (recently renamed the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music).


The Pyramid! The binge drinking. The lousy dorms. The fact that our baseball team are known as the "Dirtbags".


My school is best known for it's location, we are relatively close to the beach, that's why they nick named it"The Beach" and also people here in Long Beach call it the 13th grade because usually the majority of the local high school students end up attending cal state