California State University-Los Angeles Top Questions

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California State Univeristy, Los Angeles is a commuter school, meaning that students usually go home after a class is over. There are reliable public transportations which takes students directly to the school and the cost is very affordable. There are many clubs and organizations to join, some include speicific interests. Many clubs and organizations let all majors join, so there is no exluding anyone. Professors are willing to help students who reach out to them.


Our school is a very diver’s campus with students and Professors who are friendly and helpful. Cal State Los Angles offers several resources that guide each student to be academically successful and reach their goals of graduating.


what is unique is the location


it has the best criminal justices program.


CSULA is unique as it is very diverse and has people coming in from all parts of Southern California every day, not just Los Angeles.


The thing that is unique to the other school I attended was how the voice faculty are at this school. The professors made me feel extremely well and they give constructive criticism and enjoy to teach. It feels more like a family as opposed to a teacher-student relationship. It is very nice to be a part of that.


Small class size one on one attention.


It is mostly a commuter school, so most students stay off campus and mainly utilize the campus for academic purposes only.


I believe that because it is within one of the biggest community college districts in California, you can take classes within the district if it is not offered at your primary school.


At Cal State Los ANgeles, the staff actually makes an effort to teach and to help their students to the best of their abilities. Also there is various types of cultures and backgrounds that one would be able to learn about many different cultures. It is also a great place for networking and getting to know many new people.


My school has great education and cares about the students finacial troubles. It offers the same education for a cheaper price than most colleges and it still helps you find ways to pay for the school if you are unable to with payment plans. Another unique thing about my school which actually attracted me to it was the dorms. Instead of having regular dorms we have apartments, so we learn how to live on our own and take care of ourselves the way we would in real life.


it is very diverse and the classes are pretty flexible. also the student body is very well involved with in the academic contribution of our school.


It is small and I can get my schooling done quickly with no distractions.


It's cheap.


Cal state Los Angeles is one of the most ethnically diverse Universities in the nation. It does not have a football team. There have been performances from local and internationally known artists. There are about two to three solar eagle which are solar powered electric vehicle designed and built by students.


I really enjoy the quarter system at my school. I also enjoy the students and faculty here because they are friendly. It is easy to approach people for help. The small class sizes make learning material better for students.


There is a mixture od races and cultures. The campus is different and very beautiful compared to other schools. I believe also there are some professors that not only become educators but friends to students. I appreciate the few that have helped me.


there are alot of different cultures displayed amongst the students, and the people who know what resources they have use them!


California State University, Los Angeles is focused on giving each student the best education possible not just from textbooks but also from experiences and research. Each student learns different ways to help the community through their education. Very student centered.


What is unique about my school compared to the others is that although it is very close to downtown LA it is still very quiet and a person can feel comfortable to walk around alone at night. There is also a mini bus station and train station on campus which makes it much easier to come and go especially with LA traffic. Another unique thing about my school is how ethnically diverse the campus is, not only when talking about the students but also with the administrators and professors.


Its very close to a large city. This means there are many things to do in the city but it is alos very dangerous and scary if you're not used to this kind of enviornment. The school is also VERY diverse in cultures which is very different than any of the other schools I planned on attending. However, The school is in the middle of a residential area, so there is NOTHING to do for miles. Mostly until you get to Downtown or Pasadena, Santa Monica and such.