California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

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CSULB had an exceptional performing arts program. Their acting teachers are actually working actors on TV shows!! The plays they produce are of high quality, and the classes are amazing!


The locations of the school. Its in the middle of a packed intersection and parking is really tough to find (almost impossible).


My school has a very high success rate in regrads to graduation. One of the professors at my school is the founder of Kwanza.


The students and faculty at the school are very open to unique ways of thinking. That is to say, most people are liberal and they welcome people who have their own opinions. Additionally, you are not expected to have the same concrete thoughts that others have. Abstract thinking is encouraged.


Affordability, landmarks (the Pyramid, Japanese garden), location.


The main reason that I chose CSULB is the acclaimed nursing program on campus. Being a nursing major, this is my primary reason for attending the university. Not only are the facilities advanced (just as advanced as any of the expensive private universities with their own nursing programs), but there is a high turn around for employment in the surrounding hospitals for graduates from the CSULB nursing program.


i love the sence of community and the campus is beautiful.


Many different sights to see around campus.


CSULB is a great university that open many door and opportunities to the numerous students attending our school. First of all, they offer a nice Recreation Center opened to all students. Another unique characteristic about our school is we have one of the largest computer labs in the state of California which gives each student the chance to have access to a computer, if needed. Our school also provides various programs and clubs for which students can seek for assistance and guidance. Students can take advantage of several free tutoring such as the writer's resource lab.


Compared to other schools, I find that my school has a much more laid back environment and I find it to be stress free even during the high stressful periods of finals and midterms. I believe that my school is much close to my house compared to other schools, and I have my school to also be more resourcefull.


Honestly, the people. Everyone is not only warm and welcoming, but extremely intellegent. It makes classes so much more intresting when everyone is able to contribute to the conversation and develop their own theories on topics.


The campus atmosphere is very relaxed and inviting. There are a lot of helpful programs for job placement, internships, etc.


It has a large diversity of majors and activites.


The campus is very large, one of the largest in California, and offers many resorces. The size of the campus also allows for many job opportunities. The students and teachers are diverse in culture and religion and welcome students from all over the world.


There is a well developed diversity among students on my campus. Here at Long Beach State, there is no majority race but rather, a melting-pot consisting of various differing students from different racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. I believe that this strong sense of diversity is a stepping stone for closeness among students of all different backgrounds. I feel that my fellow peers accept each other with an open-mind and judgement free because of the multitude of differences among us. Because we are all so diverse, the one thing that instantly brings us closer is our school pride!


at first, i didn't wanna go to this school. i felt like i was gonna be a loser for going here instead of a certain private school which will remain unnamed. yea, the school's got some serious issues, but to be completely honest, i am so glad i came here instead of the private school.


CSULB is very diverse. There are tons of different cultural, ethnic, and religious groups on campus. Every group has an opportunity to communicate their beliefs and values without discrimination.


Cal State Long Beach was really the only school which I considered, however, I feel it is unique in the sense that it is truly focused on education. Students here seem to strive to get the best out of their education, and not so distracted by social activities.


It is not a big party school so I was able to stay focused on my grades more.


To begin, Long Beach State, unlike my other choices from all across this state, has many unique aesthetic properties such as a pyramid, 2 water towers, and a bell tower with no bell (speakers). Visuals aside, this campus was the perfect distance from home that it has allowed me to grow and learn as an individual on my own, but also close enough that in the case I do need something, I have the option of returning home. This campus also has incredible surroundings such as the beach, downtown, and many popular attractions.


One of the reasons why i chose to go to California State University Long Beach was because of its reputation for being a culturally diverse, and academically strong institution. I am a small town kid having grown up in Boise, Idaho to an Argentine mother, so diversity runs in my blood including the perspectives on how i view the world as well as the people i come across.


Well our school is very diverse, and we have a lot of space to explore different clubs, and organizations. I love that they have a lot of resources and places for us to study, they have lots of space to hang out. I enjoy the family feeling that I get there. People are very nice.


Just as I said earlier, it is the the mixture of passionate people, and their cultural values that makes my school unique. It is not only the students, but the professors, doctors, and staff that develop these traits. One of the most briliant Anthropologist and my first professor, Dr. Oguri, helped me develop a love for my culture, as well as my fellow classmates. Using Anthropology as a tool, Dr. Oguri advised me to visit different towns like Korea Town. Today, I appreciate a vast range of culture, and religions. I thank my professors and school for that oppritunity.


It's beautiful.


Cal State Long Beach is one of the largest schools in California. Even though it is only a Cal State, it has one of the best nursing, film, and engineering programs in California. But what makes us the most unique is that our campus has a huge pyramid! One of only three pyramids that exist in the United States of America is located on the campus of Cal State Long Beach! Go Beach!!


Compared to other schools I considered attending, CSULB has many professors who are willing to help students finish their college education at the whatever cost. I have never met professors who are willing to go overtime without getting paid to give study sessions and help students improve their essays in one on one meetings. Professors at CSULB are amazing at doing what they do and even though the budget cuts have reduced class time but increased tuition fees, professors are giving their 120{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} to make sure students recieve the education we are paying for.


I was deciding between Irvine and Long Beach. I knew that it was possible to commute from home to Long Beach everyday, but not Irvine. I ultimately decided to commute . CSULB is different than other universities because the tuition is not way too expensive($2300). Long Beach is the second largest university. Most of my class sizes were small as compared to classes of other school. What surprised me was the fact that the professors care about the students. Most of them tried to teach the best way they can and they cared about the attendance of students.


Compared to the other schools, my school is one of the top cal-state universities in california. Most people I know applied to CSULB. The campus is normal and just the average university. My campus has a great student union and is not to far from places of entertainment. The school is pretty big and the staff is great. If you really want to have the feel of being at a real university, CSULB is the place. It has a variety of all different ethnicities and cultures.


Long Beach is an entirely unique city in itself. I originally was upset I came here because I had my hopes set on another school, but now I realize that this is the best place for me to be. Long Beach is a rare melting pot of people from all over the world, filled with different cultures and perspectives. It's incredible the people here, and the students at my school truly reflect this notion. Their artistic endeavors inspire me on a daily basis, and I couldn't be happier I go here.


CSULB is very ethnically diverse. When I walk from the parking lot to my classes, there are so many different type of students. The wonderful thing is that the ethnic groups are not isolated. Everyone gets along. Group of friends do not just consist of one ethnic group, but several.


Long Beach State is extremely welcoming and friendly to new students and old students. My nervous energy was quickly repelled when i went to orientation and was greeted numerous times by upper classmen. I take pride in my school as do most of the students and faculty which provides a fun environment to socialize and learn. The intramural sports programs and clubs are very well put together which has made my college experience a thousand times better! I love my school!


The campus community.


The thing that hooked me about CSU Long Beach was the campus. It is beautiful. There are plenty of trees and grassy areas that are nice for lounging in between classes. The brick buildings really stand out next to all the greenery. Also, my grandmother attended California State Long Beach.


I did not considered any other school. What attracted me to my school was the possibility of creating my own major by combining areas of expertise and interest. Faculty are very knowledgeable in helping students design their programs of interest in this department.


The Unique thing about Cal State Long Beach is that, the faculty and services are sure to help a student the best way they can. Student's as well are most likely to help another student. Furthermore, Cal State's academic approach towards classes, focuses more on small group learning, which has alot of benefits towards other student's who are incapable of learning with bigger groups of students, and at the same time recieve the quality one on one help with the instructor.


It's very casual-cool, everyone just calls it "The Beach"


Close to my home. Somewhat close to the beach.


CSULB is very liberal, have a huge library and a stong ASB.


Its close to home, but far enough that I don't have to live at home.


The location, and diversity that is found on campus. There is a consistent theme of diversity, ethnically, and academically. There is no special emphasis in any college, we are able to socialize with people from diverse majors and interests.


CSULB is unique for several reasons. It is located in one of the most culturally diverse cities in California and the school reflects this same diversity. CSULB is also unique in that you can go to the beach, the mountains, San Diego, and even Mexico in a relatively short distance. CSULB is a very large campus and offers a wide range of resources and opportunities for its students.




They have a great Art and Film program and I was interested in both. Everyone seems to be very open hearted and minded and there is great amount of diversity to be seen all around the campus. The size of the school isn't too big or too small and provides a good ratio balance between teachers and students.


Diversity and lots of school spirit. Large campus.


Is is a big commuter school and there are many different kind of people on campus. Even with this huge variety of people and personalities, people are able to treat one another with respect.


A social enviornment conducive to learning.


The environment and open atmosphere. Everyone here has such great school Spirit. That's what makes it GREAT at the BEACH.


There is a really strong sense of a student body here - you can always tell that students go to this school. I went to Cal State Fullerton to apply, and I hated it. There were no pictures, flyers, banners, etc... nothing to really indicate that anyone had ever been there. Plus, there are so many trees on our campus - it's beautiful and really homey. I love our campus!


It is very much a comuter school which makes it much more different from the school i originally wanted to attend. I liked the idea of having smaller lectures with about 100 or less students in it, I also liked that several classes included discusions which helped with studying. The deciding factor for my family and I when it came to picking this campus was the location ( a mile from home) and the tuition fee. It was affordable for my family compared to my school of choice.


It has something for everyone even if you don't know yet what it is that you want