California State University-Los Angeles Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Well so far what I have notice at CSULA is that its a pretty good campus and they do have a variety of option and they do offer alot of resources and also workstudies which is a great thing. The only issue I would say that I have encountered was that they are not well organized do to that they have missed and confused my information that cost me moeny from my own pocket, but overall its a pretty good school.


Tuition seems to never stop increasing and as middle class students with a dream to pursue a career it is very difficult for everyone.


I think it's getting classes you need for certain majors. Sometimes people from three different majors need the same class at the same time and so your academic plan gets thrown off.


everything and nothing

Jesse Anthony

Ethnic diversity


I cant recall what the worst thing is about my school. Cal state LA is a preety good university. All students are motivated and all the proffesors here are dedicated to teach. This university is a safe secure campus.


The worse thing is the bureaucracy. Nothing gets done around campus and people feel like they run around without getting anywhere.


The worst aspect of CSULA is the organization of the administration and staff. I have had many issues at this school about my applications and financial aid. I was denied from the university when acceptance letters first came around because the school did not even look at my application. They then tried to make it seem as if I had done something incorrectly. Suffice to say, I was able to fix all of my mistakes by myself, but not without losing money and time, for which I was not compensated.


Certain majors favor people of certain races, genders and economic backgrounds.


The worst thing would have to be the long lines outside of the financial aid building and how much there is to memorize.


The worst thing about my school I would have to say is our Finanacial Aid Office becausethe're so slow eith paaperwork and always losing people's documents


I like everything about my school.


most students like to cheap & lazy; especially, comes to group projects: majority of students are inconsidered, selfish and lack of computer skills, no mercy to let you do all of work since it is group project, I generally will do extra to make sure the projects complete. . .


Almost all of the professors in the Charter College of Education are awesome specialists in their field, however some professors in other fields make you wonder how they got hired.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the budget cuts from the state! The budget cuts in the school education has affected me in so many ways like cutting my financial aid in half. Since there is no money in the school system my department advisor was also let go, which resulted in me not having no one to consult for my classes to take in the Fall of 2009. Do to this down fall it has set me back a class, making me take 17 units instead of 12 units.


The worst thing about my school is that the tuition keeps rising and the amount of classes being offered has been brought down in quantity.


At times my school can seem impersonal. Since I do not live on campus I am not as involved as I would like to be.


The worst thing about my school is that certain Fridays campus is closed and depending on the professors, they have to take days off and that takes away from student's education.


I have never been able to get the classes I need because of issues with financial aid. They always loose my forms or are "so backed up" that it takes longer than stated forcing me to wait too long to register for classes, making it nearly impossible to get the classes I need when I need them.


People are often in a rush, because many of them have jobs that help them pay for tuition.


The worst thing about my school is that the majority of classes aren't offered every quarter.


The worst thing about my school is the food court; it needs more variety! I can only eat a certain amount of sushi, burgers, burritoes, and tacos for so long.




There is a poor school spirit and lack of communication between students and staff.


The worst thing is that it is very hard to find extra money to pay for things.


Lack of greek life. Commuter school orientated.


Many of the supplies, buildings and furniture is out of date. Chairs seem to be from the 70's and 80's - lack of outlets in lecture halls mean everyone with a laptop fights for the seat closest, etc.


the tutition!!!


The worst thing about my school is the construction that they are doing,but it's a Catch-22 since the new building's are beautiful.


There is a lack of comradery. Like most Cal State University campuses, it is a commuter school, meaning most students don't live on campus, rather they drive or take public transportation to school. Because of that, the school lacks a feeling of community because most people drive to school, go to class, then leave. Most of the students who participate in clubs, sports, etc happen to live on campus. Many of the students work full or part time and/or are married with children.


Unfortunately parking can be very difficult. Students must arrive to school at least an hour before class in order to find parking.