California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Take a deep breath. In the whirlwind of the first weeks of college, you will likely be inundated by syllabi from unfamiliar professors, requests from new roommates, invitations to social activities, and maps trying to get to class. You will meet new people, learn new routines, and discover new characteristics about yourself. It is amazing. Take each essay, project, and assignment as they come. Go to your professors' office hours, they want to help you. As often as you can, take classes that fulfill requirements, but also intrigue you. Embrace the fact that you will be lost, literally and figuratively, in classes and on campus. You are now competing against yourself. It is up to you to get the most out of your education; you wil not be coddled and you will be held accountable. Enjoy the ride. College can be arduous at times, but it is worth it. You are living your purpose. You are there for a reason. You are on your own parth to success and college is a stop along that road. So in those moments, in which you find yourself on the verge of tears, ready to throw in the towel... take a deep breath.


have confidence to talk to people. do not be afraid to take a leap and socialize. Don't let what othes say put you down, you know who you are all you can do is be the best you, you can be. you can do it!


I wish i could tell myself to take the time to apply to more universities, even if i don't think i will be admitted. I would tell myself to apply to more scholarships so that you don't have to work two jobs and go to school full-time. I wish i could tell myself to go to a UC instead of a CSU. Most of all, i wish i could tell myself to be open to changing my plans. At 18 years old its perfectly okay to not have a plan, and wherever you end up, do the best to make the most of it.


I would advise myself to make school a priority, not to take breaks and also to consider going elsewhere for the experience. Out of state, abroad, pursue all of my options.


If I could go back in time to give advice to my senior self in high school about college life I would say, get ready because a storm is coming. College is full of work, reading, papers, and whole lot of stress. Yes, you will break down, yes, you will doubt yourself, and yes, you will want to give up, but you have to remember what you are doing this for. You have to remember that this is the path that leads you to your dreams and this is what you chose. You chose the road less traveled and your awesome for doing so. But don’t you worry, although college isn’t easy, it will come full of amazing experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life. This is the time you will meet your lifelong friends and believe me when I say this, they will see you at your worst and stick by your side. But at the end of the day, you be your best self and don’t ever give up because success is just around the corner. Just keep gazing forward and never stop. Be bold. Be brave.


Hello, Richard. It's me, Richard. From the future in college. You're in the BFA program and you've accomplished so much. But you need to pay attention. I know you're looking for fun and great experiences, for new friends. My personal advice, do not room with your sister's asshole ex after the dorms. Meet new people who appreciate you and who value you. And when you do, continue to reach out to them. You will do well in school, in art, and make it far. But you can do more. Make no excuses for yourself, for there will be days you lose motivation and spirit. Reach out to people, do not be afraid, and believe in yourself when the dark days come. As long as you remember the love of your family and true friends along the way, you will accomplish wonders. Also, build up the courage to ask girls out for dates, we need to graduate with at least one date. Joking aside, remember to keep in touch with those who believe in you and be proud of yourself instead of being hard. Challenge yourself as you always have and do it with creativity.


Okay Alex, I am you four years down the road, so listen to what I have to say. First of all, don't give in to your desire to fit in this school because in four years' time, you will have not spoken to about 96{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the people you consider to be friends here; that's just part of finishing K-12 education. That being said, you need to step it up because you only have 1 year left to impress all those upper class schools that you've been dreaming of attending. You already screwed up your tenth and eleventh grade years, so getting into most of the UCs and private universities is out of the question; you can however, get enough financial aid to not worry about finishing university buried in debt if you manage to rasie your GPA this year. I wish I could have gone three years further back in time in order to tell you this so you wouldn't have to suffer like you did these past two years. At least I can still tell you this, for what it's worth. I'll always regret not seeing ahead instead of the present.


College is really a dream come true. There are innumerable resources available to make sure you receive everything you need. Having trouble with your homework? Visit tutoring centers, attend office hours, e-mail your classmates! Feel a need to relax? Swing by the student center for free school events, lay down in the perfectly-maintained grass, walk over to the library to read some picture books. It is a student's haven because in college, your only responsibility is to learn. Your college provides resources so that it can measure the sum of your knowledge in a number, a GPA. So of course, attend your lectures, do your homework, and study your books. But if you want a more fulfilling experience, take initiative and also explore your school, take advantage of every opportunity, and make friends. The college experience is more than a number. So let yourself make mistakes. Apply for a few internships and get rejected. Talk to that flawless person and make a fool of yourself. College is not only a place for you to attend class, but also training grounds for life. Someday you're going to graduate, and you're going to appreciate these "extracurricular" studies.


The road to discovering your true calling is long, winding, frustrating, and tough. Enjoy it. Why enjoy it? Because it's a long ride, and you'll learn a lot. Knowing what I know now, I know that it's not necessarily the time it takes, but it's the time you take while getting there. And, honestly, you, as a hyperactive, overachieving high school stuff would not like the things that I see right now. You like yours straight, no chaser. But there's power to taking your time, and that's something you should learn. I say, as these next few years go by, and things slowly start to loose focus, don't panic. I mean, don't get me wrong, focus is good. But instead of panicing, trust in yourself, and trust in your abilities, and trust that you will, no matter how hard the days get, make it through. And you will, and you will be a better person for it. But most of all, enjoy the view. These things will only happen once in your life, and it's best enjoyed while it's there. So enjoy it. Seriously.


Everything I learned in the drama department in High School was so important to me, but when I got to college I realized it was all nothing.... I learned so much more in the Performing Arts department in college than I ever knew was possible! Get ready for the experience of your life. You will meet some very interesting people. Take notes, keep in touch with your professors, listen to them, and take their advice. Especially with acting, advice about auditions is some of the most important information you will get anywhere. Ask them about their careers, and learn from their mistakes. Keep some time open for yourself and to nurture your personality. You can get really overwhelmed with auditions and rehearsals. Make sure you have some down time on the weekends, and keep your sense of humor! Don't work so hard that you wear yourself out!


Ana, listen to me, you have a big year ahead of you. You will do well in all of your classes, and spend time with friends but trust me on this one, your priorities are mixed the wrong way. You think school comes first then friends then family- you may not say it but your actions speak the truth. Ana listen to me, don't forget your family, your parents are fighting and your brother isn't so little any more. School should come second, your real friends will understand. Ana, listen to me. I know what you're hearing is tempting to believe- that getting into the big-name, big-money schools is going to get you places, but don't apply for those, don't waste your time and money on application after application... when you know in your core that success is not defined by the number of zeros on a future paycheck. Ana listen to me, what you'll regret most, is spending more time defining yourself for college essays than with the people that already love, and accept who you are. You've put in the work, college is around the corner.




IF i had the ability to go back in time and talk to myself i would make sure that i would uncommit from Loyola Marymount University. I would tell myself that you are going to dislike the school and the coaches and that UCLA should have been your first choice. I would also make myself regret not taking academics seriously, and that all i had to do was apply myself to do well in school and that a million more doors could have been open to me. Instead of the limitations i put on myself because of my GPA in highschool. MY advice that i would be giving to myself wouldnt be advice, it would be about all the wrong decisions i would be making.


Unlike highschool, college comes with a great deal of flexibility. Constant pressure from teachers and parents to go to class and get work done is most likely going to sieze dramatically. It is your personal choice whether to skip a class or complete the assignments. Do not let the tempatation of flexibility be the cause of your failure. Persevere thorugh the tough times and what ever you do never give up! A college education is the key to the door of several opportunities.


I would simply go up to my high school senior self and say, "get over yourself and do better". In high school I was more into my music and not as focused on school. Going into college I realized that I was not prepared for the coursework because I had not taken the time to prepare myself in high school while I was slacking off thinking community college was my only option. I would smack my past self in the face and say "get to work, do better". Facebook and twitter won't get anyone anywhere quick. It takes hardwork and determination to reach heavy goals we set out for ourselves. High School matters, and if I have one regret in life, it's not giving high school the "old college try".


So, you're going to be starting school pretty soon. Don't be nervous, I promise you it's not as bad as you think. People aren't really friendly but try your best to make friends, it'll be nice to have someone to talk to! Especially if you miss a day. Don't be afraid to ask questions, you really can't be. You have to change that, if you don't get it, you need to! It won't get any easier. Please try to join clubs, get out there and experience college. It really isn't that bad, plus you can meet more people and have some friends. Trust me it's going to be nice to have at least some friends on campus. Oh yeah, rent your books online, you'll save way more money. Don't forget to stay on top of your homework and school work. Yes your professor does not collect it but still. You need to do it or else you're going to not know anything. And by the way, that philosophy class that youw anted to take...Don't take it. You'll thank me later. Promise. Have fun!


If I had the chance to talk with my senior high school self I will tell them that although it is important not to miss the deadlines for college applications, it is also important to enjoy your last year of high school with friends we will never see again becuase our lifes will go different directions. I would let myself know that hard work does pay off but there is no need to stress. I would let myself know that we know exactly how we want our life to be, that even if it seems like we do not have a plan we actually have a clear image of how we want our life. I would let them know that we are on the right track and not to worry about how our first year of college will be because we realize that college is what was missing in our life and it will be fantastic. I will also let them know that being nervous and scared means that we are actually doing something worth our while.


Moving away from home and being on your own for the first time can be scary and very stressful. On top of learning to budget and staying healthy, you also have to attend classes and try to do your best to perform well. It was a big shock for me when I first started college but looking back I would give my high school senior self this advice. Don't be scared to seek help in any form. In reality its a smart move to utilize resources built to make your life easier and save you precious time to enjoy the college social experience. I see taking advantage of campus resouces, such as tutoring and counseling, as making others work for you so you don't have to waste your time figuring things out, where you may be heading in the wrong direction anyway. Think of a math problem that you didn't understand in class and still don't after asking the teacher to explain it. Even worse, the textbook and notes just don't make any sense. Get with a tutor and work it out one-on-one step by step.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to be open to different majors and career choices. Take the first few semesters of fulfilling general education course requirements as an opportunity to see what is out there and expose myself to subjects that were not available to myself in high school. Do not feel pressured to pick a major right away; know that it is extremely common to change majors at least once. Also, most people do not even finish college in the traditional four years as most students are lead to believe. I would also advise myself to familiarize myself with the various resources out there on campus to assist me in both my academic and personal life, and UTILIZE THEM! Everyone's tuition is used to pay for these programs so you may as well use them, especially when it can help make your life even just a little bit easier.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would tell him to not be afraid to take a leap of faith. The first few weeks, I was very nervous and awkward and didn't make very many friends. After I got over my anxiety, I made a lot of friends, joined a few clubs, and began to really enjoy my college experience. Since I took that leap of faith and got to know people, I joined the club volleyball team and the leadership team at a Christian club that I attend every week. Another thing that I would tell myself is to be nice to people. Although it seems very simple, a lot of people fail to be nice to each other. When you are nice, people get good impressions of you and it opens the door to many different opportunities. I have really enjoyed my first year in college and I wouldn't change it for anything; but, it never hurts to remind yourself to take risks and to be a nice person.


I would tell myself to take the next few months of my life more seriously. The transition into adulthood is quite stressful. Instead of focusing on obtaining a steady social life, I should have been worrying about my grades and my finiancial status for the upcoming year. Most people say that high school is going to be the best time of your life, but I have personally found that college is a lot better. Instead of wasting my time trying to enjoy the annoyance that was high school, I should have been working hard so that I could enjoy the freedom and the responsibilities that come with being a college student.


Apply for scholarships. Seriously. I know you may think that I am joking or just doing this to be annoying, but beat down your inner procrastinator and start writing scholarship essays. And start soon because finding scholarships where financial need is not a major factor is hard. College is expensive and you are middle class. You are a great student, super involved, will get great recommendations. Everything you ever wanted will be close to your grasp. But your parents made their dreams come true so now you get to struggle to make yours come true. Give up on the pipe dream that is financial aid and realize that, even though we have a financially stable life, mom and dad don't make even close enough to what you need. And because your parents love you, they won't cosign those giant loans. Loans are scary. So if you really want to go to your dream school, to be surrounded by that family envoronment that you crave to be educated in, with the resources a private school can give you, in the city of Angels where you feel you belong, you will get off your butt and start applying. NOW.


For every senior going into college here are few pieces of advice to myself. To start of with college is no longer just going to school its different and be prepared for change. College is a time where you are building you're life. The information you learn in class are actual skills that you will need. College is not just about school, going to class and doing your homework. It is about networking and finding a passion in life. Its a place where you explore every curiosity that you have and search for answers. You are going to school to gather inofrmation, learn from the best and improving yourself. Next, my advice would be to make an effort to be involved on campus get to know your teacher more. Make sure they know who you are, it will benifit you. Finally, have fun embrace the whole expreince and realize that eveyone is goign throught the same thing with you. Relax college is stressful and it not easy, but remember, sometimes we do have to fail at things and it is okay. Take care of yourself, physical and metally.


I have always had a sense of direction on where I want to head in life but I never thought that college could change every perspective on my life and if I would be able to advice myself I would have a better visual determination on what I want to study for and prepare myself to be successful in life. I would use my time wisely and not waste my time in things that do not matter. I would have advice myself to get college credit while in high school to get ahead and graduated faster from college it would of also helped me to gain a little more experience on how differently is college from high school. Over all, I think the best advice I could give myself in high school is to never give up on my dreams and accomplish them little by little because the end every effort that I did will pay off.


The one piece of advice I would give my highschool self would be take your time, but do not take time for granted. During my first semester at school I was told that before I knew it, I would be in my senior year of college and time would have just flown by. Now that I am in my last semester at CSULB I realize the truth behind this statement. That is why we should not take time for granted and utilize everyday of our time as a college student. The other piece of my advice is take your time. This is very important to me because although you should not take time for granted and take advantage of all the exciting opportunities college offers, it is also crucial to stop and realize where you are in life. College is about getting an education, but it is also about enjoying the whole experience. You will be stressed, but relax, be patient, and know that things will come when you are ready for them. That said, when you are in college and throughout life in general, if you want something work for it today as the time is now.


I would tell myself three things: first, to not be upset about being rejected from 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the colleges I applied to, despite how hard I worked to maintain a high GPA with multiple AP classes while being administrator of two clubs; Long Beach State was the best choice for me anyway because 1) I live nearby, and since it is deemed one of the most affordable California State Universities, so even though I got rejected from any possible financial aid because of my family’s middle-class background, we could still afford tuition, 2) This university has a lot of small seminars up to 25 people, which I will really like, 3) Long Beach State is well-known for its Psychology department, which is my intended major, and 4) the campus is very beautiful and there’s a freshman seminar that I will attend that will help me make a smooth transition to college. The second thing is to be patient and not expect to make new friends so quickly because these things take time. The last thing I would tell myself is to not regret anything I’ve ever done, because those experiences will all be worth it.


Taking myself back to senior year in high school, many memories come to mind, some are good and some bad. Thinking about what I had done and the choices I made, I would tell myself one main piece of advice thus far. "Be more positive, and don't worry so much"...Being a senior and preparing myself for college at the time, I was always so worried that something would go wrong. But why? I have learned over time that everything always seems to work itself out in some way or another, but worrying about all the negative things that could go wrong will do absolutely nothing to help myself. Whether it be worry of finances, transportation when not owning a vehicle, family dysfunction, typical teenager emotions; everything going on at that time in place will eventually pass. Truly teaching yourself to be positive not only changes your outlook on life, but really helps you become a happier person overall because it helps you see everything that you do have to offer. True to the heart after everything I have overcome so far, these are words of advice that I would give to myself as a senior in high school.


Going back to 2007, I would tell myself that I can accomplish so much more than I would let myself believe. I should not limit myself to colleges that I think am "good enough" for. My dream colleges would be lucky to have me. "In 2013," I'll say, "you helped make a movie, sat with dying hospice patients, and had your first straight-A semester as a full-time college student. Your past doesn't need to follow you, and your future does not need to be set in stone." I would tell myself to explore any and every department. I would have to say, "Yes, even the sciences! Especially the sciences!" Being well-rounded is important. I would also tell myself to be more involved in extracurriculars, as those activities and the friends I'd meet would help carry me through difficult semesters. Last but not least, I would do everything I could to convince myself to put in the hard work and study, both in high school and in college. "Trust me," I'll say before we part, "even though you can get a degree earning only C's, effort will only make you a better person."


If i could go back and give myself some advice, i would tell myself 3 things. The first thing I would tell myself is NOT spend too much time there at the community college! I ended up staying there 4 years which is too long. Considering, I still have another 4 years to go, spending four years at the community college has really come back to haunt me. The second thing i would tell myself is which school and major i would choose. I wanted to attend a expensive private school called Art Center for transportation design. I worked for years, trying to save up money, only to realize i would never be able to save up enough. Knowing that i would decide to attend CSULB would have cut down my time at the community college. The last thing i would tell myself is to not be too scared to move away from home. I was scared of moving to a new city where i didn't know anyone. I put off going away for school as long as i could because of this. I would tell myself to just do it; it is not as bad as you think.


Dear Lauren, Even though we all know that CSULB is perfect for you academically, both you and I secretly understand that the abundance of cute boys on campus attracted you to this school. Although you hope to gain your first experiences in the dating world during these years on campus, there are a few things I would like you to be enlightened about. First, take care of you and your girlfriends. There will be times when some guys will try to take advantage of you or your friends or your situation. The key is awareness—especially during bouts of "bad judgment." When the time comes, you will know what to do to protect you and your friends. However, don't get the impression that every boy wants to simply get into your pants. If you sense good character in a man, take a chance on him. You may face hesitation from your single friends who warn you about being tied down, but you will soon realize that you must try new things and meet new people eventually. Yes, it will be embarrassing revealing the true extent of your innocence, but it is all part of the process of growing up.


I would tell myself to have worked harder in high school. Maybe could of taken AP classes that way it could of helped me finish faster in college


Don't be afraid to speak up and ask questions. Smile and take advantage of every opportunity. Raise your hand in class and be present in the moment. Don't worry about what others think of you. Make this time yours and be open to new opportunties and experiences. Also, get involved early and study abroad. Follow your passions and chase your dreams. It's okay if you aren't sure what you are doing or what you should major in. Don't let anyone tell you aren't good enough or won't make it. If you believe in yourself, you are half way there and can accomplish anything you put your mind to.


High school me, you have a lot of romantic ideas about how college would be like; getting to be independent, get good grades, then graduate and find a job. Besides being a college student, you are an adult with responsibilities. Even though you will finally be free from your strict mother, that doesn't mean you can get all crazy and do whatever the heck you want. You actually do need to work harder than in high school. You need to show up to all classes and study even though you may presented with a more desirable option, like take a spontaneous road trip to Sea World. Trust me, it's better to keep working as hard and being relaxed than later regretting that you could have done better. I'm telling you this because you still have to compete when your in college. Though you got the grades that got you into the college you wanted, you still have to keep up the grades to get you in the major you want. While in college, the economy got bad and many majors are impacted. So keep working hard and don't loose focus.


To make sure you get the best grades you can and not focus to much on working, you are not going to stay there that long anyways. To also enjoy every minuto of being a college student and be more involve in the school activities. Make more friends in each of your classes and don't worry to much about the future, enjoy the present. Try to be friends with your professor because you might need an adivice or a letter of recommendation in the future.


Dear Self, Do not join Business Academy, even though it is a great program. You should definately join that Computer Academy with the geeks. It will teach you the Adobe Design Suite so you do not have to struggle in photoshop and illustrator when you start taking your core design classes. Also take a couple of GE classes at a community college before you get CSULB. Your GPA might not suffer as much; plus it can help you graduate in less then six years.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would start by saying "relax! take it easy!". The idea of college may be scary, but besides bigger classes, bigger campus, it's just school. The big difference about college, is that not only will you meet new people, you'll be able to find yourself there, and figure out what you want to do in life. Going to college is going to be nerve wrecking and a little intimidating at first, but you'll get used to it. The key thing to remember, is to never give up on your dreams and yourself. Although times will get rough, and the information given to you may not always make sense, never stray away from your goals. College can be fun if you make the most of it and dedicate time to study. There may be times where you become indecivisive about your major and thats okay. Change your mind as often as you like, college is about exploring who you are and who you want to be. So, take a deep breathe, keep your head up high, and stay confident!


If I could go back in time to high school I would tell myself to stay at home with my parents and go to a four year college with a good nursing program. I would say don't waste your life running after a guy who wont be there in the end. I would say apply for as many scholarships as possible and fininial aide. I would say take a study course for the ACT and rent books to help study so you will make a good high score. I would say you better pay attention in high school while you can, because you wish you had. You will feel behind in your classes. If I could go back I would have done a lot of things different.


I would tell myself that the best investment I could make towards my future life and success will be to invest in myself by obtaining a college education. I would make a strong case for working hard, staying focused and disciplined while discovering what interests me as I attend college. I would paint a clear picture of a future where the benefits of today's investment will more than reward me for the minor time sacrificed while earning a bachelor's degree in my field of choice. I would point out how the options afforded by a higher education can help minimize any potential down turns in the future and provide a sense of security and added peace of mind. I would dare myself to conceive the bigger picture that is a life's legacy for my future family where excellence is expected to continue for the greater good of our future generations and society at large. Most of all, I would encourage reaching out for help when needed and in building good, solid friendships and relationships that can offer support and advice along the way.


College life is not easy. Many people will tell you it is the best time of your life. Truth is, not for everyone. Between dealing with expenses, choosing a school to transfer, and working 20 hours a week, it has been the most stressful experience for me so far. I have matured and learned so much while in community college but it has not been a breeze. If I could talk to my high school senior self, I would have told myself to not to be afraid and just settle. Fear is an obstacle necessary to overcome so that you can reach greatness. I would tell myself to be concerned for my academic future and not just sit back thinking "it will all work out." I would tell myself to focus more on school and searching for scholarships rather than focusing on my social life. Grades are essential for scholarships. I am now finally transferring to a 4 year, with 2 years left to go. If I could really go back and tell myself these things, I would be graduating from college this year. Instead I have taken a more challenging path.


Dear Self, I would advice you to apply to CSU Long Beach straight out of high school. Once accepted, make as many friends as possible before the semester starts and share general education classes with them. Get a few friends to go through sorority recruitment with you and simply pick the one you feel you truly fit in at the most. Don't be afraid to join the paintball club you always wanted to join and minor in Theater since that is something you have always loved to do for fun. Why not implement it into your career? Do not procrastinate. You were never a procrastinator until your last year in college. Apply for as many scholarships as you can and good luck with them. Apply for as many internships as you can because you will cry with joy when you find out that you will get the opportunity of a lifetime. I won't ruin the surprise though. Lastly, attend all career fairs and do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the game. When your friends are looking for their it-job, you will already have it. Good luck!


If I could talk to my high school self, I would tell her to be more ambitious! I spent a lot of time taking classes I did not need and having semsters with less than 12 units. I was dreaming small back then, only wanting associate's degrees, whereas I am now going towards a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. The biggest thing I would tell myself would be to make up your mind! College is taking me a lot longer because I was undecided for over 2 years.


Dear High School Self, Congratulations on making it this far. You still have a while to go though. Be sure not to procrastinate and remember that your parents are your friends even though sometimes it may not seem like it. I suggest you tell your parents that you are gay before things go any further, they are going to love you no matter what and the sooner you tell them the better. Stay in school! Do not waste any time, go straight to college, it does not get easier after a break. Once you get a job you will start liking the money and what feels like liberty that comes with it, do not let it take over. Take your time trying to grow up, there is truly no rush. I know it seems like the older people are making it up but they are right. Believe me. Stop with the medical classes, you are not going to enjoy watching people die, go to business instead, you like it a lot better. Finally, good luck. I know you can do everything you set your mind to, just do not procrastinate. Sincerely, Future you.


If I could go back and give my high school self advice, I would recommend a few things. First and foremost, I would advise myself to learn what study techniques were effective for me. I would also advise myself not to procrastinate and to invest in a planner, as time management is a large part of success in college. I would tell myself not to get caught up in partying; it's okay to let loose and have fun, but it shouldn't get in the way of what you're really there for. I would recommend that I utilize whatever services were available, be it tutoring, counseling, career services - that's what tuition is paying for; take advantage of it! Mostly, though, I would advise myself to wait to go to university until I was ready. Only when you're ready and want to be there will you succeed.


Priscilla, you are a hard-working, passionate, and driven young lady. Continue to work and study hard, and make good grades. College is challenging, and much will be required of you. Late nights, long hours of endless study, and grueling exams will come with being a college student. Establish good habits and proper health-care patterns now while you are still in high school and it will make the transition into college manageable. Also, learn how to properly deal with stress. Stress can be the undoing of even the brightest students. An individual’s mental health is arguably their most valuable asset and it must be given the utmost care and respect. Stress can break students down; it can ruin the college experience. Learn to breathe. Take deep breaths and focus on one thing at a time. Focus on the subject at hand. If you are attempting a fifteen page paper, focus on one page at a time. Rise to the occasion, but remember, the college education is a four-year-long marathon; it is not a sprint. Train properly for the race, and I guarantee you will win. Good luck!


The advice that I would give to my high school senior self is to take chances and get out of your comfort zone. Entering college is a scary thing. It can be lonely, intimidating, and really different from what you have been accustomed to your whole entire life. If you don't take the chances that are given to you, you're going to miss out on a lot of opportunities such as new friends, clubs, new interests. If you don't take the chances, you're going to be stuck with "what if's" and it may be too late to take the chance. Take the chances while you can because once you become a junior/senior you might be too busy/late to ever have the "college life" and if your too afraid to take the chances, it might make your transition into college harder than it should be.


If I could go back and give myself advice about college I would tell myself to work harder now so that I could enjoy college a little bit more. However now that I think about it I’m glad I had all my fun in high school because now I am extremely focused on my career and my course work.That’s the thing about life; you can’t go back and give yourself advice you have to just go for it. However you can look back and learn from your mistakes but if you never make a mistake then you will never learn any lessons. I have found that every time I try to plan my life out to the minuet details something always ends up different. Right now I’m very happy with the way things are going. I adore that young naive girl who thought she knew everything in high school. She’s a part of me and she taught me so many valuable lessons. She had such a light spirit and was ready for anything that came her way. Its amazing how much can change in a few years let alone a year.


Freddie you better see this thing all the way out to the end. Dont let hope go in this world. you will grow to be great :)


Looking back and thinking about the person I was back in high school seems very surreal. Although high school was only four short years ago, the person I was then is so much different than who I am today. The advice I would give to myself would be concentrated on academia, dedication, and time management. During my high school years the most important aspect of my life was soccer. I would advise myself that soccer is not my only responsibility. A balance between school and soccer would provide maximum benefits. I would guide myself to have an equal dedication for soccer and academia. I would tell myself to manage my time appropriately to meet both academic and sports milestones. There are many things I know now that I wish I knew in my past. Although my decisions may have not been ideal in my past, I do believe that I would not be who I am today without my mistakes I have made. Today, I am truly happy in my life. I have chosen a career path that I believe fits me perfectly. I do not think I would be this accomplished had I lived my life another way.


I would tell myself, "Paige, I know that applying for scholarships isn't your ideal way of spending your free time, but you NEED to do it! College isn't cheap and every year the prices of tuition seem to go up. I know you don't understand right now because you haven't started pulling out loans yet, but when you do you're going to wish you had taken scholarships more seriously! Also, appreciate these last few months that you have with your mom, your brother, and your cat. You're about to make a huge move to California; you're going to miss them more than anything. Make sure you cherish every moment that you have with them, and thank your mom for raising you to be the successful young lady you are. Without her, you wouldn't have this opportunity. Lastly, just have fun. You're growing up, and your life is really about to begin now. Enjoy every moment."


Like most poor decisions we make in our lives, we wish we could go back and tell ourselves to do something different. In my senior year of high school, I was extremely depressed after discovering that my boyfriend of three years had cheated on me. Instead of being focused on finding a college, I was tangeled in drama and anger. I kept telling myself "I will apply for scholarships tomorrow." Unfortunately, 'tomorrow' never seemed to come. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that all the anger and hurt is not worth it. Happiness is not going to be handed to me on a silver platter. After all, happiness is a choice. I can either choose to be happy, or choose to be miserable. Life is not going to get any better by sitting around waiting for something to change. I am the change and I am most definately the difference in my own life. I am in control of where my life leads me. Moving on to bigger and better things starts and ends with me. I owe it to myself to be the best that I can possibly be and accomplish my goals.