California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The absolute worst thing about Long Beach State is that it currently does not have a normal gym that all students can access. Being able to have a place where one can stimulate one's body as well as one's mind helps to keep one alert. Without this the monotony of endless studies can overwhelm a student with fatigue. Every college should have some sort of gym or wellness center on campus that is free for students to use. Luckily, CSULB is in the process of remedying this situation by finally constructing a long awaited sports and wellness center.


Increase in tuition fee, less classes offered


The worst part would have to be parking. The parking structures are far from classes and our it is an uphill walk. Finding parking use to be difficult, but that issue has been resolved by additional parking structures.


The size can be a bit overwhelming but I am usually near the parking structure so it isn't too bad. Parking can be crazy at times.


The worst thing about my school is that they don't have enough on campus events. I don't have a car so I never really have anything to do unless it is on campus and thats is hardly ever.


I am very proud to be a student of CSULB. The campus is a beautiful place with everything I have needed to study so far. The one thing I would consider changing about the school is the lack of desire to care for the environment and the outdoors in our students. I am part of the outdoors club and out of over 35,000 students we have less than thirty in our whole club. I do not think the students quite realize how important it is. Hopefully, we can make a difference. It is a great place of education.


The worst thing would have to be that it is a commuter school. I would like more students on campus hanging out or grabbing a bite to eat on nights and weekends. I think on a Greek row and closer apartment style housing near the school would help with this.


Budget cuts are effecting all of us.


Very big, a lot of administrative hoops to jump through. An expensive area to live in. Severe lack of school spirit


lack of school spirit and lack of guidance and support


The worst thing is that many of the students commute to school. This makes it a little bit more difficut to do group projects as well as hanging out with classmates other than when on campus.


The worst thing that I personally would consider worst in college is that there is not as many research laboratories as other schools. I visited Cal State University of Los Angeles and they were much more hands on with lab research.


That they don't seem to care much about out-of-state students.


The worst is the limited housing it offers. For the little amount of housing that it has, it is overpriced.


Smoking because as a wind instrument player, it is very bad for me if I suffer second-hand smoking.


The worst thing is that the school is quite open, and when it rains it is a little hard to maneuver through the school. Thankfully in Caliornia it does not rain too much so that is a good thing. Also, the air conditioning in some classrooms is too much. It feels like a freezer. Some classes ill be hot and others will be cold. One gets used to it after all though.


The amount of walking required everyday just to get to classes on time.


budget cuts because everyone is affected.


Incredibly large student population, and increasing fees for things such as parking, books, tuition, etc.


student parking


How heavily impacted all of the majors are and how difficult it is to attend. too many student and way way way way way way too little money


too much walking


CSULB is a commuter campus. There is a small percentage of people involved, and those people are involved in EVERYTHING! Everyone else just comes to class and goes home.


The atmosphere which inculdes the unmotivated student body and the suburban location of the school. It is a collection of commuters that are not connected to the school or community making the experience feel only one step above a high school.


IT"S HUGE! The only bad thing I can say about CSU Long BEach is that it's giant, and you pretty much have to walk a country mile to get to any class you're going to.


The worst thing about CSULB is the difficulty in getting into the school's nursing program. There are way to many students trying to get into the program, but not nearly enough room to take them all. In order to graduate when I originally expected to, I am taking two of the hardest undergraduate science courses this semester, and I wil be doing the same next semester. Not only that, but I basically need to have a 4.0 GPA in all four prequisite science courses to have a good chance of getting into the program.


The parking was hellish because it is a commuter school with most students coming from cities surrounding CSULB. Even after they built the new parking structure, it was still difficult to find convenient parking around 9am-3pm.


Too many people are enrolled here. It's hard to get the classes you want if you are a new student.


Parking! It may sound silly however the price of a parking pass continues to increase yet there are not enough spots to accomadate everyone. It seems a little silly to me. I understand and see the campus trying to take action by offering a free bus pass as well as off campus parking shuttles however they are not accpmadating to everyone.


My department is very small and it is hard to get the classes I need.


The worst thing about my school is that students do not really take the time to appreciate the campus itself. CSULB has been labelled a commuter school, encouraging students to leave after classes. However, the campus is beautiful and boasts amazing scenery with tables and benches for students to enjoy the vegetation, if only they would take the time to sit and enjoy it.


Parking is horrible.


The worst thing about the school is parking. I should be in class right now but I could fina any parking so Im waiting until the parking lots thin out.

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