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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have recieved leadership skills and a lot of engineering practice. I have been able to take these skills with me to an internship that I recieved from an on campus career fair.


I have not attended college but I am planing on going to Provo College and I think it will be a great experience for me and an awsome opportunity to grow and make my parents and family proud.


I have been out of school for a while now and it has been the best experience thus far to be back in college. I have been back in school since September 13th and ITT Technical Institute has given me a great start to refresh my brain. School is a very special part of my education because I'm showing my daughters that I won't stop nor will I give until I have walked out with a degree and give them the best life that they deserve. My college experienc we thus far let's me know that in 21/2 years I will have a degree which is really motivating me to go futher with my education. It's been an honor to attend ITT Technical Institute because the staff makes me feel welcome and that the resources the school have to help students is outstanding. The teacher I have thus far lets me know and feel that they are there for me or the class anytime if needed. I look at being back in school as part one in acomplishing my goals, my main goal which will be accomplish is to GRADUATE and to have a career.


So far my college experience has taught me that i need to be my own person. i have to think for myself and not let others actions and thoughts determine what i do with my life. attending college is valuable because i am able to push myself further than what i would have done if i just went into the work force. it is helping me really discover who i am.


I completed my BS in dietetics at CSULA after transfering from another college. Originally, I would have taken 3 years to complete my degree due to transfering of school, but I was able to complete everything in 2 years (thanks for all professors who allowed me to take the classes I needed). In addition to being able to take excess units, I got a scholarship that paid for one whole year of school there. Great help as I did not qualify for any financial aid! Also, I was the President of a club organization, which I am certain I would not have had this opportunity at another school. I was well respected and liked by both students and professors. I made lifelong friends and I still keep in touch with them all. I really enjoyed the variety of resources offered at CSULA, from financial aid to career support programs. CSULA is an amazing school - supportive and friendly environment. I would strongly recommend a future student to attend this school and be actively involved with extra curriculum actitivities. A wonderful way to make new friends and networking. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write about my school!


My first year of college taught me so much-- not just English composition and trigonometry, but more importanty how to be a good student and how to plan the rest of my academic career. In the beginning, I was just glad to get out of high school, feeling so grateful that I found a college that would let me enroll at fifteen years old. At first I was overwhelmed by the college work I was receiving, but then I realized that I was in college to enjoy my education (something that was impossible in high school), and I decided to be a good student. I did my work diligently, absorbed as much knowledge as I can, and had fun learning new things. Moreover, I got involved on campus and in the community. I joined Amnesty International and the mock trial club, and I volunteered at my middle school. I began thinking about resumes and recommendations I may have to ask from professors. While things certainly got more serious, I am still very much enjoying my college experience. That's because my freshman year taught me that while college is fun, I have to always keep the future in mind.


The college experience thus far has provided a great value and definitely been somewhat of an eye-opener. I have learned a great deal, not just on an educational level but on a personal level as well. One thing I love about college is while it is more demanding than highschool, it seems less rigid. A more freeing experience, to genuinely explore your aspirations and find out what truly motivates you. One of the greatest values college offers is personal growth. You learn a lot about yourself, your strengths as well as your weaknesses. It's important to stay open, open to opurtunities, ideas, and differences. For me I'm learning how to direct my desires, and fuel myself because passion isn't enough, you have to know how to apply it. College is carving out ambition and meshing that with your passion and love of what you do, all while expanding your mind.


The ability to work with diverse groups of people....


It's better environment and educational place to learn rather than junior colleges.


I enjoyed my studies immensely. I was an excellent student and received good grades. I was serious about getting an education. My undergraduate degress in psychology provided me with a firm foundation to enter graduate school. Because I did get a good education in my major, I became highly competitive in the workforce. Before I began college, I did not feel that I had what it takes to go to college. Therefore, I did not enter college right out of high school. When I did decide, I feel that I was then ready to be a serious student. After all of my excellent work experience, I have decided to further my education in my field at the doctoral level


It hasn't been valuable at all.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself in high school, I?d advice myself to utilize all the academic resources at my disposal and never give up. As a high school senior, I experienced spells of depression as a senior and much of this depression was due to the fact that I could not figure out what I wanted to do with my life. At one point I thought it did not make much sense to pursue a higher education if I didn?t have a career objective. I skipped two semesters of school and got bad grades which hurt me even more. But at long last, I met with an EOP&S academic counselor who helped me decide on a career path and I regained the motivation I once lacked, got good grades and went on to transfer to CSULA!


I would first advise the high school "Lisa" to not be overwhelmed by the amount of freedom available once I graduate from high school. Secondly, I would advise myself to network with the professors and become involved on campus. The professors and staff are great resources for jobs, internships, scholarships, and recommendations. The more you netowrk with people, the more knowledgeable you become. Lastly, I would remind myself that the decisions I make in college are going to affect my future!


I would tell myself not to rush, to figure out what it was that i wanted to do before i go to school for it. You can always do core credits but dont get a degree in something that you won't want to use after college. Try to fill out financial aid information and scholarships ahead of time so you don't have to seat waiting to see if they come through.


i would tell Myself to buckle down and make the best grades. I would also have been more attentive in class.


Dear Araceli, Senior year is crazy, college is around the corner and things are falling apart at the seams when it comes to financial aid. Don't give up! your a strong motivated young woman who knows what she wants. You can succeed your family is counting on you. Leaving the nest is going to be rough, you don't have the ability to go home often. Your cell phone will be your best friend, BOOST UP THOSE MINUTES! because when college seems to bring you down your parents will be that phone call away that you need to put a smile on your face. Be yourself, be strong and know that you can succeed, it's what you been working for all your life. Best of all, think of the smile on your parents face when you finally walk across that stage: "A college graduate, that's my daughter" your father will exclaim. Imagine that, and you will get through this. I believe in you, because I've seen you pull through before. Sincerely yours; your biggest advocate, Araceli Leon Cal State Los Angeles '13


If I had the opportunity to go back in time I would tell myself that an education is one of the most important assets a person can have, right up there with integrity. In order to succeed in the world, although the idea of college is frightening, expensive, and time consuming, the end result is acheivement of a goal. There will be challenges in life, many decisions to make, some right, some wrong. Yet, the completion of college opens new doors for new and exciting adventures. When you go to college you will meet many people and if you are lucky will end up with friendships that last a life time. When college is completed any task at hand will be small compared to what you were able to accomplish. Sure you will get tired and look for an easy way out but if you persevere and complete your studies the world is at your fingertips. You will look back at your time in college as one of awe for all the accomplishments you achieved.


Hollie try to focus more on reading instead of doing the bare minimum to do good. College requires more reading and comprehension.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would advise myself to thoroughly think about all decisions that I make pertaining to my future. I would also advise myself to take my time and live life to the fullest. I would also suggest that I participate in matters to improve my community and I would be more environmentally conscious. I would focus on developing a greater social life. I'd suggest that I devote time to the elderly and paticipate in any organization that's aimed toward ending world hunger and promoting world peace. I would be open minded and tolerant to other's views. I would explore different cultures , learn as many languages as I could, and travel to many places. I would suggest that I volunteer at a homeless shelter. I would use my time mor wisely. I would tell myself that high is just a training camp that's purpose is to prepare me for the real world. I would remind myself of the vast array of opportunities avaliable to me and reassure myself that although stepping out in the world is intimidating, there are those that care.


If I could back in time and talk to myself as a High School senior, I would tell myself to explore my options more so that I could stay on top of the classes and pre-reqs for Kinesiology because it would cause me to continue school for longer than I anticipated. I would tell myself to stay focused and be strong beacuse I will have to endure a tough time in my life during my college career. I would metion that I have to be more patient with my parents because of the diagnosis of rectal cancer for my father, a disease that he has been battling for more than 2 years. Not to mention to stay on top of my medical appointments and how important it is to visit the doctor because I too will be diagnosed with cancer later on in life. The most important thing I would say to myself is to love and live life, but also be smart about my decisions and really think about the possibilities of the future because it could be an important factor that could change my life forever.


As a Communications major student, I enjoy meeting and interacting with people of all colors and overtime, I?ve learn to be culturally sensitive to the people I happen to meet. This being the case, having an open-mind and hand are highly recommended, especially if you desire to meet other students, who may later become your study/social partners. However, some students don?t appear to be so friendly or perhaps easy to speak with, unless you join a fraternity; for example, some walk with their heads down and seem to be displeased and apathetic with school and or life. In a sense, you are looked down upon if you are not part of an identifiable clique, and others tend to ostracize you because you opt not to be hip. Another useful suggestion, and I highly stress this, is to submit all necessary financial aid documents prior to the first day of instructions. This may prevent any deferred checks from arriving in the mail so that you would have the money to purchase books and essential school supplies.




It is important to continue with schooling without long breaks. Being a high school student that graduated and took several years off, I can say the biggest mistake is "taking time off." It is so easy to continue with the flow of education, and so hard to get back into it once your skills are rusty. Study habits, essay writing, researching, group projects, proposals, and presentations are seemingly do-able to high school students. Only a student with the experience of re-entering education, can tell you that these tasks become distant memories , needing long nights, weekends, and too much coffee to get back into the learning groove. By entering college right after high school, your life will be so much easier and the rewards will be so much nearer.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior and talk to myself about college life and making the transition, I would give my self the most important advice that I never received which is be prepared and plan ahead. I would definitely be prepared for the SAT test by taking classes that would be helpful for me to succeed. I would also start applying to as many colleges as possible so that I would have options at the end of the day. I would look into scholarship programs for each school and do research on the resources that they have to offer. If I was unsure about obtaining any scholarships, then I would definitely do my research on being prepared to requesting financial aid to alleviate additional stress. If I already knew which college I was attending, then I would visit the college to make myself better familiar with my future surrounding so that I wouldn't waste time once I started. Lastly I would ensure that I brush up on my studying habits and be more organized because college is definitely a tremendous change form high school.


If I could go back I time to talk to my seventeen year old self ; I would start by explaing to my self that life does not have a magical solution for everything. Everyone is not going to miraculously discovery your true potential because your just a super good person. Life requires me work and hard work at that. Stop being so lazy start studing regularly. If you start now the transition from high school to university life will not be so hard. Also, remember to have fun. Go to school functions and socialize. When you finally become a college student pay close attention to Introduction to University!


I would advice to myself to be on time and not over estimate time. When students lack off in high school it doesn?t affect their academic achievement as much as it does in college.


I would advise myself to continue to believe in myself and that college isn't just a dream. Whatever money I can make now will not compare to the money I could be making in a fulfilling career that I am passionate about. Don't settle for less and never give up. Take advantage of the opportunities that are available, and I will not regret it. Time will pass faster than I imagine it. Before I know it, I will be closer to my goal!


When I was a high school senior, I had no plans to attend college. I was in foster care at the time, behind in credits and not on time to graduate. So, with the advice of my foster mom, I dropped out of high school and started working full time. It wasn't until a coworker of mine (at a pizza parlor I was working at) told me about the FAFSA and grant money that I even considered going to college. I also thought that I could not go because I never graduated high school. I took the time to fill out my FAFSA and found out that I qualified for the Pell Grant. I also learned that anyone who is 18 can enroll in community college after taking a placement test. If I had known that I could afford to go to college and could do so without my high school diploma, I would have started the next possible date after I dropped out of high school instead of almost 2 years later. Now, I have my AA in Liberal Arts under my belt and will soon have my BA in Anthropology. I just wish I had started sooner!


I was a straight "A" student in high school (class of 2000), and I was eager to be finished with my education all together. I chose Business Economics as my major, and I was determined to graduate in three years. I was so driven to speed through the college experience that I overwhelmed myself and withdrew from the university. Nine years later, after experiencing life and becoming a mother myself, I decided to attend Cal State Los Angeles for a Bachelor's Degree and Teaching Credential. I often wonder where I would have been in life had I been patient and mature enough to absorb all that was in front of me back then. The more I think about it, though, the more I realize that where I am today is precisely where I am supposed to be. For the first time in my life, I am excited about my prospects. I think about how far I have come in my own personal development, and I am happy with my progress. I may not be able to go back and change life, but I will be in a position to give this advice to my students: enjoy following your dreams.


If I could go back in time when I was a high school student and give myself words of advice they would be, to do more research on scholarships, apply for them and not to procrastinate. I only filled out the fafsa, call grant and one small scholarship. I would tell my self college is expensive and everything comes out of your own pocket. Loans help you pay for college and its easy now, but that when you graduate its your responsibility to pay them back and since you've just graduated your just starting out on a job and probably living on your own so money could be tight. It's better to get scholarship money so at the end theres not much to pay and you'll have money for school supplies and books(which are truly expensive and I didn't believe.) I would urge myself to stop procrastinating and just fill out more scholarships because they are for my own benifit and help make collge a little less stressful the first year.


Don?t panic! I?m from the future and I?m here to help you to make very important decisions for your future. First of all apply to all the colleges you want, trust me you have a chance to get in. Don?t second guess yourself and don?t be afraid of not getting in. Who cares if you don?t get in at least you wont regret in the FUTURE for not trying. Most importantly don?t listen to what people say about colleges not excepting early graduates, do more research on your own. Be more involved and enthusiastic about finding the right college. Finally, the last advice I give you is fallow your heart and your instincts.


If I were to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself many important things! Most importantly I would tell myself to study hard because your GPA is very important for getting into Graduate school! I would tell myself to read everything assigned and make sure at times to have study partners. I would tell myself to not worry because although it seems very scary to go to college it is not as scary as it seems. Make sure you know what it is you want your life career to be and if your not sure take General Education classes to find your way to what it is you need in life. It is also very important in college to be more involved in school and network so that when it is time to graduate you have something to look forward to. Everything in life is one step at a time and things come to you as you grow older that you did not have to face in high school so do not let your personal life interfere with your education because you will regret in the long run!


Back when I was in Highschool, I really wasn't into my studies and really never looked for aid, so that I could be financially ready for College. Therefore, if I were to go back in time and give myself words of advise, I would tell myself to pay very close attention to my studies. Its good to pass the classes but it's even better when those classes are passed with A's and B's. I would have also liked to have applied to plenty of scholarships so that i wouldn't get myself into debt, like I am right now. There is a lot of help out there, i just wish i would have taken the time to apply for it.


If as a high school senior I knew what I know now, I would tell myself three things: read more, study more, and take advantage of your classes. A majority of college is a lot of reading. If you are not used to reading as much as you will in high school, it will be more to adapt to. I would tell myself to read more books and literature so when I get to college it will come natural. I would also whisper in my ear to study more. Studying is something many people, like myself, don't get happy about doing. I would study and have a better understanding. The last thing I would greatly express would be to take advantage of my classes. In high school, you can miss school and get your work, like nothing happened. At this time with the budget cuts and so many students trying to get into the same class, missing a class and getting dropped from it is not an option. With this advice, not only would I succed as a high school senior, like I did, but I will also succed as a college senior when I get there.


Being in College, I realize how important it is to take high school seriously. I would tell myself to take harder classes and not to be intimidated if a class might seem to hard to take. I would have also told myself that taking AP classes would had tremendously helped me with finishing college a little faster and also would had helped me know the materials a little better. Lastly, I would had told myself that taking a few community college classes while in high school would had been beneficial to me and it would had helped me in the future academically as well as for my intended carrer I plan to pursue!


If I had the chance to go back to high school I would of done many things differently. First of all I would of pay more attention to class because things that were though back then is coming out in my classes now and its harder now that I don?t understand something due to the fact that I should of know it from high school. I would encourage my other friends to apply to a college. There is a lot of teenager?s kid that looks at life easy but honestly is not. Many of my friends have kids and are working at a minimum wage. I think I have fail as a friend to not encourage my high school classmates. I would have taken things more seriously since being in college is a full time job. Motivate myself more in doing things instead of just doing it for my parents.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would probably tell myself that paying for college isnt going to be easy. I would tell myself that i need to apply to as many scholarships as possible because college is a ripe off and the textbooks are beyond expensive. I would've told myself that even though its your senior year and you want to have fun you cant afford to not think about your future because sooner or later your future becomes your present and you are going to have to pay for your past.


honestly, my senior year of high school, I seriously messed up. I would tell myself to get my head out of my butt and focus on school and not put everything into the abusive relationship I had


Expect the unexpected. You have probably heard all the stories about college - the dorm life, sleeping in and skipping class, wild parties, and bad cafeteria food. But college is a new and adventurous stage in your life that you should relish. It is a time to explore - find out about your interests and future career and learn more about yourself as an individual, student, and peer. It is in college that you (hopefully) become a more independent person who takes iniative. If at first, college is too new and different, stay calm and breathe. Look around your surroundings and see that there are many people you can talk to and many activities you can do. Rest assured, you will make friends and you will find your niche, whether it be in a sorority or fraternity or in an art club. Your can find support through your friends in college, as you are going through the college experience together. With all these things in mind, you can ease your way into the transition to college and perhaps may grow to consider it your second home.


If i went back in time to see myself during my senior year, i could have advised myself several tips about how important it is to get my high school diploma. I see myself all over again like i am still high school. Involved in couple of clubs such as the Honorary Leo's and Red, in a JV basketball team, a Track and Field athlete, in a choir for 3 years, with a fun-loving immature personality. However i tried so hard to get multi-talented and well balanced in so many areas that i lose focus on my main goal: to get my high school diploma. Now i have been in college for almost 2 years now and if i could go back during my high school years, i would advise myself to get into more clubs and get more confident. The more clubs i join, the more interaction with intellegent and educated students i will encounter which will help me in the long run. The more i get mentored with clever peers, the more i get influenced the right path, the more i will broaden my sense of education, then i will realize the importance of grades.


I would advise myself to take more college visits to the prospective schools and find out what is required in order to graduate on time, (e.g. when the classes are typically available and what time). I would probably tell myself to go to a junior college first because due to my financial situation, this would be the cheapest and smartest route to take. I think I did pretty well in transitioning to college so there really is no advice that I would give myself, because I would not trade any of the experiences that I have gone through.


Senior year has just started. College is just a year away and I don't know what to do, where to go, or what I want to be. I definitely don't want to go to a crappy college. Let's pick out a good one, one that I'd be proud to put on my transcript. Yeah, that's how I'll pick. Stop. My problem in my senior year was that I didn't know what I wanted or what I wanted to be. I worried constantly over the fact that I had no career choices in mind yet. Advice #1, don't worry. College is set up to guide you to your career plan. Advisors and classes are all available for you to discover what you may want to do. Petty doubts were also a problem with me. What if I don't make friends? What if I hate it all? Advice #2. Dive in with optimism and not skepticism. Take that first step with confidence and know your perception shapes your perspective on this new chapter in life, don't let others shape it for you. Enjoy senior year and get ready for a awesome adventure.


If i could back in time and talk to myself when was a senior at Compton High School, i would tell myself to not procrastinate and fill out more scholarship applications. I would tell myself what to expect from the teachers and students. I would tell myself to learn and enjoy reading books because that is going to be expected of you as you progress in your career. I would also congradulate myself because i started going to college when i was in the eleventh grade at El Camino College Compton Education Center. Another thing that tell myself is to start studying more becuase you have to pay for you classes and not the government and that you should become aquaintences with other students and faculty members. I would tell him to research his career choice and the classes that are invloved. That is what I would tell him.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to try to gain work experience as much as possible. finding a part-time job or an internship is hard. Also, explore as much as I can. Take classes or join clubs that I express interest in. Don't be lazy to do research, since that is what society and life revolves aorund. It's about what you know and what you can do. Stick with your first choice, but keep an open mind for another in the future, like a grad school. Stay connected with your friends even after graduation, so you don't feel alone entering a new school. Stay focused and be strong. If you have an opinion about something, say it. College is about developing communication skills and personal skills. Just remember high school grades, classe, readings, homework, aren't always everything. There's more to it if you want to succeed.


I would say what I have said to my nieces and nephews. Make sure you have and retain good study habits. Also, unless there are circumstances beyond your control, do NOT wait as long as I did to begin your college experience. It is difficult to get back into the swing of things when you take too long of a break.


Jamie, you are going to be alright. Do not stress. You are a smart, well-rounded young man. Your head is firmly on your sholders and you are well on your way to accomplishing your hardest goals. With your hard work and dedication I know that college will not be as hard as you think it will be. The hardest thing about being in college is being independant, and you already know how to do that. Have faith in your abilities and you will do great. Also, don't be so shy, there are plenty of friends and social networks to be made. Take advantage of your professor's knowlege, its not everyday that you come in contact with an epert in the feild you are studying. I know you can do it. Good luck.


The advice I continue to give myself is to always follow what my heart tells me to follow. I made the mistake of accepting to attend a University of California not knowing anything about it and accepting the offer based on what my teachers and friends told me about it. I got to the University ready to begin my Freshman year, and as soon as I stepped foot at that University, UC Davis, I knew I didn't belong there. I had a weird feeling about it and that same day, my very first day of school, I decided to come back to Los Angeles. I lost a year of school, but now that I attend Cal State Los Angeles, I know I made the right choice and feel comfortable with my surroundings and polite people all over campus. I'm proud of myself and glad that I decided to pursue my Criminal Justice major at Cal State Los Angeles, seeking a career as a Probation Officer.


dont procrastinate and waste more time


DO NOT STOP!! Go to college right after high school and FINISH. Do not move out of your parents house so you don't have to worry about how you are going to pay for food, gas for your car, car insurance, etc. If you can afford it, stay in the dorms and experience the college life. Go to parties and have fun, but do your homework and get good grades. A college degree is necessary if you want a good job and don't want to have to live with your parents for the rest of your life.. Once you finish your bachelor's degree, go back and get a master's degree. Nowadays, a bachelor's degree is just a start. You really need a master's degree to compete in the job market.


Dont wait, four years after highschool to decide to go to college, go learn feed your mind, enjoy. I see that you are a determine individual wanting a new experiance, but the streets will not be your answer. Your homies will move on as you will, its time you think about your own future. This will bring joy to you familiy who at the time does not understand you, but with an education not only will they understand you but you will be able to help them. I see in your eyes that you are hungry trust me apply NOW!