California State University-Los Angeles Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I always brag about amazing there Speech and Language Pathology Program is at CSULA


I actually do not brag about anything to my friends about my school.


My school is only a few miles from Downtown Los Angeles and the weather there is great.


I love to brag about the different cultures that we have at campus. I have learn certain words in tagalo because one of my classmates spoke that language and she taught me different words. I can brag about the new things I learn from my classes because every class has a different topic.


I don't really brag about it.


The vast amount of resources available to students is countless. There are a variety of tools available for students to help aid them along their journey through college. Resources like the many leveled library, and the excellent writing center. There is also free tutoring and plenty of advisors to help guide you if you have any problems or questions. The staff and employees, as well as the members of CSULA are all very friendly, and they make it very easy to access resources that you may need in your current goal in attending college.


What I enjoy the most at CSULA is the ability they give the students to pay a set amount for each quarter, by doing this you can pay the cost of taking 12 units but can take up to 21 units for the same price! In order to take 21 units you do need to get approved by the enrollment center to verify that your gpa is high enough and that they think you can handle that heavy of a class load. If not approved you can take up to 18 units for the same price as 12 units.


It's ok school, but it is better than junior college level. . .; there are some excellent professors, but majority old timers are bias to their own races of students. . .


I tell them I get to major in exactly what I want! I am majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Child Development. I love that I can work toward my goal of going to the medical field and becoming a pediatrician.


Cal State Los Angeles has an Excellent teaching program. I am majoring in Natural Science with a Blended option that allows me to pursue a Bachelor's Degree and a teaching credential simultaneously. Upon graduation, I will be able to search for a teaching job with confidence and experience.


I brag about how close it is to my house and how since it is not one of the most popular Cal State's I brag about how it is easier then other schools to recieve my classes. If one does not delay at my school, we are given timely manner to recieve our classes. I brag about the evironment in which I am in being very clean and eco- friendly. The students at my school are also friendly and concentrated on school like me. There is no negative activity to distract me from completing my accomplishments.


While talking to friends, I tell them how great the professors are and how they actually make an effort to teach their students. I also tell my friends and associates how being at Cal State Los Angeles has opened up many doors for me and how grateful I am for making it this far.


I usually brag or talk about what I do at school, like the classes I take or what happens in certain classes. Sometimes I talk about a few interesting courses that I have taken.


When I tell my friends things about my school I usually tell them that I get out early, I have a good class schedule and professors take their time to explain the material.


lack of classes


That I am a art major?


That the teachers teach you the subjects with life experience so its easier to remember sometimes. Also, that some of the teachers are really hard but then after taking them, I find that they are great because even if I didn't get a Great Grade, I learned the information.




I usually brag that while Cal State LA often goes unoticed and somewhat unheard of, Cal State LA ranks just as high if not higher in their Nursing and Engineering program. Cal State LA breeds very successful Alumni for example Maxine Waters. Cal State LA is a place that is for the students and continues to improve campus for the students. Cal State LA is the first University on the West Coast to have a crimminalistics labratory on campus in which the student work in joint with the LAPD and Sheriffs Department.


Proximity, the Business School, the Nursing Program