California State University-Los Angeles Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any student who is interested in going to a diverse school ethinically, racially and culturally. A student who is willing to work hard due to a quarter system and a student who likes to take many different classes also due to the quarter system. Any student who is comfortable and liberal enough to have an open mind about many different views on society.


Honestly, anyone can attend this school. There is not really a category of someone that should attend. This campus has great majors and programs. Also they have awsome events and lots of opportunities to for jobs and community service.


I believe the type of person that should attend this school is somebody who doesn't want to pay a lot for tuition. If you live in or around the Los Angeles county and don't want to go far from home, this is the perfect school for you. The school is located in a residential area so if you like peace and quiet this is the school for you.


People should attend this school if they like the city and dont mind large classrooms.


Any one who wants to go to school in a large city with a large ethnic diversity should come to CSULA. Also, people who want to major in chemistry or any other related subjects should come here because CSULA has very good chemistry programs. They also have a very good art programs if any one is interested in majoring in art.


Someone who is committed to getting a quality education at a reasonable cost at the undergraduate level. Someone who is a serious student


A person who is dedicated to learn insightful and valuable knowledge. He or she must be open to meeting people of all cultures. Also, the person is willing to commute each and everyday to and from school regardless of the congested traffic dilemma.


Calstate,la is for people that want education but cant afford it. So its for everyone because it attracts to all personalities. They have departments for the arts so it reaches out to creative people that like to dance, sing, or draw. It also reaches out to people that want to have regular careers with great departments that help you decide the career that would best fit you.


The person who should attend this school is willing to work hard and learn from the professors and classmates.


A person who is not afraid of diversity. Being in Southern California, it is one of the most diverse schools in the world.


Someone who is dedicated and genuine in their education. Also, someone who knows this school will supply the courses they need and/or want to graduate with the major of their choice. I highly advise someone not to attend this school if none of the offered courses fit thier desire or field of interest.


If you want to work hard and be involved in research, this is a good school for you.


Someone who wants to learn and get involved as much as possible on campus. Who sees school as something important and is willing to at times give up certain things in order to accomplish their goals. Someone who does not give up easily.


The type of person that would attend Cal State LA is normally a commuter students or students that work and go o school at the same time. For students who are looking to major in Nursing or Engineering Cal State LA is a great school considering the Cal State LA is among the top five ranked for the best Nursing and Engineering programs. Also person that likes diversity and enjoys a relatively small yet large campus.


someone who wants to succeed and get ahead in life... and someone who isnt afraid to do things on their own or with groups of people.


Commuter. Part/Full time worker. Business or nursing majors.


Any person who is interested in having a 4-yr degree and doesnt have the sufficient money for a UC. And somone who wants to interact with a very diverse campus.


A person who wants a small learning setting and an off campus person