California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


CSU Long Beach is a great school. Huge, lovely campus, good dining halls, great teachers, and interesting classes. I love it here! I am in the Theater Program, and they have a great one!


My overall opinion is that this is a great school to attend. Whenever i talk to someone and they ask what school i go to I am always proud to say that I go to Cal State Long Beach. Everyone always thinks highly of this school and you can do some great networking while attending.


hmmmm....let's see, there's 35,000 people who go to school here, so it's like a community within a community. there's potential to get to know a ton of great people as well as spending the semester being completely lonely. i've experienced both. being a chemistry major, i spend most of my time in the mlsc (molecular life science center) formulating ways to turn lead into gold (ok, maybe not). when not doing lab work, i usually go home to my roommates and they'll make fun of me for choosing to study on friday over getting shitfaced with them. i got alot of experiences i'll always remember...;)


CSULB has many resources to help you academically, psychologically, physically, and socially. Being a mathematics major, I would certainly like to see a complete replacement of the faculty in that department, because they just don't see to be trying anymore. The campus is spacious, but the admissions department insists on admitting every person with a pulse, which causes big problems. There is literally a line for everything. Most folks respond, "Oh that's nice," when I tell them what school I attend. Most math majors, however, pity me. I spend most of my time in the on-campus LGBT Resource Center. Long Beach is generally regarded as "too quiet" (in contrast to LA and the Bay Area), and affordable housing is scarce, unless you're willing to cram five people into an apartment or rented house. I don't see a whole lot of school spirit or wise event planning. The recent Ludacris concert was a fundraising disaster. Despite all this, the students are friendly.