California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The parking situation-- there are only parking lots for students at the bottom of campus, so if you have classes at the top of campus, you have to walk about a mile (or take the shuttle) to class. It would have been nice to have parking all around the campus. Also, the lack of financial aid to students they consider "well-off" even when there was no financial support given from the family. Wish they could consider financial aid rewards to people who may not appear to be underpriveleged, but that are!


Figuring out women.


The most frustrating thing about my school is getting around. My school is big. Huge in fact. I think that, after UCLA, it is the biggest school in California. Because of this, there's a crrazy amount of students parking, walking, and pretty much fighting to get to class everyday. Unfortunately for students, it's difficult to get around during the first weeks of school because the parking structure fills up by nine AM on the dot, and even though our big school is wide and quite a walk to opposite sides of campus, there are no shuttles to take.


The most frustrating thing is definitely the fees, although that comes with most universities.


The most fustrating thing about CSULB is parking enforcement and parking itself. It is always a fight to find a parking spot. There have been numerous times I have been late to either class or my on-campus job because of parking. That can happen even if I am 30 minutes early. As well I think parking enforcement is worse then a general poclice officer. They gave me a ticket for not have my front license plate attached to the front of my car. I thought that was an officers job, not a student.




The most fustrating thing is that the parking is so far away from the Art department.


There are so many options and services available that it is sometimes difficult to find exactly where to go for assistance. It is always available once you find the correct place but its a big campus and getting to and from the different locations can take up to 20 minutes.


My frustrations come from my major being impacted and not always being able to get into the classes I need to in order to graduate. Also the fact that tuition is going up does not help my situation at school or at home, I have to work more at my part time job in order to help my parents pay for my schooling.


So far, so good, the first semester of college brought me no frustrations, at all. Let's see what the second semester of freshman year brings upon.


The traffic is hectic. Arriving early is a must as CSULB is located on the highly trafficated PCH. It's probably the only "frusterating" thing, which you can only expect from a lovely campus that is situated by the beach.


The most frustrating thing about Long Beach State is definitely its lack of space for all of the students in the library and parking lots/structures. Since it is the second largest campus in California you would think that there would be enough room for the thousands of students that attend, however there are constantly cars circling the parking lots for sometimes an hour to get a spot on campus. Also, during midterms and finals, I cannot count the number of times I sat on the floor for hours because there were not enough tables or chairs.


The most frustrating thing about school is how the school lacks solidarity. What I mean is there is not enough comradery and not enough students know each other.


The most frustrating thing about my school are the tuition hikes that have been going on for the past two years. Tuition has increased and will be increasing again in the Fall 2011. With the budget cuts and tuition increase, some classes are forced to be unavailable, causing it harder for students to select classes and graduate within four years. This causes much stress among students when they cannot enroll in their required major classes.


It's primarily a coomuter school so getting invloved takes more research/ effort.


The most frunstrating thing about my school is the looong hike to get to the library.


While I attended school there, the only thing that was not pleasant was parking. Fortunately, they have added more parking spaces, free bus rides, and shuttles for more convenient ways to commute to campus.


Some classes are quite impacted so it makes getting into them difficult. When it's hard to get into a class, this can mean that graduating can take longer because you can't move on with your degree unless certain classes are taken first.


There are only two real frustrations I personally have with this school. The first is the parking situation. All of the lots are on the bottom of a very large campus and the majority of the classes are all built on the other side. However, there is always places to park and they even just built two new structures to give more space to the students. The second is that we only have one major sports team and that is our baseball team "The Dirtbags". I would love to have a football team to cheer on as well.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the parking and how far apart this campus is spread out. The parking lots and structures get full very fast in the mornings and stay full throughout the day. Unless you want to add another fifteen minutes to your walk, people try to find parking as close to the campus as possible. This campus is HUGE, and if you were able to find close enough parking, still getting ready for a good hike to you first class! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes!


The most frustrating thing at my school for some students can be the challenge of enrolling in the classes they need. Due to the budget crisis classes are being cut and it can be more difficult to take the right classes during the right semester. However, the university does attempt to ease this problem for students by opening up new sections of classes sometimes when the class is extremely impacted.


With the California budget cuts, the bureaucratic machinery which runs the school is running a more clunky than usual. Plenty of services are available, but with the budget cutbacks, many are having to cut back on their outreach programs and have had to cancel events and programs. The budget crisis has even forced professors to take several furlough days off a semester which may sound like a nice vacation, but it actually impedes the educational process. Considering the fee hikes of the last few years, getting less education for one's money isn't really something to celebrate.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of classes available to students. There are very few Honors and Advanced Placement classes. If a student wanted to take one Advanced Placement class it would be close to impossible because the schedule is created so that only those who are in the honor roll system can take it. For example, all of the AP classes are laid out so that it would only work for students who are in the honor roll programs, this creates differents groups of students at school based on academic success.


Regardless of how much money is given to students each semester, financial aid is always short for student to purchase books, unaware that students can't afford to pay dorm or commuting expenses, and difficult to give out money when students have to meet deadlines.


i think the frustrating thing about my school is the class we have to take in order to be able to go into our major. for example, the nursing program requires students to finish the ge requirements and some other mandatory classes but sometimes it may change. Also it would be picking classes and the process we go through to choose these classes.


The most frustrating thing about California State University at Long Beach is that it is sometimes difficult for students who do not live on campus to get involved in enough activities to make friends, so I do not have as many close friendships as I might have if I lived on-campus. Not all activities are geared toward students who live on-campus, but many are....


The most frustrating thing about school is that there just isn't enough time in the day to study for 16 units worth of classes, go to work, and have leisure time. So time management is the most frustrating.


The increase in fees, I suppose. There's very little else I can think of that's frustrating.


The most frustrating thing is the lack of classes that are available to take for a semester. The cost of books also makes it diffiuclt to afford the schooling.


not enough parking for everyone


When it rains, it pours. The school is not weather friendly, so you will be drenched. That's a promise.


Driving and gas bothers me. Walking to my classes is tiring because they are far. Parking sucks and teachers need to give more extra credit. Also tuition is expensive


With budget cuts setting in, the most frustrating thing about Cal State Long Beach is the availability of classes. Classes are randomly being cancelled, and furlough days are taking away from our learning.


Nothing really frustrates me about this school, great place.


lack of parking space


The most frustrating thing about this school is how the library is on the opposite side of campus from the dorms. It is a long walk just to check out some books.


The most frustrating thing about CSULB is the parking spaces and the distance between colleges or rooms.


If you're bad at planning, you'll have classes back to back from one end of the campus to the other.


the career center doesnt really advertise jobs for art historians


Change takes time, but that is true for all institutions.


It does seem to be getting bigger which causes the financial situation to be a little more scarse than usual


Parking! it can be difficult at certain peak times of the day to find parking, especially with ongoing construction that occurs on campus, such as building more parking structures. Students get the parking lots furthest from the academic buildings, so timing is of the essence.


budget cuts = less classes


Like all colleges, I think, it offers so many tempting social activities that sometimes it's hard to keep on top of homework. I think the campus and the school itself is great, though. Living on campus sometimes isn't the best, because many of the people who are in charge on campus housing don't seem to really care about the students. They often put new rules into effect and don't adequately inform residents of these new rules or regulations.


The residents assitance have been know for excercising their suppossed authority in ways that encroah on the privacy . The food at the dining hall is continually questionable and the times that the dining halls close are inconvienient for thos who have night classes. It is also inconvienient that the change machine is not located in the laundry room, which is the only place where you would need change in the area.