California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who loves the beach and the LA lifestyle.


Anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to better their career.


The kind of person who works hard for their passion but who also wants to make friends, connections, and memories along the way. Someone who is not afraid of a challenge and who is open to new experiences, lessons, and adventures.


Some who is willing to take the time to involve themselves into their school and capable of being professional and also social, both on and off-campus. You have to be able to adapt to meeting people from all over the world, as well as accept the massive diversity that this school has to offer. Due to the melting pot nature of this university, you have to be receptive to new ideas and perspectives, because not every single student grew up under the same conditions. It's also a great place for people who love coastal climates!


I think people who are interested in learning and not partying should attend this school. This school is fun friendly, however, the vast majority of those who study here are here for just that, to study. That's what makes this school such a successful CSU I believe.


The type of person who should attend CSULB is a type of student who is open minded and looking for a diverse experience. There are all types of different activities, clubs, and atmospheres to engage your-self in. I joined ASI my first year, and I loved and still love every moment of it. ASI can really help as real world experiences. This person should also be a go getter, because the competiton to get in some of the rigorous major programs are hard to get into, but really worth the fight. They can secure you a job.


Someone who loves warm weather. Someone who is somewhat easy going, and loves meeting new people.


beachy person


CSULB is a large campus, the size of a small city. It offers a multitude of clubs, activities, and resources. You have to search them out though and not be afraid to try new things. CSULB is not for the shy because it is easy to choose anonymity in a large campus. However, if you choose to explore, to discover new things about yourself and your interests, to meet new people and to open yourself to new possibilities, then CSULB has much to offer you.


someone who enjoys being in a diverse and helpful environment.


Anyone can attend this school but they will have to be willing to work hard. They have to be dedicated and self-motivated.


A hard-worker who likes to play hard. Someone who enjoys big cities and doesn't mind artistic infkuence Long Beach has to offer. Warm all year round which is not good for those who like frost nipping at their nose. Enjoy.


Everyone, except the aforementioned people, should attend this school. It is amazing.


Cal State Long Beach is a school for people who are ready to learn and want to get their life started. If you attend Cal State Long Beach you should be ready to meet new and exciting people in all of your classes and all over campus.


The type of person that should attend the school is the type of person pursuing a higher learning and that would want to start out, as our motto states graduation begins today, and t ake on the world of a more prospective future for bettering themselves and the community.


The campus has a lot of versatile people and most people that attend love it. The person that should attend would have to love the California sunshine. The campus is only about 30 minutes from the city of Los Angeles and 10 more minutes to Hollywood. The kind of person who should attend this school would have to get used to being in a suburb. Downtown Long Beach is about 15 minutes away by bus and 10 by car so a little city life isn't that far.


I believe anyone can attend this school. Athletes would enjoy the sports teams because I believe we are division one in competitive athletics. The theatre program is awesome so actors in the making can go. Culturally there are many groups to join if someone would like to learn about their culture or another culture. I'm sure in all and any fields, students will enjoy and find something they love. Other activities on campus like intramural sports and groups/clubs are sure to help people get involved.


Any kind of person. This school has an extremely diverse student body. Every race, every gender, every age group attends this college. Over 30,000 students take classes at CSULB so it seems as if it would be very impersonal but within a student's major, one quickly starts to get to know others. There are a lot of opportunities to connect both with students on campus and the faculty. I have enjoyed every class that I have taken at the school and would highly recommend this college­­lovingly referred to as the Beach!


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is a bit more relaxed and not looking for hard competion. The person should be a self starter and motivated because the professors won't push you if you're failing. You have to have a drive to succeed on your own. Also, there's not too much need for professional attire because of the relaxed enviroment. Someone who's lookng for a good education at a decent price.


Someone who is up for an adventure. This school has a lot to offer wether it be academic clubs, classes like sufing101 or even sailing 101, sports and greek soroities and fraternaties. If you come to Long Beach with an open mind you will fall in love with the city and the campus.


If you want to come to Cal State Long Beach... you need to be open minded, goal oriented, friendly, helpful and willing to participate. This school has so many different types of people, with every type of background and social situation. From ethnic and class differences, to ideological and religious differences . So it takes someone who is willing to accpet everyone, no matter their lifes story. Someone willing to adapt and change for the better.


Any person looking for a very diverse and accepting community with school spirit and the love for the city by the beach should attend this school. If they want to go where they can rely on getting friendly help any time, everyday, then this school is definitely for them. If they like to walk a lot and and be around a lot of other students, this campus is big enough to meet someone new every day.


Organized and focus person should tend this school keep up with alot work. If you are career focus and know what your goals are this is the perfect school for them. Everything is structured.


The kind of person to attend California State University-Long Beach should be someone who can work as hard as he/she can to become what he/she is striving for but also doesn't forget to look around and find the beautiful things in life all around us along the way.


This school is really great for students who do not want to leave the Southern California area and have a moderate budget for college.


Anyone who is interested in Criminal Justice or Art would really fit in. There is also a great psychology program. The beach is close, so it's a great atmosphere for anyone that loves the beach.


A person attending this school should be open-minded. The campus is very diverse and you will encounter many people from many different places with many different appearances and social practices. In addition, you must like living in a big city environment. Long Beach is near Los Angeles and is surrounded by other cities and many, many people. Finally, as with any school, you must be willing to work hard and focus when needed. After all, what you put into your education is what you will get out of it.


I think this school is perfect for students who have an idea of what they want to major in. Even if that idea is vague on campus advisors can help you find ways to apply yourself in the field of your choice. It is an amazing school if your going into the science fields and plan on going into graduate studies since the percent of students that get into grad school is quite high. Since many industrial and geographically important areas are near by you can experience, through internships and field trips, a glimpse of your future job.


In such a diverse campus it would be impossible to say what kind of person should attend, but easy to say that anyone who enjoys living in an urban lifestyle with a mix of a laid back and hard working attitude should definitly attend.


Anyone who wants to learn and better themselves.


This is a very large school, so prospective students should look forward to a huge pool of fellow students who could be friends or acquaintances. There are many clubs and activities going on around school and you're sure to find something which interests you. The campus itself is very attractive and has plenty of areas in which just to hang out, eat, or study. The campus is quite huge, though, and you'll feel dwarfed by it at times. With all this in mind, social people who are looking for some fun and education should attend Long Beach.


Someone driven, goal-oriented, and social. Long Beach State University is a university full of talented professors who truly care about their students and want them to do well, but only if the students truly put an effort into their studies. It is a university for students who care about their education and plan on thriving in whatever it is they choose to do, no matter what it is. The limitless amount of clubs and organizations unite the student body so everyone has a memorable, worthwhile experience, both in the classrooms and out.


The kind of person that would attend this school are those who want a good education from a university, but doesn't have a whole lot of funding. Cal State Long Beach is really great on it's value when it comes to the quality of the education for it's price. Even though tuittion at a university will always be more expenseive than a junior college, Cal State Long Beach has the best value compared to other state colleges. Also, my school has an excellent Nursing Program for those looking to pursue in this field.


In reality, any person is welcome and should attend this University. It is well rounded, offers many activities that you can take advantage of. There are many clubs and groups anyone may join. Sports activities are unlimited. Any person who wants to be surroundedby a diverse group of people who share your same interests should attend.


A person who is dedicated to their educational goals, who is sociable and enjoys group activities, a person who has immence school pride and isn't afraid to sport a CSULB sticker on their car, one who enjoys sitting under a beautiful tree reading a book or just people watching while they wait for their next class and one who loves to walk because the parking is FAR.


Someone who is serious about college and wants the benefits of a secondary education. The school is a school for individuals who are interested in learning, and are career focused.


The type of person that should attend this school are those that want a good education in a thriving environment. Any student would fit in well in Long Beach because it caters to nearly everyone's needs. I've never heard a complaint from anyone at Long Beach saying that they would rather be attending another school. It's a safe to say that person that is motivated to pursue a higher education should attend this school no matter age, gender, ethnicity/race, & sexual orientation.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is outgoing, studious and love to get involved. I believe CSULB has a lot of free-spirited students. A lot of the students here still enjoy college life while studying and attending classes. Many students enjoy their college experierence by getting involved in the various clubs, organziations, and events on campus. Professors are available during their office hours and tutoring are open for students to get help. So anyone who attend this school should be confident because the person can work toward what they want while enjoying college.


The ideal student for CSULB is someone who loves diversity and knows the value of hard work in achieving their goals.


I beleive any one who knows what education they want to pursue already should go to long beach. If you like the beach, the nightlife, and all the cool places you can visit, CSULB is th college to go to beacuse it is in the center of it and not to far from the city of long beach or L.A. Locals or anyone who just want to take a short drive to school everyday should go to long beach. It's an average normal school for the average person. Not to exciting but better than other universities.


A person attending Long Beach State should be open minded with an urgency to learn. Not only does one learn in the classroom, but outside the classroom as well. Anyone who is interested in joining a club or sport would be a good candidate for this school beacuse they offer a variety of extra carricular activities! This school also offers very interesting classes that will capture anyone's attention who wants to learn and expand their knowledge.


Someone who wants to feed their brain for practical reasons such as improving short term job prospects and long term career growth or someone who wants to simply feed their soul. Long Beach is one of the most vibrant, culturally diverse and demographically varied cities in the nation. That fascinating diversity is reflected in CSULB's harmony of educators, students and physical settings . As well as being one of the most affordable, well-regarded colleges in the nation, CSULB is the kind of college both the 'A student' and uncertain 'C student' can feel comfortable in.


Someone who is motivated to succeed.


A person who is very dedicated to school, this school is challenging. The campus is big, staying on campus and doing any extra curricular activities will help a person meet new people and learn more about the school. Overall it helps a person stay interested in school. As long as someone is interested in school they can always keep their grades up.


Someone who likes the similiarity of high school and the feeling of college. I enjoy seeing familiar faces as I walk around campus. I like sharing classes with those familiar faces. The feeling of college I would say would have to be independence. I feel independent while walking through campus, but I know that my school will provide me with help if I need it.


Someone who isself sufficient and comfortable at a large school.


A student who is looking for an affordable school with a strong ethnically diversed campus in a State where the sun shines almost everyday.


Whomever attends this school should not be afraid of large groups of diverse and fun loving people. Also, he/she must be willing to walk long distances to class in any weather conditions (except snow!). If you are not well-rounded, this school will definitely help you to grow culturally, academically, physically, and politically.


The types of students that attend CSULB are open to diversity, open minded, enjoy new experiences and wants to experience personal growth. CSULB students are academically driven and make their education a major priority.


Some one that is open to new ideas and likes to take long walks.