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What kind of person should not attend this school?

Jie Hui Jeffrey

I believe everyone should go to school, because everyone deserved a chance and no one is excluded. People should attend to school like CSULA or other university. Any student could go to CSULA if they got accepted and this school do accept everyone as families. So, any person could come to school and there is no exeption of rejecting anyone going to school.


The campus is sufficiently diverse that it's hard to pick any group that would not really fit in. That said, with CSULA's large contingent of Hispanic, Asian, and African-American students, it would be a poor choice for neo-Nazis and white supremacists in general.


Someone who is mainly looking for the experience of living on campus.


Everyone should attend this school, no matter what religion or ethnicity you are—CSU Los Angeles welcomes every student with open arms.


Students who are sociable should not attend this school. Students who intend to have school spirit or look forward to football games, this school is not for them.


If you want the whole college experience, you mosty likely should not go here. At this college, it is hard to make friends because everyone is commuting to and from school and no one has time to sit and make friends. Everyone, including me, focuses on going to classes on time and getting good grades so there is no time to party and have a social life. Even though this college is located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, it is not a party school. That being said, this college is a great college to transition from highschool into college.


I do not think that no one should attend this school. It is diverse, there are many sports to play both on the school team as well as intramural. There are so many workshops available each week that it is impossible for what you like to not end up as a workshop. There is eveything from jocks to music/band people. There is something for everyone here.


Someone who doesnt want to learn and always wants to take the easy way out.


People should not consider this school if they dont like large classrooms and are looking for more diversity.


Someone who isn't sociable, friendly,or focused on thier academics


CSULA isn't for someone who is definitely career oriented. I've met more students who are majoring in english, communications, liberal studies and sociology. If someone has a set career in mind such as being a doctor, I think another school would be preferable. CSULA, from my experience, is a liberal college, and most people are here to get their feet wet or to simply get a degree, but I am not sure how career oriented they are. So like I said, someone dead set on a particular career shouldn't attend this schoool.


Any student who is a big sports enthusiast (i.e. Football, basketball etc.) should steer clear of this school. Also, any student who likes long semesters should not attend as well.


Someone who is easily discouraged and is not willing to go the extra mile to get what they need from their education.


I would consider for students who like to take classes in short term because CSULA is cored system school.


Everyone should be welcome to attend CSULA because its a great school and all ethnicity gets along.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this college is someone who needs constant assistance from the school in order to help them graduate. The professors are always there to help, but they can only do so much. It's above their heads to help you with graduating on time.


Any person can attend this CSULA.


A person that is not fully dedicated nor devoted to his/her studies should not attend this college.


those who want big name recognition from their schools


I think this school is open to all kinds of people regaurdless of wjere they came from, what they believe in or how they look. I have met so many different people at this school it's amazing and I seem to love them all.


anyone who is willing to learn...and want a better future


The kind of person that should attend this school must have an open mind, a liberal attitude, and the ability to expand their horizons. But as any student should be, this person is also motivated to learn and have the ability to know what they want out of life and ultimately pursue it.


A person who is only going to college to party and have fun. Cal State LA is definitley NOT a party school.


Individuals that are close-minded and aren't willing to be exposed to different kinds of people and lifestyles. Individuals who are looking for a reasearch/theoretical academic enviornment, unless they are pursuing and advanced degree like a Masters or Doctorate.


This school welcomes anyone who is willing to learn.