California State University-Los Angeles Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is very diverse ethinically, racially, culturally and spiriutally.


My school—CSU Los Angeles—in my perspective is a big school especially for me coming from a 1000 student high school, CSULA is a great place to go to college, its filled with good vibes and phenomenal people.


My school is close to adventurous downtown LA, it is not too big, it has a great transportation system, and it is worth a shot.


The best advice I can give to others is to work hard and never lose sight of the ultimate goal: graduation. Although some times may be hard and many sacrifices will be made, like money, time, missing out on parties, etc. It will all be for the best, because in the end, you will have something to show for it, your degree. Education is the only way to get ahead in this competitive market. Never settle, always go after your goals and dreams. Most importantly, believe in yourself and never give up!


Real LA, a mixture of acceptance of differnet culture, traditions, and styles.


CSULA is a very active and diverse school.


Friendly, supportive and great education given


California State University, Los Angeles is a very nice looking campus and is considered the melting pot of Los Angeles because of its variety of ethnicities and backgrounds of the student body.


I like my school, the services they provide, the trimester system, and many of my professors.


I enjoy attending at CSULA because it has a great environment for the students and it provides the best educational opportunities for its students.


Los Angeles Valley College, although just a two-year community college, is a wonderful school because of their many resources and helpful counselors and professors.


This school is a "commuter school".


Cal State Los Angeles is an institution of opportunities and achieved success.


The school is good but not the best.


My school is very diverse. The students are nice and approachable. The faculty and staff are very accomodating. Calstate LA in my mind is the best place to start if one doesn't quite know what to do as a career yet. I'm completely comfortable being on campus and using the many resources they make available for me. It may not provide the stereotyped "college life" we see on TV, but it certainly has a good balance between academics and fun. I seriously believe that Calstate LA is the place to grow up and discover what you may want.


CSU Los Angeles is a small school that heavily effected by the economic recession, therfore, class availability is down drastically making it difficult for students to get the classes they need in order to graduate on time.


It is a lot like high school.


CSULA is long and compact.


I think that its a very diverse environment in which to learn.


CSULA is perfect for working students with a focus in business administration; very convienient class times and location.


My school is an environment that encourages individuality and academic excellence.


It is very involved with it's students, and doesn't leave anyone out.


There are a few old buildings. When I first got there it looked like a concrete Jungle but now they have redone a lot of the school and I now think it looks more comfortable. Theres more grass and flowers and we also have 4 new buildings which is AWESOME!