California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before i started attending CSU-Long Beach, i wish that i had known you cannot trust the freshmen orientation advisors, as none of them actually know your major plan, and instead they just want you to take generic classes until you have enough units to qualify as a sophmore, which is apparently when you should start your major classes. As someone who is dedicated to a prompt graduation date, this explains why this school keeps track of a 6-year graduation stat instead of a 4-year one.


I wish I knew how important it was to the city's economy. The university generates most of the revenue in this city so I would have utilized that.


Before I came to this school, the problems I had were minute compared to the problems I face in college today. I wish my mom would of started a college fund for me while in highschool. It has been extremely difficult for me to be a full - time student and balance a work load. I come from a single parent background, and I use to live far from campus. I wish someone would have encouraged me to apply to more scholarships and really prepared me for the debt which you can accumulate, just from trying to better yourself.


the parking...


I wish I had known how amazing college was ad how many oppotunities are available for everyone. No matter the major you on. I would have loved to have been shown where to go when I needed something because their are many resources that are available to you. There are may thing that one can be involved in that could truly affect your future. It really important to utilize what is available to you on campus adn it make your college exprience a thousnad times better when your involved and it give you community and help on campus.


Even though there is the intimidation of being lost on such a large campus, there is really a small school feel to the university if you take advantage of your resources. There are some large classes, but not as large as some of the lecture halls at the UC schools. Classes will be more intimate in the Lab or small group portions of the class. Also, Professors are accessible for one-on-one help during office hours. There really is no reason to not get the help and guidance that you need.


I havent really figured anything out that i should of known before.


To get involved from the start, and take advantage of allthe resources.


How far I would have to park from my classes


I wish I had known that on-site laundry was a rare luxury in Long Beach!


I feel that I was well educated on what Cal State Long Beach had to offer. The one aspect I wish I knew more about would be scholarship and intern options.


I believe all my questions were answered before being admitted to this campus.


Able to identify where my classes were


There isn't a doubt in my mind when I started attending California State University - Long Beach. I knew I wanted to to major in civil engineering and felt the major was a good fit for me. But. if anything, what I could have done more are attempting to network more and try to get straight A's. I really didn't are at the time and just only wanted to pass all my classes, get my degree, and work as an engineer. But, with the recession, it made see the importance of a master's degree.


I wish I had known the jump one must make between attending a junior college and attending a 4-year university. The work load at a 4-year university is much more than that of a junior college, but one also learns more in terms of subject matter and more in depth.


Before attending CSULB as a freshman, I wish I know how serious college is. Attending a university is nothing compared to how to is in highschool. One main thing is that you cannot turn in any late work, depending on the professor. Another thing that I wish I knew is how to spend my money wisely. Learning how to manage money is very important because if you don't work or get money from parents, then managing money can be very helpful in the long run.


I wish I had known about the community feel of the campus. Although you definitely cannot know every student, most of the students and staff are friendly and willing to help strangers. The faculty is generally extremely open, and professors are reliably available during their office hours. If you have any questions, virtually anybody is willing to help you find an answer; freshmen in particular become the focal point of many campus activities, welcoming them and integrating them into the campus life.


There are so many helpful programs that are just not advertized as well as they should be. We have a writing resource lab, tons of extra activities (dance, athletic, academic), and events ASI holds to get students feeling more involved an connected to the school- jsut to name a new. I didn't realize we had so much until the end of my sopomore year.


I wish I would have known that the budget cuts were going to be so bad. My classes got cut really badly, and most of the good, young professors were laid off. I also had a really difficult time getting into classes, and a lot of people cannot graduate on time. Unfortunately that has put a negative view on California schools in general.


That i should have taken the chemistry and math placement test to graduate sooner.


Due to two college readiness programs, United Friends of the Children and West Los Angeles Upward Bound Program, their workshops prepared me for college and am well informed. So there is nothing I wish I had known before I came to CSU Long Beach.


I wish that I knew about how to manage a blanced life with college work and tests. My test taking abilites increased because I learned more of what teachers want on the test now then when I first began the school.


What I wish I had known before coming to this school is that it doesnt have a football team anymore because of budget cuts. I also wish I would have known that living on campus would cost me more than taking classes here. Staying here on campus has cut my finances down completely and used up all of my financial aid to the point where I have none left over and still have payments left.


If I had a better insight as to what I could expect from my academic load and the amount of work that was going to be expected from me by my teachers, I feel that it woud have better transitioned me from high school to college. There was a signifigant difference between the way classes are taught and homework and projects are assigned from high school to college. Had I been fully aware of this difference, I would have know what to expect from my college courses, and would have been more succesfull in completing reading and homework assignments.


There are several things I wish I had known before choosing my school. I wish I had known that the school fosters no sense of community, harbors a poor quality education, and there is no freshman integration program. Though there was no way to tell at the time, I also wish I had known that my tuition and fees would increase another four thousand dollars between the time I enrolled and the time the school year started.


As a incoming freshman, I wish that i had become familiar with the campus because it is a big campus compared to high school. In addition as I wish that I had known about the competition for classes rather than just thinking that classes would be open. In addition, I wish that I known what you were personally responsible for getting your books and personally emailing the professor so that you would be prepared on the first day of classes.


I wish I had known about the different sorority group opportunities because I feel that being in a sorority or fraternity is a really important univeristy experience. It offers students a family like environment in which all members are around the same age and can learn from eachother and grow with one another during their college years. It also provides friends one will have for a lifetime.


Primarily, that everyone is diverse by culture and their aspirations to be there. Every student that I've spoken with has enriched my understanding; that our world revolves around creative, insightful, and hopeful people. High school limited my ability to see beyond a South Los Angeles, gang affiliated atmosphere, and I couldn't learn to respect the culture that people held deep within. For instance, during my first day in the library, I noticed a muslim woman in a meditative prayer and I laughed. But, when she asked me to join her, I began to understand the beauty of culture.


If only I knew how much money it costs to go to college, that would have definitely affected my decision in choosing which school to go to.


I wish I knew the area better and how difficult the classes would be. This school is a new experience that i am glad I am able to endure. I also wish I had knew how large the school was in terms of people and acres.


I wish that I had known to utilize all of the student services available on campus before I came to California State University Long Beach. The school provides these resourses to assist students in all aspects of their education and career goals.


Before I came to this school, I wish I had known what I wanted to do with a business major . I came to CSULB thinking if I should change my major. When applying to this school, I chose business as my major because I love the idea of marketing and financing. I thought to myself, I will just stick to it since I have an interest in this field. However, it will only take a matter of time to determine what I really want to pursue with a business major because CSULB has a pretty good business program.


I wish I would have known that Cal State Long Beach was going to build many new buildings. Since I am a Junior, I may not be able to fully enjoy these new building that are being built.


I would have liked to have known that there was a shuttle system during my freshman year. Parking is very far from the classrooms. It would sometimes take me 15 to 20 minutes walking to get to class with all my materials on hand. The shuttle service is something I found out about later in and it was more convinient. Aside from this I would have liked to have known of the escort service offered in the evening. I had often had to walk to my car alone and at night.


Nothing, everything is pretty much disclosed prior to entering the school.


Relax. Breathe. This is the easy part in life. Going to college is the time to be creative, smart and opinionated. College is when you find yourself. When you get to become exactly the person you want to be. Take the time to look around and really think about who you are and who you want to become. There is no hurry, these are going to be the best four years, or 6 for some, in your life. Try your best and never give up on yourself. Don't worry and have the time of your life. It's college!


I wish I had known that I should intgrate my G.E.'s with my major courses so that it would not be as difficult as an upperclassmen


That advising was soooo important! And that our school offers so many fun things to do and so many fun programs.


Parking spaces, tuition, and to get scholarshpis/financial aid


I wish somebody would have told me that books that are not the current edition of what the class is using are still relevant and can be used in class. Instead of using the current 6th edition I can use the 5th edition, it is about a quarter of the cost and the information is the same.


I wish that I would have known that there was an Archery and Rugby class!


how mostly all the biology teachers have bad accents.


Before I came to this school I wish that I was more aware of different cultures and languages of people from different nationalities all over the world. Since this school is so diverse, I have come in contact with people from all different backgrounds. I really wish that I could have knew just a little bit more than I know now about all of these different cultures and things because I am a people person, and I am just delighted to see the look on people's faces when I know things about their culture that they thought nobody knew.


How big the school raelly is.


I wish I knew that the first year or two are very important in establishing your GPA. I would have tried harder in the beginning.


Being the oldest in my family, I had no one to follow when it came to my academics. I was left to depend upon friends with older siblings and the aid of my high school counselors. Before I came to this school, I wish I had known more about the academic system that the college campus utilizes. It is very different from that of the high school systems. You are able to choose your own schedule but you have many more requirements to fulfill. It would've been helpful to be more informed about the system but you learn quickly.


It would take forever to graduate because even as a fifth year with senior status and already filed to graduate, you will still not be able to get into classes because there are way too many students here for the amount of courses offered.




I wish I had known, specifically provided by my high school, information on which classes I needed to take to be at college level in math and english.


Efficient study habits, and better socializing skills.