California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about California State University-Long Beach?


The parking situation-- there are only parking lots for students at the bottom of campus, so if you have classes at the top of campus, you have to walk about a mile (or take the shuttle) to class. It would have been nice to have parking all around the campus. Also, the lack of financial aid to students they consider "well-off" even when there was no financial support given from the family. Wish they could consider financial aid rewards to people who may not appear to be underpriveleged, but that are!


Figuring out women.


The most frustrating thing about my school is getting around. My school is big. Huge in fact. I think that, after UCLA, it is the biggest school in California. Because of this, there's a crrazy amount of students parking, walking, and pretty much fighting to get to class everyday. Unfortunately for students, it's difficult to get around during the first weeks of school because the parking structure fills up by nine AM on the dot, and even though our big school is wide and quite a walk to opposite sides of campus, there are no shuttles to take.


The most frustrating thing is definitely the fees, although that comes with most universities.


The most fustrating thing about CSULB is parking enforcement and parking itself. It is always a fight to find a parking spot. There have been numerous times I have been late to either class or my on-campus job because of parking. That can happen even if I am 30 minutes early. As well I think parking enforcement is worse then a general poclice officer. They gave me a ticket for not have my front license plate attached to the front of my car. I thought that was an officers job, not a student.




The most fustrating thing is that the parking is so far away from the Art department.


There are so many options and services available that it is sometimes difficult to find exactly where to go for assistance. It is always available once you find the correct place but its a big campus and getting to and from the different locations can take up to 20 minutes.


My frustrations come from my major being impacted and not always being able to get into the classes I need to in order to graduate. Also the fact that tuition is going up does not help my situation at school or at home, I have to work more at my part time job in order to help my parents pay for my schooling.


So far, so good, the first semester of college brought me no frustrations, at all. Let's see what the second semester of freshman year brings upon.