California State University-Los Angeles Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.

Jie Hui Jeffrey

My school is a California State university and it is pretty famous in California. CSULA is best known for their nursing program. This university is great and pretty good at academic.

Jesse Anthony

Health and Engineering majors


My school is best known for its great Administration of Justice programs, the staff is wonderful and the classes are amazingly informative.


For having a diverse campus, as well as many different activities that you're able to get involved with. There academic system alsways comes first, and there mission is to have you graduate and become successful.


Engineering competions and the diversity on campus.


California State University, Los Angeles is best known for its nursing, engineering, and education programs.




Volleyball and Basketball


my school is best known for their Criminal Justice Program and their new forensic Lab


CSULA is best known for being ethnically diverse and a commuting university.


My school is best known for Fine Arts, there are a lot of dance, music, and art classes. Although we do have other majors the main focus is fine arts, therefore if someone loves music, dance or art this is the school to go to because all the teachers are very nice and helpful.


Cal State LA is probably best known for its convenience. They offer alot of evening, online and weekend classes. The professors are really understanding and compassionate since they know almost everyone is struggling between life, work & school. The classes arent that large so building a relationship with your professor is also very feasible.


My school is best known for their Nursing program. They have about many applicants each year but only admit about 60 student each year. It is a very competitve program to get into.