California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I'm afraid I don't know. We have so many clubs and organizations, and even more activities to boot. We keep getting new ones too, so what might be popular one week may take a backseat the next.


I'm not really sure, as all my time has been in the Theater Program. I am auditioning, rehearsing, and hanging out with drama students 24/7. There is a big greek influence, with many frats & sororities. There are also many sports clubs.


there are a million clubs, but i will warn you. some of them are pretty lame. but once you find the good catch, you will meet some really cool people. i used to live in the dorms my first two years, but it gets old after that. it is fun though, and you meet alot of your close friends there. if you are one of those party 24/7 type of people, beverly plaza is always nice. it's an apartment right down the street notorious for its drinking and partying and all that crap. on weekends, there's not much to do on campus, so just go hang out around town, and you'll always find something fun.


Teams and clubs definitely have a presence on campus. I'm involved with the LGBT Resource Center, and we usually have social and informative events multiple times each semester. I don't really notice people talking about campus sports events, but then again, I don't care. Guest speakers seem to be very popular and typically have good turnouts. There is the annual Pow-Wow and the Kaleidoscope festival where thousands flock all over the Southland. Since I don't live in the dorms, I can't say what they're like, but the campus is generally very quiet late at night (believe me, I've been there 'til 2:30 AM... nothing). It's a commuter school, so everyone goes home. Fraternities and sororities are big and recruit constantly. There is even a gay fraternity! Very cool. Off-campus activities are generally non-existent unless you are out to see a movie or go to get some very excellent Cambodian food.